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September 26, 2013
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HFMA Virtual Conference
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Texas Statewide Education Webinars

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  HFMA ANI 2013 Recap 


FHFMA Certification
Why Certify?

HFMA's CHFP (Certified Healthcare Financial Professional) Becoming certified distinguishes you a leader as well as a role model in the healthcare finance community. 
Earning the CHFP credential enhances your credibility, supports your professional development, demonstrates a high level of commitment to the field, and 
validates your skills and knowledge.

HFMA SOUTH TEXAS CHAPTER'S $1800 Investment in You!
  • 8 HOURS OF WEBINAR TUTORIAL (2 HOURS PER TUTORIAL) from 12:00-2:00 pm on:  August 23, September 12,  October 11, and November 8.
  • Additional webinar/live pay as you go lunches with guest speakers who have experience in the areas tested on August 30, September 27, October 25, and November 22 from 12:00-2:00 pm at locations around San Antonio TBD.
  • 8 TOTAL CPEs from the primary webinar tutorials


   CHFP Certification


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President's Message 


Tammie Galindez, Dir. Client Mgmt.



The "Dog Days of Summer" are in full swing! With each season comes a different rhythm-we are now busy with vacations, enjoying time with our children, taking advantage of the long days and extending our weekends. Soon we will be falling back into the rhythm of school routines, fantasy football and, yes I dare to say, preparing for the holidays. Time just seems to go by a little quicker with each passing year.


And for those reasons the South Texas Chapter has taken measures to ensure we are adept in responding to your changing rhythms-- robust certification support, education when/where you need it, varying networking options and so much more!



Lifetime Membership Award presented to Robert "Bob" Scofield, Jr., CPA


The South Texas Chapter is honored to annouce a Chapter Lifetime Membership Award to Robert "Bob" Scofield, Jr., CPA. Bob joined HFMA in 1993. He progressed through the chapter leadership, culminating in 2007-08 as Chapter President. Bob has achieved Founder's Gold Award in 2008. He is one of the founding members of our joint meeting with South Texas ACHE Chapter for our very successful Healthcare Landscapes education event. He has willing served as a Yerger Award coordinator and judge. In 2011, the Chapter proudly awarded him the Medal of Honor. Bob officially retired from his long time position with San Antonio Air Life at the end of April 2013.




Our chapter earned the Yerger award for outstanding Member Communications by implementing social media and our new constant contact newsletter format.
The submission was titled, "Closing the Generational Gap." Chris Snyder, President Elect, headed up the efforts. Tammie Jackson, President, co-wrote the submission.

Patient Advocacy & the ACA: Navigators, Certified Application Counselors & Advocacy Opportunities Outside of Reform


Written by Sarah Shealy


With the ACA in full swing and the clock winding down to open enrollment, I am continually asked the same question - "How does patient advocacy change under the ACA?"   Our newsfeeds and inboxes are full of advocacy related articles and news. The terms Navigators and Certified Application Counselors are quickly becoming part of our everyday vocabulary. We keep seeing final rules, proposed rules, and comments about future rulemaking. There is a lot of information for us to sort through, and we are running out of time.


So really, what does all of this mean for patient advocacy?


By now we all know two things about Texas and the ACA - we ARE NOT expanding Medicaid and we ARE participating in a Federally-Facilitated Marketplace. In a Federally-Facilitated Marketplace consumers can receive assistance from two types of trained and certified entities - Navigators and CACs.


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Physician Recruitment Agreements - Loans Versus Compensation


Written by John Bruce


In an effort to entice and retain talented physicians, many medical groups and hospitals have historically offered loans to new hires. These "loans" are typically structured in connection with some form of income guarantee contract. In many cases, if the physician remains with the practice or hospital for a specified number of years, the debt will be forgiven. The tax treatment of this practice has recently been scrutinized by the IRS. 

On April 9, 2013, the Vancouver Clinic, Inc. lost its case against the U.S. because it was determined the funds advanced to recruit and retain its physicians were not loans, but rather compensation. The IRS assessed the clinic for withholding, payroll taxes and interest totaling $626,745. The clinic paid the assessment and filed for a refund. The IRS subsequently disallowed the refund, and the clinic filed suit in U.S. District Court.

Smart Moves: How Hospitals Manage Risk When Borrowing



Written by Nick Gesue & Matt Kass


In an uncertain world, managing financial risk is essential for any business.



This is especially true today for health care organizations. Hospital leaders have to deal with managing a multitude of risks, such as clinical outcomes, reimbursement cuts, regulatory requirements, competing hospitals and more.


While the importance of managing clinical risks is well understood, the 2008 financial collapse and recession demonstrated to many health care executives the significance of how the structure of capital debt can contribute to a hospital's overall risk as well. (For example, the credit crunch made it extremely difficult and expensive to obtain or renew letters of credit, leaving hospitals with fewer options to enhance variable rate debt.) To address this, hospital leadership must identify and mitigate risks associated with their hospital's debt, investments and balance sheet. While these are interconnected with total financial risk, and should be considered as part of an organization's total debt management policy, let us focus on how a hospital can manage its risk exposure by choosing the appropriate debt structure to finance capital projects or refinance existing debt.





Become an HFMA Peer Review Panel Member


HFMA Peer Review Panel members are an essential part of the 11-step, high-level screening process all products and services must go through to earn the Peer Review designation.  Becoming a panel member allows you the opportunity to share your expertise by evaluating products and services that HFMA members and healthcare finance professionals reference when seeking solutions for their organization.


Depending on how many Peer Review Panel members are accepted, you could be evaluating six - eight products/services a year.

Responsibilities: Participate in a demonstration of a product or service submitted for Peer Review.  Within a day following the demonstration, you are requested to complete an on-line evaluation that takes less than 10 minutes.  The demonstrations are either done live via something like webex or recorded and on a CD or accessible via the web, it depends on the vendors.

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Review Panelist, you can submit your experience on-line at:



If you have questions, you can contact Sandy Neuenkirchen, Peer Review Manager at HFMA, 708.492.3380 or sneuenkirchen@hfma.org


To learn more about Peer Review, go to www.hfma.org/peerreview

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