July 2013
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Organizational Updates
Water Audits
Customers - both residential and commercial -- are constantly on the look out for ways to save money and opportunities to be environmentally responsible.  A comprehensive water examines all of the major areas in which a facility uses water, including sanitation, maintenance, mechanical systems, building processes and irrigation. For each of those areas the water use audit provides a breakdown of the how, when and where of water use.  For these reasons and more, becoming a certified water auditor is a valuable business tool.
On September 11, PMPV will offer a day-long Water Audit certification class in Fairfax, Virginia.  Class size is limited and the cost of $200 ($250 for non-members) includes certification.  Sign up by September 1 at www.PMPV.org to get  $25 off.
As professionals, you know the value of water conservation, but you or your customers may appreciate how waste accumulates by using this simple waste calculator.
Backflow Training
As you know, backflow is the undesirable reversal of the flow of water from its intended direction in any pipeline or plumbing system. Backflow is dangerous because it can allow drinking water in plumbing systems to become contaminated and unusable.  Backflow can be prevented and should be tested routinely.


While backflow is a simple concept, special training is required for those who test and certify systems.  PMPV offers the only backflow training/certification available in Virginia.  The next three-day class will be held August 2-4 in Manassas, Virginia. Other dates are available on the PMPV website. 


To participate in the August class, register online at www.PMPV.org by July 26. 


We Moved!
After a great deal of consideration, PMPV has changed its address.  For the past several years the organization has operated a virtual office, so the only change is the mailing address.
We have filed a forwarding request, but please update your records to:
Post Office Box 11128
Norfolk, VA 23517
Phone and fax numbers remain the same.
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We are also changing website providers.  The links to www.PMPV.org in this newsletter take you to a temporary address.  This should be remedied in the next day or so.  If you encounter problems with these links, simply type www.PMPV.org into your browser.
Apprenticeship Yields Results
Mike Hurt confers with a contestant in the annual PMPV Plumbing Apprentice Competition (2012).
     Throughout Virginia a lot of fresh faced kids are about to head off for college.  Statistically, a great many of them will never finish.  Many of those who complete their studies will be unable to find jobs or discover they really don't want to pursue a career in the field in which they earned a degree.  Still, college is touted as a pinnacle achievement.
     Meanwhile, a smaller group of individuals spend about the same amount of time in apprenticeship programs, studying the profession and gaining essential on-the-job training.  At the end of the day, these folks know what they are getting into and will be getting jobs because they are in demand.
     The accompanying article from The Brenner Brief may give you some food for thought.
Help PMPV Grow


After almost a century in operation, PMPV consistently demonstrates its value to those in the mechanical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, refrigeration and sheet metal industries.  Whether advocating for trades or offering valuable products and services to professionals, the organization is steadfast in its mission to provide networking, information, education, and training to its statewide membership as well as tracking legislation and providing a forum for problem solving.  The vision of PMPV is to provide a growing membership with the resources, education, and public recognition they need to expand their businesses in the most professional and profitable manner.


We need your help in optimizing the organization and positioning PMPV for its second hundred years.  There are two levels of support:


Step 1:  Get involved in chapter activities. This is the opportunity to network with peers and those involved in the industry.  Chapter meetings are both social and educational.  If you think you have nothing to gain, consider what you have to share.  A French educator once suggested that "to teach is to learn twice." Chapter effectiveness grows through interaction.


Step 2:  Become a PMPV star.  Participate in the PMPV Membership campaign by actively recruiting contractor members from now until December 31, 2013.  Not only will you be sharing something of value with others in the industry, you will be rewarded!   Recruiting five contractors will earn you a May 2014 cruise!  For rules and details visit the PMPV website.

Visit Our Newly Redesigned Website!

In keeping with Board direction, PMPV/PHCC has a brand new website.  The new site has all the functionality of the old site, but enables the association to make quick changes in content, post videos and online training.  Like all new efforts, there may be a few snags, but we hope you will take the opportunity to help us identify any shortcomings.  Please check to make sure your contact information is correct/current by visiting www.PMPV.org. If you find any errors, please click here and let us know.


We are also changing website providers.  The links to www.PMPV.org in this newsletter take you to a temporary address.  This should be remedied in the next day or so.  If you encounter problems with these links, simply type www.PMPV.org into your browser.


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Dates Worth Noting 
Following are dates you may want to include on your calendar.  For more information and to register, visit the PMPV website.


August 2-4       Backflow Certification course (Manassas, Virginia)

September 11  Water Audit and Certification (Fairfax, Virginia)
September 11  Northern Virginia Chapter Meeting (Fairfax, Virginia) 
                          Water Heater Power Vents (4 pm) by Winnelson
                          Board Meeting (5:30 pm)
September 12  PMPV Board Meeting (Fairfax, Virginia) 
September 12  EPA Lead Standards Compliance - Tentative (Fairfax, Virginia)
September 18  Hampton Roads Chapter Meeting (Norfolk, Virginia)

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