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April 9, 2013
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Upcoming PMPV Meeting
If you plan to attend the PMPV Golf Tournament on May 15, the PMPV Plumbing Apprentice Competition and/or Ferguson Trade Show on May 16 or the PMPV Board meeting on May 17, you may want to make reservations at the Virginia Beach Westin Hotel.  Single or double rooms are available May 15-16 at $129.00.  Click here to send a rate guarantee expires April 24.




As the Get the Lead Out Plumbing Consortium continues its educational efforts regarding the new "Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act" that becomes effective Jan. 4, 2014, an industry study confirms that the outreach is necessary to prepare plumbing contractors for the new requirements. 


The recent survey by Brasscraft Manufacturing shows that a significant number of professional plumbers are not properly prepared to start complying with the new federal requirement. The new law will make it illegal to sell or install pipes, fittings and fixtures in applications that convey water for human consumption that have a weighted average lead content exceeding 0.25 percent (the previous national standard was 8.0 percent maximum).


 According to the online survey conducted earlier this year, 26 percent of respondents admitted having no knowledge of the upcoming changes and 24 percent are not aware they cannot use existing (non-compliant) inventory into 2014. (Read more)




Earlier this year, the U.S. Dept. of Justice, on behalf of the Dept. of Energy and the American Public Gas Association (APGA), filed a joint motion asking the court to enter an agreement to settle APGA's challenge to DOE's energy conservation standard for residential furnaces. The rule is set to go into effect on May 1, 2013. The settlement agreement would, among other things, vacate the energy conservation standards applicable to non-weatherized gas furnaces established in the Direct Final Rule (DFR). The court has yet to decide on the motion and on April 5, issued an enforcement policy statement  regarding the standards while the litigation is pending.

Best Practices Part 1

By upgrading to a higher, more energy-efficient motor, facility managers can improve their equipment reliability, increase productivity and reduce downtime and repair costs. 


The Copper Development Association (CDA) recommends that individuals involved in the specification, design, selection and installation of electrical motorsystems adopt a motor management program, which examines a facility's needs whether to replace an old worn-out motor or specify a new unit.


"The goal of a motor management plan is to take advantage of opportunities for energy savings and increased productivity using energy-efficient, reliable motors such as Premium Efficiency Motors," said Richard deFay,  Project Manager for CDA's Sustainable Energy Program.  "This allows maintenance supervisors and facility managers to make easier replace-versus-repair decisions and see fewer motor failures in the field."  (see more...)


Scholarships for Women Available

The Dwyer Group´┐Ż is proud to introduce the Women in the Trades initiative, focused on providing financial assistance to women entering the service trade industry.  This includes home service fields, such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, appliance repair, home restoration, glass installation and landscaping. 


"We have 1,600 franchisees representing our brands worldwide, but fewer than 7% are owned by female sole proprietors and fewer than 4% of our front-line service professionals are women," says The Dwyer Group CEO and Chairwoman, Dina Dwyer-Owens.  "We are excited to open this opportunity for women interested in trade professions to further their curiosity, expertise and experience."


The trade industry has historically been a male-dominated career path.  Often, women are unaware of the potential for success and personal fulfillment, which can be achieved by working as a trade technician.  In addition, the opportunities that come with opening a franchise business specializing in a trade can lead to a highly rewarding career path and lifestyle.  Studies have shown that females in the home are often the lead decision-makers when it comes to home maintenance.  This inherent familiarity with the target audience gives a female trades expert a unique industry advantage.


"Countless women have lost good jobs and we are now recruiting them as franchisees or as front-line plumbers, electricians, grounds care experts, restoration specialists and appliance, HVAC and glass installation and repair technicians within our seven home service brands," stated Dwyer-Owens.  "It makes sense to offer women interested in either changing their career paths or further pursuing their career in these industries the opportunity to become the best of the best through thorough training and education."


The Women in the Trades Scholarship is open to women 18 and older, interested in pursuing a career in the trades. Qualified candidates who are actively pursuing a degree or certification in a trade are encouraged to apply. Candidates will be evaluated based upon financial need, previous work experience, and their passion for their chosen industry. For more information and to apply click here