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Recently "Mr. Ernst" and I visited the Norsk Museum located in Norway, Illinois -- the oldest permanent Norwegian settlement in North America (established 1835)

While touring the museum I was struck by how much a small group of volunteers, relying just on donations, can accomplish. The artifacts they can preserve, the stories they can save. 

Bestselling author Kathleen Ernst and volunteers at the Norsk Museum in Norway, Illinois. Photo taken July 9, 2016.    

Perhaps Margaret Mead said it best:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

A tip of my bonnet to all who make time in their busy lives to help improve the world, in the history realm or elsewhere.
  Chloe Ellefson Reveal

The seventh book, A Memory of Muskets, is at the printer!

The Chloe mysteries are set in Wisconsin in the early 1980's. They feature a strong pair of point-of-view characters: museum curator Chloe Ellefson, and her cop boyfriend Roelke McKenna.

In Memory you'll meet Roelke's maternal great-grandmother, Rosina, in an historical thread set in the tumultuous 1860's. 

Klaus and Rosina Roelke sepia portrait from collection of bestselling author Kathleen Ernst.  
Facing the prospect of an oppressive life in Germany, 16-year-old Rosina agrees to wed an immigrant German farmer, sight unseenwho lives in a far-off place called Wisconsin.

Rosina arrives there just as our Civil War begins. The secret she carries into her marriage to Klaus Roelke, and its ultimate impact on their union, lies at the heart of the story.

As often happens in the Chloe books, echoes from the past -- regrets, lies, love, loss -- affect Chloe's and Roelke's lives. 

Much of the murder mystery take place at Old World Wisconsin, the large outdoor museum where I used to work. Chloe is involved in organizing their first Civil War event, just as I did.

A Memory of Muskets
 will be released in early October, and can be pre-ordered now as a trade paperback or in ebook formats. For a partial list of vendors offering the book, click HERE

  American Girl Update

I have just finished working on my next American Girl book. Details about it are still very hush-hush! This will be my 20th title for American Girl when it is released early next year.

As soon as I can tell you more, I will. That's a promise.

  Awards and Honors

A Settler's Year: Pioneer Life Through The Seasons has been named a national INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards Finalist. The judges were librarians and booksellers tasked with picking the best books of 2015 from independent publishers. 
Front cover of A Settlers Year
A Settler's Year came from the heart, and I'm gratified by readers' responses.

It was a joy to work with talented photographer Loyd Heath. The final result also reflects the talented staff at the Wisconsin Historical Society Press 

In other news, I was astonished to learn the Wisconsin Library Association has just named me a Notable Wisconsin Author.

"This award recognizes an author's entire body of work, and is designed to promote greater awareness of the state's literary heritage." 
This honor from the state's librarians means so much to me. Wisconsin is my adopted home of 35 years, and soon I'll have 35 books -- all of them published since I moved here.

  In Gratitude

My sincerest thanks to everybody who has ever taken part in one of my programs or writing events, reviewed books of mine, or recommended them to their friends, book club, or library. Your help makes it possible for me to live my dream. 

Warm regards,

P.S. -- 
The official launch party for A Memory of Muskets will be at Mystery To Me Bookstore in Madison, WI, on October 4th. There will also be a launch event for it at Old World Wisconsin in Eagle, WI, on the 15th. To review my Calendar, click HERE.
P.S.S. -- Not local? Don't despair! I'll be doing online events, including giveaways. Watch my blog or Facebook Author page

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