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                                   January 26, 2015                                     

Health and Wellness: Reduce Childhood 

Lead Poisoning 


Update: Letters of Support Needed for Public Hearings 



Each year, hundreds of NH children are found to have elevated lead levels in their blood. Because even small amounts of lead can cause children to suffer permanent adverse health effects, it is essential that lead poisonings be prevented.


SB135 aims to: 

1). Institute maintenance practices which prevent lead poisoning.
2). Increase the number of children screened for lead by their pediatrician (currently only about 25% of children are screened).
3). Mandate the notification of parents and landlords of any detectable lead in a child's blood, rather than waiting until higher levels 
are present.
4). Require any contractor renovating a pre-1978 home to verify they are trained in proper lead remediation techniques prior to receiving a building permit. Homeowners do not need to be similarly trained, but must be made aware of the dangers at the time of receiving a building permit.

What You Can Do:

1). Write a letter of support to be publicly submitted at House and Senate hearings. Legislators value your personal stories. Hearing dates have not yet been set, but letters can be sent to John DeJoie.


2). Please contact NH CAN Coordinator John DeJoie or Tom Irwin of Conservation Law Foundation for more information. 

Past Priority (2012): Taxation 


Update:  Public Hearing Set for Wednesday, January 28th 



CACR 1 is a Constitutional Amendment that requires a 3/5 vote of the legislature to raise any tax. 


This proposed amendment would severely curtail both current and future revenue sources by limiting the legislature's ability to create or raise taxes, fees and borrow money. As stated in 2012, NH CAN believes in maintaining the legislature's ability to establish fiscal policy including raising revenues and borrowing funds. 


Important Date: Public Hearing 
January 28, 2015   11:30 P.M. LOB 202


What You Can Do:   
1). Sign in as opposed to the bill, testify at the committee hearing and/or reach out to your legislators.

2). For more information, please contact NH CAN Coordinator John DeJoie or Jeff McLynch of NH Fiscal Policy Institute.

Important Note to Partners 
Future Alert Process
Is there an important legislative issue for kids and families that you want NH CAN to take action on? Forward your alert to John DeJoie. Be sure to let us know 1).The bill number 2).What action you would like Partners to take and 3).When the action is requested by. We will publish weekly alerts throughout the legislative session.

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