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Becky Gravenmier
Penny Forrest
Elina Zebergs
Ornament Tree
Sequoia Gallery has received support from two arts organizations this year. 
The Hillsboro Arts and Culture Council has granted us funds to update our website and  improve our communications with the community.

The Cultural Coalition of Washington County has granted us funds to obtain a gallery hanging system
Sequoia Board of Directors
Martin Conley
Rebecca Buchanan
vice president
Doug Pettitt
Linda Jerome
Victoria Shepard
past president
Jan Simmons
community representative
Carol Loughner
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Sequoia ArtNews
What's Happening at Sequoia  November/2013

Our November show features silver and mixed metal jewelry by Becky Gravenmier, oil and mixed media paintings by Penny Forrest, and Elina Zebergs's encaustics.

Join us for the November First Tuesday Opening reception for this exciting show. Our studio artists will also be "in the house", so stop by and visit!

November Featured Artist Show
November 5 - November 29
Opening Reception, Tuesday, November 5, 6-8pm 
Oregon Sunstone Pendant,
Becky Gravenmier
Becky Gravenmier 

Becky creates unique silver and mixed metal jewelry. Her November show features one of a kind handcrafted jewelry including soldered and hammered sterling silver and copper combined with colorful gemstones and beads. She also creates a line of organic jewelry from silver and copper metal clay. Becky's jewelry reflects the colors and shapes found in the forests and rangelands in the Pacific Northwest.


Becky became interested in jewelry making early in her life. As a young girl she loved working with silver and turquoise to create jewelry for family and friends. Becky has a bachelor's degree in rangeland management from Utah State University. For the past 30 years, she has worked full-time for the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management helping land managers use science. Becky is a self-taught jeweler, but has taken many classes and workshops over the past 11 years. She loves the outdoors and all the colors and textures nature provides, which are the inspiration for her work. 


Garden Produce, Penny Forrest
Penny Forrest 

Penny's Sequoia Gallery+Studios show for November 2013 features explosively colored and playful oil and mixed media paintings. Her work reflects the joy she experiences when out of doors in the Pacific Northwest.  These works, occasionally deconstructed and sometimes abstracted landscapes, are inspired by the chaos that is nature. Penny's imagination supplies a piquant touch of mystery and fantasy to each piece while deconstruction and abstraction allow her to focus on composition, color and contrast.   


Penny's background in illustration and graphic design have a telling influence in the composition of her work.  Her ability to arrange objects in a compelling manner, conveying deep or mysterious feelings, is visible in her painting. Inspiration for her work is wide ranging and can include figurative, landscape or abstract pieces. Penny believes that everything one can expect from life is all around us - we have only to open our eyes.

Kwan Yin, Elina Zebergs
Elina Zebergs  

 Elina's work these days is primarily focused on working with encaustics. Enchanted by this ancient art form, playing with hot wax and torches, she is currently developing a "Language Barrier" and a "Vision" series of work. She is exploring abstract images that have been creeping around in her mind for many years, finally finding a medium where she can fully express her visions. Quite often, as artistic whim beckons, Elina tests her skills in this medium and explores other techniques and subject matter.


Elina is a long time oil painter, but four years ago began to delve into the world of encaustic painting. Inspired by a strong background in architectural drafting and an artist father, she also worked in colored pencils, pen & ink and watercolors.   Primarily a self-taught artist, Elina does have a minor degree in fine art, which she jokingly says she doesn't deserve because she never followed the instructors' lessons. She is a member of International Encaustic Artists and has been in many shows & exhibits and is a member of two galleries.

Sequoia's Ornament  Tree 
Come see our ornament tree
Our annual ornament tree is now on display in the gallery window. Come check out the wide variety of ornaments including: fused glass, miniature oil paintings, and hand embroidered fabric ornaments. All proceeds from the sale of the ornaments benefit Sequoia's non-profit mission to bring quality arts programming to Hillsboro and the surrounding community. 
For more pictures of our ornament making visit Sequoia's Facebook Page
Call to Artists
Sequoia Gallery + Studios accepts applications for gallery membership on a year round basis and reviews applications twice a year in May and October.  For more information, call the gallery at 503-693-0401, visit our website:, or contact Linda Jerome:
Volunteering at Sequoia
Whether you are an artist, collector, or somone who just appreciates fine art, you can help Sequoia by volunteering to help staff the gallery.  Gallery staffers serve four hour shifts on the days of their choosing, depending on slots available. Volunteer applications are available at the gallery.


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