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Gayle Pedemonte
Christy Perrine
Jose' Smolensky
Sequoia Art at Intel
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Sequoia Gallery has received support from two arts organizations this year. 
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The Hillsboro Arts and Culture Council has granted us funds to update our website and  improve our communications with the community.

The Cultural Coalition of Washington County has granted us funds to obtain a gallery hanging system
Sequoia Board of Directors
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Lynn Adamo
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Sequoia ArtNews
What's Happening at Sequoia  August/2013

This month we bring you Gayle Pedemonte's oil paintings, inspired by  late summer landscapes, pastel paintings by Christy Perrine that recall her childhood in rural Minnesota, and Jose' Smolensky's sculptures which meld her love of music and wood. Join us for a relaxing late summer evening of art and music.

August  Featured Artist Show
August 6 through August 30
Opening Reception, Tuesday, August 6th, 6pm - 8pm 
Gayle Pedemonte 
Summer Soltice
Summer Solstice 
Gayle Pedemonte

Gayle's oil paintings in her August show are representative of the agricultural beauty all around us. Vineyards, farms, u-pick, flower fields are all represented in this show during the height of summer growing season.


Currently working as a home health nurse, Gayle cares for patients in their homes. This requires hours of driving through all sorts of weather and scenery, giving her an opportunity to take photos of the rural countryside. These photos give Gayle plenty of inspiration for painting.


Gayle has lived in Gaston for over 30 years and has been a member of Sequoia Gallery for several years. She changed her major from art in college to nursing, thinking she wouldn't make a living as an artist. But the love of art and creativity never left her.


She has taken numerous classes and workshops in several mediums. Her creative energy is not limited to painting. Over the years she has sewn, drawn, quilted and become an accomplished Master Gardner. Gayle is also a plant collector, vegetable gardener and cook, "painting her yard" with a changing medium.

Christy Perrine 
The group of pastels Christy is showing in August was inspired
Front Porch
Front Porch,  Christy Perrine  
from images depicting her childhood memories of growing up in very rural Minnesota. They represent a return to her beginning. Christy was influenced by the realization of the repetition of time; the assimilation of the changing, unchangeables. To her that past had held monotone and foreboding hues. Now in the light of her middle age, the past is viewed through a kaleidoscope that exposes the full range it always held. In assimilating the past, she feels the times following the beginning may reflect this palette as well.

Christy works predominantly in the medium of soft pastels. In this body of work, she represents a use of a variety of substrates, including toned, sanded paper and hand textured panels. She enjoys experimenting with these different surfaces which assist in setting the scene for the images presented, exploring the interplay between bold strokes and blended passages. Christy toys with the pull from representation to abstraction, deftly crafting cool, comforting memories of places and times familiar to all. 

Josť Smolensky

Josť Beth Smolensky's August show features stylistic wood

Graceful Dancer
Graceful Dancer 
Josť Beth Smolensky

sculptures of walnut, black walnut, yew and redwood. Carving in wood with mallet and chisel are Jose's "First Love" as she describes it. She is a New York City native who spent the first 50 years of her life involved in music. As a Juilliard School of Music graduate in violin performance her work revolved around that wonderful world of music.


 For many years creating visual art was relegated to second place, elevating that busy and exciting life filled with music for Josť. Since artists will always want to do the work they love, the return to sculpting in wood finds Jose' most happy.  


She still plays the violin, but mostly now for friends and family. Josť says sculpting in her small studio in her Hillsboro home pleases her just fine.  


Josť recently completed an autobiography of memories of her exciting life.

Sequoia Art at Intel
Art at Intel
The Hillsboro Arts and Culture Council Summer Newsletter recently featured an article about the unique partnership between Intel Corporation and Sequoia Gallery and Studios.
Every two months, five Sequoia artists show their art at Intel Corporation thanks to Intel Special Services Director, Pablo Torres, who understands the value of providing creative inspiration for the employees of Intel Cooperation.
To read the full article click here.
Call to Artists
Sequoia Gallery + Studios accepts applications for gallery membership on a year round basis and review applicaitons twice a year in May and October. The gallery is actively seeking 3D artists for gallery membership. For more information, call the gallery at 503-693-0401, visit our website:, or contact Linda Jerome:
Volunteering at Sequoia
Whether you are an artist, collector, or somone who just appreciates fine art, you can help Sequoia by volunteering to help staff the gallery.  Gallery staffers serve four hour shifts on the days of their choosing, depending on slots available.  Volunteer applications are available at the gallery.


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