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Carolyn Pettitt
Victoria Lee Shepard
Marcy Swanson
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Open Studios Comes to Sequoia
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Sequoia Gallery has received support from two arts organizations this year. 
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The Hillsboro Arts and Culture Council has granted us funds to update our website and  improve our communications with the community.

The Cultural Coalition of Washington County has granted us funds to obtain a gallery hanging system
Sequoia Board of Directors
Martin Conley
Rebecca Buchanan
vice president
Doug Pettitt
Linda Jerome
Victoria Shepard
past president
Jan Simmons
community representative
Carol Loughner
community representative

Sequoia ArtNews
What's Happening at Sequoia  October/2013

Our October show features nature-inspired acrylic paintings by Carolyn Pettitt, free form sand paintings by Victoria Shepard, and Marcy Swanson's nostalgic jewelry made from found objects.

Join us for the October First Tuesday Opening reception for this exciting show.  Our studio artists will also be "in the house", so stop by and visit!

October Featured Artist Show
October 1 - November 1
Opening Reception, Tuesday, Oct. 1, 6-8pm 
Carolyn Pettitt
Full Bloom, Carolyn Pettitt

Carolyn paints with acrylics and her October show is titled "Leaves, Twigs, and Wings". The title refers to her love of nature and the details that are beautiful in their own right, separate from the whole. The veins of leaves and their colors, the moss on a dead twig with its subtle greys and greens, and of course the feathers of birds. These are just a few of the things that upon closer inspection are beautiful miniature pieces of art.


Carolyn has been an artist for most of her adult life, but because of family obligations did not receive her formal art education until her children were older and in school. She is a charter member of Sequoia Gallery + Studios and has been working in her studio there since the facility opened. Carolyn is a printmaker as well as a painter and has recently been developing those skills by taking various workshops, including one at Crows Shadow Institute with master printer Frank Jensen.

Victoria Lee Shepard

Victoria's most recent series of paintings was created using sand and water on the beach near Cascade Head, Oregon. The goal was to create something more abstract, improvising without thinking. The process begins with submerging the canvas in the water, allowing the sand to adhere to the surface. Then it is all about the movement: splashing, tossing, pouring, dripping. The key is to not think, but to flow. Let each design come about. It happens accidentally. Thinking only enters into the process when you decide the design is complete. It takes time. 

Contending, Victoria Lee Shepard

Victoria attended Hillsboro schools and graduated from PSU with a BS in English and a secondary teaching certificate. She is married to Colin and has three adult children and two grandchildren: the true joys of her life. She loves Hillsboro and all the friends she has made working to create an art community in her hometown. She is kept busy with her responsibilities as a member of Sequoia, but finds time to take classes and experiment with her artwork. Victoria says she paints "because it is the one thing I do in my life that enables me to feel totally alone. This solitude brings me closer to my essence than any other personal act."

Marcy Swanson 
Sink or Swim, Marcy Swanson

The nostalgic work of Marcy Swanson, as featured in October's show at Sequoia Gallery, includes images from the past. She has created wearable jewelry items using antique tintype photographs from the mid to late 1800's. Each of the images was either found in an antique store or given to the artist, and the true identities are lost. The tintypes are manipulated to create strength and visual interest. Other antiques included as well are miniature pocket knives, old tobacco and medicine/candy tins, book and writer's nibs. Marcy has tried to create new personas for these faces, to bring them out of dusty boxes and into the public again.


Marcy is a jewelry artist working with found objects and materials. She uses a combination of techniques to bring together metal and non-metal items. One of her favorite processes is figuring out how to engineer a way to capture or connect the non-heatable items. She uses rivets, tabs, links, and encloses items in boxes to showcase each treasure. Marcy's style can vary from whimsical to serious, decided by the objects placed into the piece.

Special Thanks
Sequoia Gallery + Studios would like to acknowledge the contribution of long time board members, Lynn Adamo and Claudia Stockton, who recently completed their tenure as volunteer members of the Sequoia Board of Directors.

Lynn has served on the Sequoia Board for many years. Her guidance, community involvement, and marketing expertise have been greatly appreciated. Lynn plans to continue to volunteer on the marketing committee, while pursuing her own mosaic art business.

Claudia has served as both a community representative and educational consultant on the board. She is responsible for reinvigorating Sequoia's educational program and has brought highly regarded art instructors to teach our art classes. Having recently joined Sequoia as an exhibiting member, Claudia plans to continue to coordinate our educational program.

Many thanks to both Lynn and Claudia for their many hours of volunteer service!   
Open Studios Comes to Sequoia
Come visit Sequoia Gallery + Studio's artists as part of the Washington County Open Studios Tour on October 19th & 20th. Witness the work and demonstrations of 20 different artists and 13 studios, all in one stop. Open 11 - 5 pm, both Saturday and Sunday.
Sequoia's Ornament  Tree 
null For the past several years, a wrought iron tree decorated with handmade ornaments has appeared in the window at Sequoia Gallery during the holiday season. The process of creating these ornaments begins early in the fall with a call to Sequoia members and volunteers. Some participants create ornaments in their favorite medium such as miniature painted canvases or wood ornaments. Glass artist, JoAnn Wellner, the creative brains behind the ornament tree, invites a team of Sequoia members to her studio to design fused glass ornaments. Our tree debuts in the gallery in November, however, we are giving you a sneak peak at the ornaments. The proceeds from the sale of the ornaments go towards supporting Sequoia's mission of bringing high quality art and art education to the community.
For more pictures of our ornament making visit Sequoia's Facebook Page
Call to Artists
Sequoia Gallery + Studios accepts applications for gallery membership on a year round basis and review applicaitons twice a year in May and October  For more information, call the gallery at 503-693-0401, visit our website:, or contact Linda Jerome:
Volunteering at Sequoia
Whether you are an artist, collector, or somone who just appreciates fine art, you can help Sequoia by volunteering to help staff the gallery.  Gallery staffers serve four hour shifts on the days of their choosing, depending on slots available.  Volunteer applications are available at the gallery.


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