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Beth O'Mahony
Linda Jerome
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Volunteering at Sequoia
Sequoia Gallery + Studios has received support from two arts organizations this year.
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The Hillsboro Arts and Culture Council has granted us funds to have local musicians perform at every First Tuesday Opening.

The Cultural Coalition of Washington County granted us funds to obtain a gallery hanging system. 
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Thanks to our followers, Sequoia Gallery + Studios is a 2012 Constant Contact All Star Award Winner
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Click on the classes link on the masthead above to see the upcoming educational offerings for artists.  We're constantly working on scheduling more, so check back often!

Board of Directors
Victoria Shepard
Martin Conley
vice president
Beth O'Mahony
Doug Pettitt
Lynn Adamo
community representative
Claudia Stockton
community representative
Committee Chairs
Pat Krishnamurthy
Claudia Stockton
Royce Kugler
staffing coordinator
Grace Henson, JoAnn Wellner, Becky Gravenmier
Linda Jerome,
Fran Richards
Sharon Haywood-Hoff
gallery artist representative
Linda Jerome
studio artist representative
Sequoia ArtNews 
What's Happening at Sequoia  May/2013
We have a fabulous May Featured Artist Show planned: the garden art of Beth O'Mahony, Linda Jerome's paintings of the human figure engaged in active pursuits and Pat Krishnamurthy's series of paintings celebrating the joys of aging (and there really are some!)
Come out and enjoy the art, while listening to the romantic music of Italian singer Andrea Algieri and enjoying hors d'oeuvres prepared by Abbie West of Divine Occasions Catering.

May Featured Artist Show * May 7- May 31
Opening Reception- Tuesday, May 7; 6pm- 8pm  
Beth O'Mahony
One Railroad Spike Short, Beth O'Mahony

Beth is a mixed media sculptor who creates art using a variety of recycled materials. She began her art career working with fibers and clay. Over the years, her work became more sculptural and started to include metal, wood and found objects. Taking discarded materials and turning them into something meaningful and beautiful gives Beth great satisfaction. She finds materials for her work in many places: scrapyards, thrift stores, garage sales, and in nature.

For the May show at Sequoia Gallery + Studios, Beth has created a series of recycled steel sculptures for the garden. Beth's favorite season is Spring, when the days begin to lengthen and there is more light in the sky. Her work for this show is inspired by the materials that she has found and by the beauty of the garden settings where these sculptures are meant to live.

Beth's art is always a direct expression of her immediate experiences and state of mind. She likes to create artwork that conveys emotion and that encourages the viewer to explore his or her own thoughts and feelings.

Linda Jerome
Focus, Linda Jerome

Linda continues to explore figurative work in oil painting for the May show. The main body of these paintings is about the transient state of exhilaration when someone is involved in a physical activity they love. The person, moving through the atmosphere, loses track of time and is intently focused only on the activity. Each scene is presented with the concern of expressing movement and atmosphere, rather than detailed representation. Though each piece is a moment frozen in time, Linda says she hopes to suggest the sense of continued action with uneven textures and fading edges. It is as though the person has paused and is about to swing back, land on the ground or look up to see the ball fly into the air.

Along with these paintings of activity are three portraits capturing the likeness and attitude of two toddlers, as Linda knows them.

Pat Krishnamurthy

A convergence of circumstances led Pat to begin painting the

Music Man, Pat Krishnamurthy

portraits of senior citizens. Pat became a mother of teenagers, a caregiver to her aging parents, an art school student, and a volunteer at a local senior center, all at once. Interacting with people at opposite ends of the age spectrum caused Pat to be aware of the passage of time and cultural views of the aging process. In her visits with her aging parents and her friends at the senior center, Pat noticed how elders tend to live in the moment and be fully present, in contrast to the preference for multitasking shown by younger generations. Pat began listening to and recording the stories that her elder friends and family members would share during her visits. She would also make quick sketches while the elders shared their life stories.

Eventually, Pat's quick sketches and recorded stories developed into an series of acrylic portrait paintings on canvas, entitled, Archetypes for Aging. This on-going series celebrates the diversity and richness of a long life, well-lived. Pat is pleased to share thirteen of these vivid "life story" portraits with you this month.

Call to Artists
Sequoia Gallery + Studios is accepting applications for gallery membership. Applications are accepted year round, but for artists wishing to be considered for membership in the spring, the application deadline is May 17th. The Jury will meet the third week of May to review applications submitted by the deadline. For more information, call the gallery at 503-693-0401, visit our website: or contact Linda Jerome:
Studio for Rent
Looking for a place of your own, away from home, in which to create your art?  Looking to interact with fellow artists in a supportive, creative gallery enviroment? Sequoia Gallery has just such a place for you.  Beginning July 1st, we have a 235 sq. ft. studio space available for rent at $153 per month. Artists renting a studio at Sequoia also are considered members of the gallery and must, therefore, be juried into the gallery for membership. If interested in renting a studio at Sequoia and becoming a showing member of our gallery, please contact Linda Jerome:
Volunteering at Sequoia

Whether you are an artist, collector, or someone who just appreciates fine art, you can help Sequoia by volunteering to help staff the gallery.  Gallery staffers serve 4 hour shifts on the days of their choosing, depending on slots available. Volunteer applications are available at the gallery.  

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