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January in the Gallery
New Events in 2013
New Sequoia Artist
Call to Artists
Volunteering at Sequoia
Sequoia Gallery + Studios has received support from two arts organizations this year.
The Hillsboro Arts and Culture Council has granted us funds to have local musicians perform at every First Thursday Opening.

The Cultural Coalition of Washington County granted us funds to obtain a gallery hanging system. 
Art Workshops
Click on the classes link on the masthead above to see the upcoming educational offerings for artists.  We're constantly working on scheduling more, so check back often!

Board of Directors
Victoria Shepard
Martin Conley
vice president
Beth O'Mahony
Doug Pettitt

Committee Chairs
Pat Krishnamurthy
Claudia Stockton
Royce Kugler
staffing coordinator
Grace Henson, JoAnn Wellner, Becky Gravenmier
Linda Jerome,
Fran Richards
Sharon Haywood-Hoff
gallery artist representative
Linda Jerome
studio artist representative
Sequoia ArtNews 
What's Happening at Sequoia  January 2013

The holidays may be over, but Sequoia is in full swing for the New Year. Our Annual All-Member Show continues through the end of the month. The classroom is booked solid through March with a full schedule of demonstrations and workshops for both the experienced and budding artist. By popular demand we are continuing our new Meet and Dine With An Artist evenings at Hillsboro restaurants followed by a lecture/demo by the guest artist in our classroom.  Details below!
"My Favorite Things" Annual All Member Show  Dec. 3, 2012 - Feb. 1, 2013
Grace Henson
Willis a la Magritte,
Grace Henson 
Our "My Favorite Things" show continues through the end of February. Sequoia artists share
some of their favorite "things" with you along one wall in the gallery. One of Grace Henson's favorite things is her canine companion, Willis.  Grace has painted Willis many times, but came up with a unique artistic interpretation of Willis' personality for this exhibition. Both Willis and the works of surrealist painter Rene Magritte make Grace laugh, therefore she choose to paint Willis in a manner befitting a Magritte fan.
Please note: There will be no First Tuesday opening reception at Sequoia in January due to Tuesday, January 1 being a holiday. The gallery will be closed on New Year's Day. 
New in 2013!: Meet and Dine with the Artist Evenings
This new event is an opportunity to mix and mingle with the featured guest artist of the evening at a restaurant in downtown Hillsboro. You will have the opportunity to dine with our visiting guest instructors as well as other artists and art lovers.  Continue the art conversation by registering for the accompanying Lecture/Demonstration or Workshop coinciding with each Meet and Dine Event. Due to the popularity of the event, reservations for dinner are required. Reserve your place at the dinner table by calling Claudia at 503-648-5785.

Meet and Dine with Craig Srebnik
Jan. 3, 5:30pm (Event #45)

Thai House Restaurant, 250 Main St., Hillsboro
Followed by a Painting Demonstration (Demo #46)by Craig for his upcoming Painting the Clothed Figure Workshop (Class #40) back at Sequoia Gallery +Studios. To register for the dinner: 503-648-5785. To register for the demonstration or workshop: 503-693-0401
Meet and Dine with Brenda Boylan
Jan. 16, 5:30pm (Event #42)
The Venetian Restaurant, 253 E. Main St., Hillsboro

Followed by a Pastel Demonstration (Demo #30) at Sequoia Gallery + Studios at 7pm. To register for the dinner:503-648-5785. To register for the demonstration: 503-693-0401

Meet and Dine with Eric Jacobsen
February 22, 5:30pm (Event #43)
The Venetian Restaurant, 253 E. Main St., Hillsboro

This Meet and Dine is offered to coincide with Eric's Painting Large in Oil Workshop (Class #34). For details on Eric's full length workshop visit our website. To register for the dinner: 503-648-5785. To register for the workshop: 503-693-0401

Meet and Dine with Linda Rothchild Ollis
February 28, 5:30pm (Event #44)
The Venetian Restaurant, 253 E. Main St., Hillsboro
Followed by Linda's Acrylic Demonstration (Demo #45) at 7pm at Sequoia Gallery + Studios. To register for the dinner: 503-648-5785. To register for the demonstration: 503-693-0401 
Meet New Sequoia Artist Tom Boring
Metal sculptor, Tom Boring recently joined Sequoia Gallery + Studios.Tom graduated from David Douglas High School and the University of Oregon.  After completing graduate work at Cal State East Bay, Tom became an Assistant Professor of Chemistry there.Tom's interest in metal sculpture developed after he retired from a 35 year career in the Forest Products Industry, which culminated in Tom serving as CEO to Forest Industry-related companies.

Tom's unique skill in producing realistic-looking metal sculpture of wild life began when he started "tinkering around" with metal. His art goal is to trick the casual observer into seeing a "crab on the wall", until they get closer and begin to see the individual pieces of metal "junk" that combine to create his creatures. He says people who call him a welder are missing the point; he is "an artist who welds and there is a big difference between the two!"

His 18 years of experience in metal sculpture have increased his expertise to the extent that he participates in art fairs throughout the Northwest. His coastal themed works are especially popular. But he looks forward to less travel to the labor intensive art fairs now that he will be showing locally at the Sequoia Gallery + Studios. He describes his invitation to join Sequoia as "life changing". Sequoia is likewise lucky to have Tom join the gallery.  
Call to Artists
Sequoia Gallery + Studios is accepting applications for gallery membership.  We are especially looking for (insert art category/medium), but any application will be accepted. The deadline for receiving applications is (insert date). For more information, call the gallery at 503-693-0401, visit our website: or call Linda Jerome: 
Volunteering at Sequoia

Whether you are an artist, collector, or someone who just appreciates fine art, you can help Sequoia by volunteering to help staff the gallery.  Gallery staffers serve 4 hour shifts on the days of their choosing, depending on slots available. Volunteer applications are available at the gallery.  

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