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Transforming Lives Through the Power of the Human Voice
[Volume 3, Issue 45, Nov 6, 2013]  
Kara Johnstad: Big tones happen when you release into them
Wow! what an amazing week it has been. While writing the article on vibrato I thought, what if one extended the vibrato concept to the world around us?  We spent our days being focused, yet, not rigid. What if we stayed connected to a flow? Learned to balance pressure so that it is healthy. What would happen if we  did not always take the straight path, but enjoyed meandering in "the in between" of things? 

Many of my clients have asked me to  help them find their natural VIBRATO. In today's article I share 3 tips  you can use to discover your own vibrato. 
"...but what is vibrato if not a breaking down of the rigid divisions between pitches, a temporary ending of our sundered musical segmentation; we evoke the deepest and richest of our feelings by bending tones between the line spectrum of the Western scale, by ending its divisiveness; we locate what is most human in between, where we are no longer quantized, constrained..."  Evan Dara, The Lost Scrapbook
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Have fun exploring and for those of you close to Berlin, I will see you at George's concert and spend some time together. As Rilke said, "Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers." 

Stay Gold, 


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IŽd like to thank my wonderful coach Kara Johnstad for her uncompromising deep commitment to her path as a singer and musician. What an inspiration this woman is ! Read her warmhearted eZine and listen to her heart opening song: Thank You !   
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Many of my clients have asked me to help them find their natural VIBRATO.


Vibrato is a complex issue. It has been defined as an oscillatory effect produced in singing by fluctuation in breath pressure or pitch. It is not a wobble it is a smooth constant pulse in the voice. Most professional singers have about 5-7 pulses per second. 


Vibrato is as personal
as a singer's face.

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It is a healthy vibrato that counts! 


Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Rush have a large vibrato while Sade has a very slight and finer vibrato.

Here are three tips that you can use to discover your own natural vibrato.

ONE: The Arm Drop

  • Lift one of your arms above your head.
  • Imagine that it weighs 200 pounds. It is extremely heavy.
  • Inhale and breathe out on tone; and 
  • while singing the tone allow your "heavy" arm to drop down to the side.

You will hear the tone fluctuate and go into a natural vibrato when it slaps down against your leg.

The force of your arm dropping lets your body respond and release it's tension. Your throat responds accordingly.

This is a great exercise to let you HEAR what your natural vibrato sounds like.

TWO: Drop Into A Wall

Now, instead of letting your arm drop you are going to let your body drop forward into a wall.

  • Stand a few inches in front of a wall.
  • What you will be doing is creating a tone
    while allowing your body to slightly fall towards the wall, 
    while catching yourself with your hands.
Get ready. Find a flat wall.
  • Stand a few inches away from the wall, facing it.  
  • Inhale and create a tone.
  • Hold the tone and allow your body to fall towards the wall while catching yourself with your hands.

Remember you need to catch yourself :-) You do not want a flattened nose.


As you release into the wall you will hear the natural vibrato come into your voice.


THREE: Awaken The Vibrato

A simple way to kick off and awaken the vibrato.

  • Think of a police siren.
  • Purse your lips and form a U
  • Now imitate a police siren and see if you can hear the vibrato begin to appear.
  • Be playful and feel like a kid again.
That's it. You did it.  You have discovered how to find your natural vibrato.


Why should you make it a point of understanding vibrato? Because vibrato gives your voice

  • a natural release and keeps it in flow and healthy.

  • It expands the palette of resonance

  • It is easier for the audience to listen to. Straight tones and flat tones with no vibrato are harder to listen to over long periods of time.

  • It improves pitch.

  • Vibrato also helps with trills and runs.

Enjoy the journey. And share with me and the Voice Your Essence community what works for you!


In gratitude and to your continued success.


Voice Your Essence Podcast by Kara Johnstad
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Thank you, as always, for tuning in, reading and contributing.



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TRANSFORMATIONAL SINGER- SONGWRITER AND COACH, KARA JOHNSTAD, IS PASSIONATE ABOUT TRANSFORMING THE WORLD THROUGH THE POWER OF THE HUMAN VOICE: She works one on one with clients to open their voices, write powerful songs and anthems, create CDs and a lifestyle that allows them the freedom to create and live as independent artists. Kara's vision for 2014 is to get her songs into films and documentaries that are in alignment with her vision of global mind global heart.  www.karajohnstad.com  
George Maurer | Special House Concert | Nov 16
georg-maurer-concert             Special House Concert  at Kara's Voice Studio




I'm inviting you, should you live in or be close to Berlin, to come to a special invitation-only concert George Maurer is giving at my house.


"Minnesota, USA's premier jazz pianist" and composer George Maurer, presents an intimate evening of original jazz, gospel, and art-song settings of modern German poet Rainer Maria Rilke along with other originals.   


Saturday | November 16, 2013 | 7:30 PM 

at Kara's Voice Studio in Berlin 


Register Now!


Here is a sneak preview of some of the music you will be hearing. It will be set for piano and two vocalists. I look forward to seeing you there!
Stay Gold, Kara  
George Maurer - SPECIAL HOUSE CONCERT at Kara's voice studio in Berlin









































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