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California Senior Legislature Newsletter
July 2013
Improving the Quality of Life for Aging Californians
By Don MacAllister

Please continue to pursue Code 402 donors that have not yet filed their tax return.  We are in weekly contact with the Franchise Tax Board and as of July 26, 2013, the FTB verbally reported our year-to-date donations are $216,694.89.
Additionally, we are in the final stages of obtaining necessary documentation to pursue the ability for donors to make tax-deductible donations directly into the SMIF account.  We will provide further details upon receipt of the final documentation.
Our new website is under development and we are finalizing the site map and wire frames this week.  We are working on a tight time schedule and are hopeful that the site will be running at full capacity by session.
Please continue to focus on promoting Code 402 and the CSL!


Don MacAllister, Chair

Joint Rules Committee


CSL Member Activity
L.A. Caucus Meets at the new Korean Senior Center  

Caucus members from Los Angeles City and County met on June 19, 2013.  After their meeting, CSL members were joined by members of the Los Angeles County Commission on Older Adults to take a tour of the Korean Senior Center that was recently built in Korea Town, LA.   The senior center was built with a traditional Korean architecture and design style; it was done by native Korean's who traveled to Los Angeles in order to complete the project.

Senior Assembly Member Jenkins Speaks at 
Area 4 Agency on Aging Advisory Council Meeting


As part of the Area 4 Agency on Aging Advisory Council meeting on July 18, 2013, Senior Assembly Member Ed Jenkins gave a brief overview of the California Senior Legislature. This overview was for the benefit of new members of the Advisory Council. It included a brief review of the history of the CSL, its non-general fund status, its role as a non-partisan advocate for identifying and pursuing through legislative avenues bills to address the priority needs of California seniors. Using the mirror image of the State Legislature that is reflected in the CSL's organization and operations, Ed then provided an overview of the proposal development process, including committee hearings, final approval, and ranking of proposals by vote in the Annual Legislative Session that occurs in October. He noted the extraordinary efforts of the Joint Rules Committee and particularly the Legislative Committee in their work throughout the year with the California Legislature and staff members, pursuing the goal of having the CSL top priorities reflected in bills and enacted into law. The members of the Advisory Council were impressed with CSL's success rate being better than 45% of its priority proposals being enacted in law since the inception of the CSL.       


Vince Agor
Governor Signs California Senior Legislature Proposal
An article was published in the June 28, 2013 edition of the Fairfield-Suisun
Daily Republic to acknowledge the California Senior Legislature's first success of this year's legislative session.  

Senate Joint Resolution 4, by state Senator Bill Monning, and proposed by Senior Assembly Member Vince Agor, was signed by Governor Jerry Brown.  

The bill asks the President and the U.S. Congress to enact appropriate legislation reauthorizing the federal Older Americans Act of 1965.  The Older Americans Act is the supporting legislation for many of the various Area Agencies on Aging programs that serve the nation's seniors.

Our hats are off to you Senior Assembly Member Vince Agor! 
Phyllis Purcell Nominated for the state's Outstanding Senior Volunteer Recognition Award
Senior Assembly Member Phyllis Purcell was listed in the Riverside Press as a nominee for California's Outstanding Senior Volunteer Award which is part of the Salute to Senior Service program sponsored by Home Instead, Inc.  The program honors the contributions of adults 65 and older who give at least 15 hours a month of volunteer service to their favorite causes. The winners will receive a donation of $500 to their favorite non profit organization.

Congratulations on your nomination Senior Assembly Member Purcell!
Presentation by Senior Assembly Member Molnar 


Senior Assembly Member Chuck Molnar made a presentation on the California Senior Legislature to the Scotts Valley, CA Senior Center on June 27, 2013.  Assembly member Molnar was able to educate the attendees on CSL and its mission; they were most appreciative to learn about the wonderful work of the CSL.  While there, he received a donation for the CSL. 

2013 Policy Committee Requests


CSL Members:


Policy Committee Request Forms were sent out at the end of June and need to be completed by all members and returned to our office no later than August 15, 2013. If you haven't turned yours in yet, please do so ASAP.   


Click to see a copy of the Policy Committee Assignments from 2012.  



Leadership Position Applications


Policy Committee Leadership Applications


As we prepare for the 2013 Annual Legislative Session, we are encouraging members that are interested in seeking a role as a Chair of a Policy Committee to submit an application.  Please click the blue link above for a copy of the application.



Joint Rules Committee (JRC) and Legislative Committee Leadership Applications


As we prepare for the 2013 Annual Legislative Session, we are seeking candidates for the Joint Rules Committee (JRC) and the Legislative Committee.  If you have been a member of the California Senior Legislature for at least one year and are interested in being a candidate for the Joint Rules Committee or Legislative Committee, please submit an application by August 15, 2013.

The attached blue application is for the Joint Rules Committee and the attached yellow application is for the Legislative Committee.



***Please note our fax machine is not working.  Once the machine has been repaired, we will send out a communication.  Please email or US Mail documents to the office by the August 15, 2013.  Or call the office for an alternate temporary electronic fax number.


 Moira Jackson Award Nominations


This award is named for a 12-year member of the CSL, Senior Senator Moira Jackson, who passed away during her last year in office.  Senior Senator Jackson set an example of accomplishment and service to the CSL that has set a high standard for all CSL members.  This is the only award that honors a CSL member who has demonstrated the kind of exemplary service set by Senior Senator Jackson.


Only CSL members may nominate candidates for this award.  The Joint Rules Committee determines who is to receive this award, which is presented at either the Awards Banquet or Opening Session of the Annual CSL Session.


To nominate a fellow CSL member please completethe attached nomination form and send it into the office no later than September 1, 2013.              
Moira Jackson Award 2013 (Click this link to access the form)
**If you have nominations for any of the other awards (Partnership Recognition, Henry Mello, or Volunteer Recognition) please submit the name to the office for consideration at the September Joint Rules Committee Meeting.** 


33rd Annual Legislative Session
October 2013
Reservation forms for the 33rd Annual Legislative Session were sent to all members last month.  Information on booking your hotel room at the Hyatt has been provided.  Reservation forms were due on July 15th, although we still have not received responses from many of our members.  Click  to view the Abbreviated Schedule.
Click here for the: Reservation Form (to be filled out and mailed or emailed to the office) or Hyatt Reservation Link (to book your room).  
If you are having trouble booking your room online you can do it over the phone by calling the Hyatt at (888) 421-1442, make sure to inform them that you are with the CSL in order for them to add you to our direct billing list and to obtain the state approved rate.
The Hyatt Hotel is currently working on our Fall menu.  Menu choices will be sent out later this summer.
**If you need business cards or a name badge   CLICK HERE  for the order form.  Please send forms to the CSL office by the end of July to ensure you 
receive your order in time for session. 
****************SESSION VOLUNTEERS*****************

A large support staff is needed to aid the attending California Senior Legislature (CSL) and members-elect that will be gathering in Sacramento to focus on proposed legislation.  The CSL office is seeking volunteers for tasks such as staff room attendant, messengers, resource secretaries, and sergeant-at-arms.  This will be a great opportunity to learn and watch the CSL members in action.


Please distribute the attached volunteer response form to any interested party. The RESPONSE DEADLINE is Friday, August 31, 2013.  Volunteer commitment MUST BE FOR THE ENTIRE FOUR-DAYS of this year's session.  The volunteers are here to assist CSL members in their proposal efforts.


 CLICK FOR:   Volunteer Job Description  or Volunteer Response Form


Each day, as a volunteer completes its work schedule, a lunch voucher will be distributed.  


July 402
CODE 402
Contributions to Code 402 on the California State Income Tax Check-Off are down approx. 13% as of June 30, 2013.  With the current situation we need each and every CSL member to  continue to promote code 402.  It is especially important to identify and reach individuals that have not yet filed their tax return.   To remain on the Tax Check-Off, the CSL must collect a minimum of $250,000 in contributions by the end of the year.  
As of June 30, our report total was $214,857.
You can view CSL's TV commercial here:
  View our videos on YouTube
Proposals for 2013

This year we had 84 proposals submitted, the Legislative Committee met in Sacramento July 23-24, 2013, and assigned all proposals to policy committees for the Fall Session.

Each proposal, as drafted by the Legislative Counsel,  has been sent to the CSL member who authored it for their records.
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Use of the The California Senior Legislature Logo and/or the CA State Seal must be approved by the JRC before printing and distribution of material.

 Joint Rules Committee Meetings


September 16-17, 2013                   Sacramento 

October 28, 2013                              Sacramento

Legislative Committee Meetings





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