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California Senior Legislature Newsletter
June 2013
Improving the Quality of Life for Aging Californians
By Don MacAllister

The month of June has proved to be challenging with the May Code 402 numbers reporting lower than expected.

However, I am pleased to report that everyone's hard work is paying off.  We received a verbal update from the Franchise Tax Board this morning and the June 2013 numbers are 102% higher than June 2012!  Great work!
Please continue your strong focus on Code 402 promotion to those individuals that have not yet filed their tax returns.  This is the key in closing the gap and reaching our minimum contribution requirement of $250,000.
As of June 27, 2013, the Code 402 voluntary contributions for 2013 were $214,733.  With this increase, we are trending year-to-date 13% below last year.  
Should the current trend continue, based on last year's numbers we are still running the risk of not meeting our minimum requirement by approximately $22,304.
Do not let up, we have made great progress, please continue to PROMOTE CODE 402!



Don MacAllister, Chair

Joint Rules Committee


CSL Member Activity
Queen Newsletter Committee
Senior Assembly Member Queen Johnson Promoting and Presenting on behalf of the California Senior Legislature

Senior Assembly Member Queen Johnson has been very busy since being elected into the California Senior Legislature last Fall.  On May 22, 2013 Queen attended the City Council Budget Hearing and  introduced the mission of the CSL as well as gave testimony regarding funding of community centers.  Senior Assembly Member Johnson also recently gave a presentation on Mobilizing Seniors for Policy Advocacy at the annual Healthy Aging conference sponsored by the California Wellness Foundation, as well as giving a presentation on the California Senior Legislature to retired San Diego County Employees.
Furthermore, Queen is on the Newsletter Committee for the
San Diego Senior Scene Newsletter; her article "Best Kept Secret"  was featured in the Winter 2013 issue and centers on the CSL, its purpose, and her experience as an Assembly Member thus far. To read Queen's article click here.

Thank you Senior Assembly Member Queen Johnson for your great PR work!
Vince Agor in Sacramento Testifying on SJR-4


On May 7, 2013 Senior Assembly Member Vince Agor was in Sacramento to testify on Senator Monning's SJR-4, Older Americans Act of 1965, that derived from Senior Assembly Member Agor's 2012 proposal.  On May 20, 2013  SJR-4 was adopted and chaptered by the Secretary of State.   
Vince Agor

Pictured is Senior Assembly Member Agor along with Carol Sewell from the Commission on Aging, and Senator Bill Monning.


Lodi Senior Awareness Day


Senior Senator Joseph Murphy  and Senior Assembly Member Terry Sonnefeld participated in the 35th Annual San Joaquin County Senior Awareness Day activities in Lodi on May 30, 2013.  


  Joe M/Terry S. SS Joe M.

Senior Assembly Member Kammerer at Senior Expo


Senior Assembly Member Dieter Kammerer set up this table using 


our new CSL table cloth at a Senior Expo held by The Fountain Valley Senior Center in Orange County .  Senior Assembly Member Kammerer gave out CSL information, flyers, etc to the 450 seniors in attendance.



The Fountain Valley Senior Center (Orange County PSA 22)  has displayed the attached poster in their hallway of Dieter at the CSL table.

          Sworn In 


Joe Cox

Senior Senator Joseph Cox  was sworn in on May 18, 2013 as a member of the Society of Sons of the American Revolution.  







Julia R.

Fresh from the Networking Files

Submitted by Julia Rosenberg


The California State Assembly paused April 25, 2013, to acknowledge Senior Assembly Member Julia Rosenberg , Chairperson of the CSL Legislative Committee, when her State Assembly representative, Assembly member Al Muratsuchi of Torrance introduced her during floor session.   Assembly Member Muratsuchi serves as Chairperson of the Assembly Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security Committee.   


"Building relationships is the foundation upon which CSL's successes are built.  The hallmark of successful legislation is relationships, and CSL members are reminded that developing and maintaining healthy relationships with local legislators and their staff is just as important as the quality legislative proposals they develop each year," states Rosenberg.


Senior Assembly Member George Tucker's Proposal Submission Featured in 2 Publications

Senior Assembly Member George Tucker's legislative proposal was featured in an article in the San Leandro Times as well as in Alemeda County's Area Agency on Aging Senior Update.  The article discusses the CSL legislative and proposal process along with a brief summary of Senior Assembly Member Tucker's Long-Term Care Ombudsman Funding proposal that made the top ten State proposals during October's Annual Session.

33rd Annual Legislative Session
October 2013
Reservation forms for the 33rd Annual Legislative Session have been sent to all members.  Information on booking your hotel room at the Hyatt has been provided.  If you did not receive the reservation form or the hotel link, please contact the office.  Reservation forms are due in the office no later than July 15, 2013.  Click  to view the Abbreviated Schedule.
The Hyatt Hotel is currently working on our Fall menu.  Menu choices will be sent out later this summer.
**If you need business cards or a name badge   CLICK HERE  for the order form.  Please send forms to the CSL office by the end of July to ensure you 
receive your order in time for session!!!

CODE 402
Contributions to Code 402 on the California State Income Tax Check-Off are down approx. 18% as of May 31, 2013.  With the current situation we need each and every CSL member to  continue to promote code 402.  It is especially important to identify and reach individuals that have not yet filed their tax return.   To remain on the Tax Check-Off, the CSL must collect a minimum of $250,000 in contributions by the end of the year.  
As of May 31, our report total was $195,211.
You can view CSL's TV commercial here:
  View our videos on YouTube
Proposals for 2013

This year we had 84 proposals submitted, of those 29 were re-submissions from past years.

The Legislative Committee will be meeting in Sacramento July 23-24, 2013, to assign proposals to policy committees for the Fall Session.
The Bylaw change submission deadline has been extended until July 31, 2013.  If you would like to submit a proposed change fill out the Bylaw amendment form and send it into the CSL office by July 31, 2013.

As many of you are aware, 2013 is a non-election year and Bylaws can be amended.  The most recent copy of the CSL Bylaws can be found on the website www.4csl.org.  From the website homepage, click the link titled Resource Manual, then click the link titled PART IV CSL Rules in the middle of the screen.  Remember to click "open" at the bottom of your screen to access the PDF.


Click this link for the  "Proposed Amendment to the CSL Bylaws"

form.  Please complete the form, if you have a proposed change to the Bylaws.  It is important that members follow all instructions and submit changes on the attached form by the extended deadline of July 31st.




(1)      Each proposal requires the signature of the author and two members.

(2)      You must identify the Section and Article Number of the current Bylaw and concisely state your proposed amendment.

(3)      Strike Through the language to be deleted.

(4)      Underline to indicate the language to be added.

(5)      Rewrite to show how the Section/Article would then read.

(6)      Don't forget to use a separate form for each section and article that you wish to amend.


The Bylaws Sub-Committee operating under the Joint Rules Committee will review all forms prior to the Annual October 2013 Session.


There are several proposals developed by Senior Senators
and Senior Assembly Members that are now in legislative bill form.

AB 247 - Personal Income Tax: Voluntary Contribution: California Fund for Senior Citizens

AKA CSL Sunset Clause 

Assembly Member Wagner

(SP-10 Jim Levy)


AB 396 - Labeling of Prescription Drugs

Assembly Member Fox

(AP-8 Senior Assembly Marcia Gould)


AB 477 - Mandated Reporting for Notaries Public

Assembly Member Chau

(AP-7 Glasmeier)


AB 663 - Adult Residential Facilities: Training:

LGBT Issues

Assembly Member Gomez

(AP-19 Krohn)


AB 918 - Emergency Transportation

Assembly Member Cooley

(AP-2 Bloch)


SB 129 - Telephone Service: Deaf, Hearing Impaired and Disabled Access

Assembly Member Wright

(AP-13 Kammerer)


SJR 4 - Reauthorization of the Federal Older Americans Act

Senator Monning

(AFP-1 Agor)

For more information, visit www.4csl.org


The Legislative Committee Meeting that was scheduled for July 8-9th has been rescheduled for July 23-24th in Sacramento.

 Joint Rules Committee Meetings


September 16-17, 2013                   Sacramento

Legislative Committee Meetings



July 23- 24, 2013                                Sacramento




Joint Rules Committee


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Legislative Committee


Julia Rosenberg, Chair



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