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California Senior Legislature Newsletter
APRIL 2013
Improving the Quality of Life for Aging Californians
By Don MacAllister

Happy April. We have in the works a new Caucus in the Fresno area. Janice & yours truly will be at their organizational meeting on April 26. This will be very lively group and eager to be active in CSL.


Even though April 15th has passed, many people file late returns so please still distribute the posters and pass out the 402 cards. Have you heard our radio ads or seen the CSL TV spots? Let the CSL office know; several of you have, send a note of when and where you saw the promotions.


The State recently conducted a DGS delegated purchasing authority audit  of the CSL for 2012-13.  The auditor determined that CSL has a low risk procurement program and no further testing/auditing was required at this time.  We are fortunate to have someone like Janice who has had her own business. She has helped us in interfacing the various State departments to comply with State law. She has gone to several classes that are mandated (we did not do this in the past) which helps the CSL to be compliant. Clare has also been very involved with getting CSL compliant and following state rules & regulations. Thanks to both of you for your hard work and dedication to CSL.


Please be thinking about the various committees you wish to be on for the fall session. They are; Finance & Insurance, Health, Housing & Transportation, Social & community Services, & State & Local government. Remember not everyone may get the committee they wish for, because we have to balance the five committees with as close as possible equal members.



Don MacAllister, Chair

Joint Rules Committee




CSL Member Activity

Senior Assembly Member Marcia Gould Promoting CSL Awareness 


At the CalRTA (California Retired Teachers' Association) February General meeting Senior Assembly Member Marcia Gould presented information to increase awareness on The California Senior Legislature's purpose and funding.  Marcia's presentation on the CSL was mentioned in the Voice of the Valley Newsletter (link below).  To further her outreach efforts Senior Assembly Member Gould shared the CSL story with the Kiwanis of Northridge, at the Temple Beth Torah community meeting, B'nai Brith International (SFV), and visited the Burbank Rotary with CSL Senior Assembly Member Peter McGrath.  Also, she and Senior Assembly Member Richard Shontz recently shared information about the CSL at a meeting of Senator Fran Pavley's Advisory Council.  The California Senior Legislature is lucky to have members like Senior Assembly Member Gould who are actively promoting the CSL! 
SA Wolf
Senior Assembly Member Estelle Wolfe presenting at the Rancho Bernardo Kiwanis Club April 18, 2013.

In her first year with CSL, Senior Assembly Member Wolf has been actively promoting our organization to various groups, and has already submitted her first proposal.  Great job!!
CODE 402
As of March 31, 2013, the contributions to Code 402 on California State Income Tax Check-Off are down 16% from this time last year.  Many people are late in filing their taxes, so keep promoting it as much as possible!  To remain on the Tax Check-Off, the CSL must collect a minimum of $250,000 in contributions by the end of the year.  As of March 31st, our report total was $81,760.
Joint Rules Committee Meeting in May
The Joint Rules Committee will be meeting in Sacramento on May 20-21.  The agenda will be posted on the CSL website www.4csl.org.  Once approved, the March minutes will be posted following the meeting.  
Legislative Committee Meeting April 23-24 2013
CSL Legislative Committee Members met in Sacramento on April 23 & 24 at the Vagabond Inn.  Members walked the halls at the State Capitol to meet with Legislative staff and solicit advertising for our upcoming 2013 October Session Program Book.
33rd Annual Legislative Session
October 2013
A tentative date and location has been set for CSL's 33rd annual legislative session.  Tentative dates have been set for October 28-31, 2013 at the Hyatt located across from the State Capitol.  Members will be notified once the contract has been formally executed by the State Office of Legal Services.
Members can expect to receive a Session packet with complete details on how to make reservations, travel, and menu options by June 15, 2013.

Writing Strong Legislative Proposals
Remember that June 1, 2013 is the deadline for submitting proposals!  Attached is the Proposal Intro Form (click to open) - 2013 Proposal Introduction Form

A great resource for how to write a strong yet concise proposal was shared by Senator Beall at the CSL March  Mini Conference. Senator Beall stressed the importance of being clear and constructive when analyzing the problem,  facts, and existing law when drafting proposals- as well as how and when to approach legislators to author your proposal.   Please see the handout he provided, Principles For Writing Strong Legislative Proposals (attached).   


There are several proposals developed by Senior Senators
and Assembly Members that are now in legislative bill form.

AB 247 - Personal Income Tax: Voluntary Contribution: California Fund for Senior Citizens

AKA CSL Sunset Clause 

Assembly Member Wagner

(SP-10 Jim Levy)


AB 396 - Labeling of Prescription Drugs

Assembly Member Fox

(AP-8 Senior Assembly Marcia Gould)


AB 477 - Mandated Reporting for Notaries Public

Assembly Member Chau

(AP-7 Glasmeier)


AB 663 - Adult Residential Facilities: Training:

LGBT Issues

Assembly Member Gomez

(AP-19 Krohn)


AB 918 - Emergency Transportation

Assembly Member Cooley

(AP-2 Bloch)


SB 129 - Telephone Service: Deaf, Hearing Impaired and Disabled Access

Assembly Member Wright

(AP-13 Kammerer)


SJR 4 - Reauthorization of the Federal Older Americans Act

Senator Monning

(AFP-1 Agor)

For more information, visit www.4csl.org


Support and Sponsorship for Non CSL Bills


 CSL Sponsored Bills

Bill #

Bill Name


SB 156

Conservatorships and Guardianships: Attorney's fees








CSL Supported Bills

Bill #

Bill Name


AB 5



AB 140

Undue Influence


AB 261

Residential Care Facilities: Elderly: Fees: Charges


AB 299



AB 322

Home Care Services Act of 2013


AB 364

Community Care Facilities: Unannounced Visits


AB 381

Estates and Trusts: Undue Influence and Elder Abuse


AB 403

Solid Waste: Home-Generated Sharps


AB 462

Fire Protection: Residential Care Facilities


AB 553

Reverse Mortgages: Notifications


AB 581

Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly


AB 961

Health Facilities: Investigations: Disclosure


AB 1136

Pharmacists: Drug Disclosures


AB 1217

Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act of 2013


SB 50

Telecommunications: Pay Telephones


SB 60

Victims: Human Trafficking: Elder and Dependent


SB 354

Department of Veterans Affairs: Outcomes for Veterans


SB 609

Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman


SB 761

Family Temporary Disability Insurance


SB 770

Unemployment Compensation: Disability Benefits




 Joint Rules Committee Meetings

 May 20-21, 2013                            Sacramento

September 16-17, 2013                   Sacramento

Legislative Committee Meetings


April 23-24, 2013                                Sacramento

June 3-4, 2013                                    Sacramento

(Chair & Vice Chairs Only)


July 8-9, 2013                                     Sacramento

August 12-13, 2013                             Sacramento     



Joint Rules Committee


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Legislative Committee


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