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November 1, 2012

For Immediate Release
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The California Senior Legislature 

Announces Top Ten State and Top Four Federal Legislative Priorities 


(Sacramento, CA. November 1, 2012)The California Senior Legislature (CSL) adjourned its 31st Annual Legislative Session today and plans to announce the Top Ten State Legislative Proposals and Top Four Federal proposals at a news conference in Room 1190 located in the State Capitol at 9:30 am at the State Capitol on Friday, November 2, 2012.


The following were announced as the top ten State Legislative proposals:


  1. The Long-Term Care Ombudsman: Funding(AP-37) proposal would secure funding for Long-Term Care Ombudsman Programs through an annual fee charged to care facilities, and in accordance with prescribed requirements was authored by Senior Assembly Member George Tucker of San Leandro.
  2. The Nursing Facilities: Antipsychotic.(AP-6) proposal requires the State Department of Public Health to research and review existing or proposed practices at nursing facilities for addressing the mental health of nursing facility residents without the use of antipsychotic drugs and was authored by Senior Assembly Member Gloria Duran of Santa Fe Springs.
  3. The Property Tax Exemption (SP-3) proposal gives California Seniors who are 62 years of age or older an additional $20,000 exemption of the full value of a primary place of residence, for a total homeowners' property tax exemption of $27,000 to be adjusted, as specified, for those seniors was authored by Senior Senator Connie Eaton of Shingle Springs.
  4. The Emergency Transportation (AP-2) proposal directs the Governor to mobilize paratransit vehicles, paramedicsor any other mode of transportation that can be safely used to move the disabledand senior populations to a safe place where they are able to quickly receive needed services in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster and was authored by Senior Assembly Member Eleanor Bloch of Tiburon. 
  5. The Personal Amplifier Listening Devices (SP-14) proposal authorizes the sale of personal amplifier listening devices and encourages hearing aid manufacturers to redesign the sales and services of hearing aids to make high-quality hearing aids available to California consumers at reasonable costs, consistent with Federal Law. The proposal was authored by Senior Senator Austin Lucero of San Jose.
  6. The Requirements for Restroom and Dressing Room Doors to Open Outward (SP-2) proposal requires all doors in public restrooms and dressing room facilities to open outward was authored by Senior Senator Joseph Cox of Los Banos. 
  7. The Statewide Elder Protection Courts: (SP-15) proposal enacts legislation that the presiding judge in each Superior Court in California encourage the adjudication of cases involving elder abuse in a coordinated and consolidated manner, similar to that established in the counties of Alameda and Contra Costa. This proposal was authored by Senior Senator Richard Lundin of Benicia. 
  8. The Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse and Neglect: Gag Clauses (SP-5) proposal provides that any provision in a settlement agreement for a civil action for physical abuse, neglect or financial abuse of an elder or dependent adult shall not include a gag clause or any provision that prohibits contact or cooperation with law enforcement agencies, state agencies, other governmental entities, a protection or advocacy agency, or the defendant's current employer if the defendant's job responsibilities include contact with elders or dependent adults, and if the settlement agreement does not include such a gag clause or not contact provision, the clause or provision is void as against public policy. This proposal was authored by Senior Senator Sol Fingold of Beverly Hills. 
  9. The Long-Term Health Care Facilities: Patient Property (AP-42) This proposal requires long-term health care facilities to record the serial number of any assistive device, including, but not limited to, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, hearing aids, and walkers on the patient's written personal property inventory upon the patient's admission, and give the patient a copy of the personal property inventory. The proposal was authored by Senior Assembly Member Julia Rosenberg of Redondo Beach. 
  10. The California Care-Receiver Protection Act of 2012 (AP-20) requires every person who works as a caregiver to pass a criminal background check and drug test before providing in-home assistance to California's elderly, blind, and disabled populations. The proposal was authored Senior Assembly Member Shirley Krohn of Walnut Creek.


The following were identified as the Top Four Federal Legislative proposals:


  1. The Reauthorization of the Federal Older Americans Act (AFP-1) proposal reauthorizes the Federal Older Americans Act and was authored by Senior Assembly Member Vince Agor of Westminster.
  2. The Medicare Part D (AFP-6) proposal requires the Federal Government to negotiate for the lowest available prices for prescription drugs under the Medicare Part D Program. The proposal was authored by Senior Assembly member Alice Loh of San Luis Obispo. 
  3. The Personal IncomeTaxes: Social Security Benefits (SFP-7) proposal exempts senior citizens 65 years of age or older from paying income taxes on Social Security Benefits and authored by Senior Senator John Sorenson ofSouth San Francisco. 
  4. The Social Security Benefits (AFP-5) proposal repeals the Windfall Elimination Provision of the Social Security Act so that any person who qualifies for Social Security Benefits receives the amount of benefits earned was authored by Senior Assembly member Michael LePeilbet of Corning.



Senior Assembly Member Don MacAllister, Joint Rules Committee Chair (714) 757-6014, or Janice Bailey, Operations Manager, Sacramento Office (916) 552-8056.





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