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Upcoming Meetings


The Joint Rules Committee will meet September 10-11, 2012 and the Legislative Committee will meet September 11-12, 2012.  The meeting will be at the Vagabond Inn.


Past meeting minutes are posted at www.4csl.org.




OCTOBER 29 through NOVEMBER 1, 2012. Mark your calendars!  The Citizen Hotel has been reserved in Sacramento for the CSL Annual Legislative Session. The State of California Meeting Management Program (MMP) has been a huge asset for all planning and meeting arrangements for this event.  Details regarding reservations have been sent out to all members.

Click here to view the Abbreviated Agenda


JRC Update  


Hello all, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! 


We are diligently working with our Session Planning Sub-Committee on all of the details for our 32nd annual Legislative Session this Fall.


By now, you should have received your Session Registration package in the mail, please complete this information and return to the office as soon as possible.  You may have noticed that we will be utilizing one form this year for all reservations, including special requests and early arrival.  We are hopeful that this will make the process smoother for all involved.


At the beginning of September, you will receive your package of 84 proposals.  With so many proposals this year, it is imperative that all members read through the proposals prior to the session.  We will not have time during session to review the entire contents.


Please note that many of the forms and documents have specific deadlines to be received in the office.  These deadlines are necessary to allow time for processing and commitments for head counts.


I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in October. 




Don MacAllister

Chair Joint Rules Committee 



 Quote of the Month:


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

~ Helen Keller













 Program Book Advertisement Information


We need members to sell ads for the 2012 Session Program Booklet.  The pricing has increased slightly and all checks are to be sent to the office. Click here for Program Book Ad Info and Forms.


2012 Program Sponsors


Do you have a relationship with a corporation or business that might be interested in becoming a CSL 2012 Session donor or sponsor?  Forward their information to the office at jbailey@seniorleg.ca.gov.


Business Cards & Name Badges


CSL members first set of business cards are ordered free of charge.  Additional, orders of business cards and name badges must be paid by check.  If you are anticipating needing business cards or a name badge prior to the conference, please submit your order no later than August 15, 2012.  Please complete the attached form and send to the office.   Click here for Order Form and Pricing


 Session News







Reservation forms have been mailed to members and are due back into the office No Later Than August 15, 2012.   If you need an additional copy of the reservation form, please click here Reservation Form.




The menu at the Citizen Hotel is a seasonal  menu.  Therefore, we can not make our menu selections until closer to the date of the event.  Once the Session Planning Sub-Committee has made the selection, we will advise members.


We will be utilizing the lunch ticket vouchers again this year not to exceed $10 per member.  However, this year the member will be required to sign the back of the lunch voucher upon purchase.   Lunch vouchers will be accepted at the 6th Floor O'Deli or Griselda's Basement Cafeteria at the Capitol.


Since we will be utilizing the lunch vouchers, the Department of General Services will not authorize any lunch or dinner reimbursements on Travel Expense Claims during the Session period of October 29- November 1, 2012.



Press Release 



The Session Planning Sub-Committee encourages all members to announce their participation in the upcoming session to the press.  Attached is a sample of a press release that can be utilized by members.  Click here for  Press Release.


Moira Jackson Award Nominations


The Joint Rules Committee is currently accepting nominations for the Annual Moira Jackson Award.  This award is named for a twelve year member of the CSL, Senior Senator Moira Jackson, who passed away during her last year in office.  Senior Senator Jackson set an example of accomplishment and service to the CSL that has set a high standard for all CSL members.  This is the only award that honors a CSL member who has demonstrated the kind of exemplary service set by Senior Senator Jackson.


Only CSL Members may nominate candidates for this award.  The Joint Rules Committee determines who is to receive this award, which is presented at either the Awards Banquet or Opening Session of the Annual CSL Session.


To nominate a fellow CSL member, please click here Moira Jackson Award and complete the attached form.  All forms must be received in the office no later than August 15, 2012.


Session Volunteers


We are currently accepting volunteer applications for 2012 Session volunteers.  Volunteers will be required to work the full four day session and we will be limiting the number of volunteers this year.  The Volunteer Application can be obtained by clicking here.  All volunteer forms are due in the office no later than August 31, 2012.


Mandated Ethics Training



As per Assembly Bill 1234 (AB1234), all members must receive a minimum of two hours of ethics training every two years.   Many of you attended a classroom session or took training on-line in 2010 and are due for taking the training again this year.


The training must include instruction both as to general ethics principles and as to ethics laws "relevant to (the official's) public service".   The training will include, but will not be limited to the following:  conflict of interest under the Political Reform Act , the Brown Act, and the Public Records Act.


The training can be taken through a no-cost online training program at this website:


 Ethics Training.


For those of you, who will take the online training, please forward a copy of your completed certificate to the office.






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The following 2012 California Senior Legislature proposals are now in legislative bill form (brief summaries are provided):




SB 1047 (Senator Elaine Alquist)

Establishes a missing person advisory called "Silver Alert" to protect persons suffering from dementia-related conditions and who as a result, might wander away from home. 

SP-10 Senior Senator Joe Murphy (Tracy)


SB 1198 (Senator Ron Calderon)

Homeless Senior Veterans: Increased Benefits

Creates the State Cal-Vet Program to raise awareness of senior homeless veterans' programs and to provide rental housing benefits for them.

AP-24 Senior Assembly Member Art Serrin (Carlsbad)




AB 2010 (Assemblymember Susan Bonilla)

Reverse Mortgage Transparency Act 

Requires reverse mortgages to allow the borrower to determine the consequences of the mortgage based on their personal situation, financial circumstances, or health, short and long-term care needs.

AP-32  Senior Assembly Member Shirley Krohn (Walnut Creek)



AB 1525 (Assemblymember Michael Allen)

Financial Elder Abuse: Money Transmitters

Requires that money wire transfer services be included in the definition of mandatory reporters of suspected financial elder abuse.

AP-15 Senior Assembly Member Charles Molnar (Santa Cruz)


AB 2141 (Assemblymember Jim Silva)

Requires that a two-year punishment enhancement be added for identity theft from a victim aged 65 years or older. 

AP-11 Senior Assembly Member Dieter Kammerer (Fountain Valley)


AB 1737 (Assemblymember Wilmer Carter)

Amends the Mello-Granlund Older Californian's Act to define disability.

SP-18 (2007 proposal) former Senior Senator Kitty Mesler (Fontana)


AB 2374 (Assemblymember Roger Hernandez)

Prohibits a consumer credit card reporting agency from charging a person who is 65 years old or older a fee placing a security freeze on his/her credit report.

AP-25 Senior Assembly Member Richard Shontz (West Hills)




AB 579 (Assemblymember Monning)

Mobile Home Loss of Equity

Permits the award of attorney's fees and, in some cases, other litigation expenses, to a local governmental entity in an action brought by the owner of a mobilehome park to challenge the validity or application of a local ordinance, rule, regulation, or initiative measure that regulates space rent or is intended to benefit or protect residents in a mobilehome park, if the local governmental entity is determined to be the prevailing party.

2011 CSL Proposal AP-23/Molnar (Santa Cruz)


SB 345 (Senator Lois Wolk)

Ensures that that the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program has the ability to act independently to fulfill Federal and State mandates on behalf of residents of California's long-term care facilities.

2011 CSL Proposal AP-32/Krohn (Walnut Creek)





AB 1224 (Committee on Veterans Affairs)

Veteran's Farm and Home Purchases Employment Training Panel

Revises existing law relating to forfeiture and calculation of net gain in connection with the sale of a cooperative dwelling trust.  Eliminates the requirement that the higher down payment calculation be based on the veterans' credit worthiness.


AB 1225 (Committee on Veterans Affairs)

Cemeteries:  Veteran's Commmemorative Property

Requires a  person or entity, except a municipal corportation, that owns or controls a cemetary where veteran's commemorative property has been placed that wishes to sell, trade or transfer veteran's property to petition the Cemetary and Funeral Bureau for permission for disposition of the property.


AB 1714 (Assembly Member Linda Halderman)

In-Home Supportive Services: Providers

Adds the felony offenses of forgery, embezzlement, extortion and identity theft to the list of criminal convictions that would preclude an applicant from providing supportive services. 


AB 2009 (Assembly Member Cathleen Galgiani)

Communicable Disease:  Influenza Vaccinations

Adds children under the age of 18 among those who have priority to receive the vaccine.  This should minimize the spread of influenza to other high risk groups, including senior citizens.


AB 2149 (Assembly Member Betsey Butler)

Banning Gag Clauses in Elder Abuse

Prevents legal settlements between an elderly person and another party from including gag clauses preventing an elderly victim of financial and physical abuse, from reporting the abuse to law enforcement or adult protective services.


AB 2550 (Assembly Member Wilmer Amina Carter)

Office of State Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Requires the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman to perform enumerated duties to provide for the health, safety, welfare and rights, and to ensure timely access to services provided by the office.


SB 663 (Senator Lou Correa)

Veterans:  Homeless Veterans

Requires the Department of Veteran Affairs to include specified information in its strategic plan related to homeless Veterans.  It also requires submission of a strategic plan to the Chairmen of the Assembly and Senate Committees on Veterans Affairs.


SB 924 (Senator Curren Price)

Physical Therapists:  Direct Access To Services

Specifies that patients may access physical therapy directly.  Requires the therapist to refer the patient to another healing arts practitioner if the therapist has reason to believe the patient requires treatment beyond that scope of practice.


SB 1170 (Senator Mark Leno)

Senior Insurance

Makes it unlawful for an insurance agent to deliver to a person 65 years or older a living trust or other legal document other than insurance documents.  Specifies guidelines for advance notice of meetings and advertisements to protect persons 65 years or over.


SB 1184 (Senator Ellen Corbett)

Senior Insurance, Veterans Benefits 

Prohibits an insurance broker or agent from participating in, being associated with, or employing any party that participates in, or is associated with the obtaining of veterans benefits for a senior, unless procedural safeguards are in place to ensure there is no financial incentive to refer the policyholder to any government benefits program.



SB 1228 (Senator Elaine Alquist) 

Small House Nursing Homes

Allows small house style nursing homes to be eligible for licensing as a nursing home under the Health and Safety code, if they meet the criteria. 


SB 1258 (Senators Lois Wolk and Lou Correa)

Department of Veteran Affairs:  Monitoring Outcomes for Veterans

Requires the Department of Veteran Affairs to establish a system for monitoring specified outcomes for Veterans.  Ensures the needs of Veterans are being addressed.


SB 1438 (Senator Elaine Alquist)

Long-Term Care Insurance Task Force

Requires the Commissioner of the California Department of Insurance to convene a task force to study how to best design a statewide long-term care insurance program for Californians. 


Homeowners Bill of Rights (Attorney General Kamala Harris)

Provides much needed reform in the areas of mortgage and foreclosures.  Ends banks foreclosing while homeowners are in the midst of loss mitigation or modifications processes.



 For the latest status and update on bills visit the CSL website at www.4csl.org.






Senior Assemblymember Vince Agor's wife, Jeanne Agor, received the 2012 Seniors Making A Difference Award.  Mrs. Agor was recognized as being a dedicated volunteer, demonstrating friendship, genuine dedication and initiative, all of which contributed to the success of the 31st Annual California Senior Legislative Session.   Congratulations Jeanne Agor!



Jeanne Agor 



Legislative Committee News
The Legislative Committee had the task of assigning the 84 proposals to committee.  With great teamwork and effort, the committee focused and completed this task in record time!
Leg Committee 
"Pass it to the left."



Joint Rules Committee 

September 10-11, 2012                          Sacramento- The Vagabond Inn 

October 29- November 1, 2012           Sacramento -The Citizen Hotel


Legislative Committee 

September 11-12, 2012                         Sacramento - The Vagabond Inn

October 29- November 1, 2012          Sacramento -The Citizen Hotel 


California Commission on Aging 

September 18-19, 2012                                        Sacramento