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The new abbreviated schedule for the October 2011 Annual Legislative Session is available. Visit the CSL web site at www.4csl.org to obtain a copy.  


Place an ad in the 2011 Session Program Book. For as little as $35, you can promote your company or yourself to legislators, their staff and over 100 active senior volunteers in California.  


Greetings CSL Friends and Members:   


Our Partner News this month addresses a variety of topics, including updates on member activities, legislative advocacy, and the upcoming October 2011 31st Annual CSL Session sponsorship opportunities. Please feel free to share our news with others who may be interested in the CSL. Please visit us on Facebook and join our network of friends.  


The CSL office has made good progress over the past three months in replacing broken furniture and telephones with new phones and gently used furniture, as well as upgrading computer equipment and software. The office will be going wireless using an  internal shared network so that work stations can share and access information more easily. In addition, new laptops have been added with a mobile printer for use at the Annual Session in October. This equipment will also operate using wireless technology making the  job of recording and tracking legislative actions much easier for our hardworking volunteer staff.


Over the past few months, we have mourned the loss of CSL Senior Senators Marion Faustman (Placer County) and J.D. Leitaker (Shasta County), and Anne Mack (Santa Clara County). The ongoing work of CSL members in the local community keeps their legacy of community volunteerism and advocacy on behalf of aging Californians vibrant and enduring.


Thank you for your support and interest our work.



-Rick Dahlgren

Chair, Joint Rules Committee 




We all have unique local relationships and valuable connections in our communities As we start our  fund-raising campaign to support the 2011 October Annual Session, we encourage our partners and friends to invite their friends and business colleagues to consider purchasing message space in the Annual Session Program Book. The CSL Program Book Information Form for the 2011 session can be found at www.4csl.org. The Information Form provides ad rates and also gives people the opportunity to contribute without purchasing ad space.  


Please promote this opportunity among City Council members, County Boards of Supervisors, City Commissioners, Chambers of Commerce, and other key leaders in your community.  We welcome you to place an ad in the Annual Session Program Book- business card size to a full page, Black & White or Color! As you know, we depend on these donations to support special events during the October Annual Legislative Session.  


Thank you!

Senator Lou Correa and Senior Senator Joanna Kim-Selby

Senator Lou Correa and Senior Senator Joanna Kim-Selby



Senator Lou Correa (D-34) announced the approval of Senate Concurrent Resolution 32 (SCR 32) honoring recognizing the contributions of California's senior volunteers. The Resolution proclaims the month of May as "Senior Volunteer Month" in California. Senior Senator Joanna Kim-Selby of  Contra Costa County - PSA 7  authored the proposal (SP-13) and worked closely with Senator Correa's office in making the recognition of senior volunteerism during the month of May a permanent celebratory event. See Senator Correa's notice on his annual "Seniors making a Difference Awards Breakfast"  here.    



Senior Assembly Member Lauren Rolfe Napa/Solano County- PSA 28  

published an informative article in the  Spring 2011 issues of the Area Agency on Aging serving Napa and Solano Counties' "New Wave News" explaining the work of the CSL and highlighting recent legislative proposals.  


Senior Assembly Member Richard Wolfe of the City of Los Angeles- PSA 25 attended and participated in a Neighborhood Watch event featuring a presentation by the Public Information Officer from the City of Los Angeles Policy Department. Richard shared information about  the CSL and also touched on related concerns addressing older adults, public safety and protection. Richard encourages CSL colleagues to get involved with their local Neighborhood Watch programs as way to share information about the CSL while at the same time, provide support to the community. 

Senior Assembly Member Allan Hurst  of Riverside County - PSA 21 was invited to interview with a local television program and discuss the CSL.

Senior Assembly Member Allan Hurst testifying with Assembly Member Jose Solorio

Senior Assembly Member Allan Hurst testifying in support of AB 210 "Emergency Medical Services" with bill author Assembly Member Jose Solorio

Senior Assembly Member Samuel Park of Los Angeles County - PSA 19 spoke recently at the Breakfast Club Meeting of the Korea University Alumni Association of Southern California. Sam presented on the history of CSL, the various committees and ways to support the work of the CSL. 


Senior Senator Shirley Krohn of Contra Costa County- PSA 7 is on the speakers circuit! On June 2nd, Shirley presented as part of a panel addressing "Challenges of an Aging Society" at the new Walnut Creek Library. Lastly, Shirley published an article entitled, "California Elder Justice Group" in the May/June 2011 issue of Victimization of the Elderly and Disabled.


Senior Assembly Member Margaret Sowma and Senior Senator Estella Thomas of City of Los Angeles - PSA 25  presented to the Federation of Retired Union Members (FORUM) on CSL and ways to support CSL legislative advocacy.  


Senior Senators Shirley Krohn and Joanna Kim-Selby of  Contra Costa County- PSA 7  are members of the U. C. Berkeley School of Public Health sponsored program known as California Senior Leaders Alliance. On May 2, 2011, the members of the Alliance joined Program Leader Meredith Minkler in Sacramento to advocate in support of AB 138, the "Elder Economic Planning Act of 2011." 



We are fortunate to have several private charitable foundations operating in California that not only provide much needed financial support to non-profit organizations, local, state and federal government agencies, but also offer a wide range of resources for individuals and groups to use when researching current trends in health and aging, or advocating on behalf of older people. Here are just a few:


The California Endowment - see "Advocacy Toolkit" and "Public Policy and Advocacy"


The California HealthCare Foundation - see "Health Reform 101: The Basics of the Affordable Care Act" and "Chronic Conditions of Californians"


The California Wellness Foundation - see the section "Communications Resources for Grantees and Non-Profit Organizations"  


The SCAN Foundation -see "Data Brief Series" on a variety of salient topics and "The Care of the Aging Patient"  


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 The California Senior Legislature supports the following legislative bills and resolutions (brief summaries are provided):




AB 6 (Fuentes)

This bill repeals provisions relating to fingerprinting for eligibility purposes under the CalWORKS and CalFresh programs, and also repeals the quarterly reporting requirements under the CalWORKS program. In addition, the bill would require the development of a utility assistance initiative. 


AB 20 (Halderman)

This bill requires an attorney who solicits or consults with a client for purposes of filing a residential construction defect action to provide certain written information to the client, including a description of a seller's duty to disclose certain facts concerning real property.


AB 40 (Yamada)

Requires the mandated reporter to report elder abuse to both the local ombudsperson and the local law enforcement agency. Makes various technical, non-substantive changes.

CSL proposal AP-12/Loh, CSL is sponsor.


AB 52 (Feuer)

Requires a health care service plan (HMO) or health insurer that issues individual or group contracts or policies to file with the State Department of Managed health Care or the Department of Insurance a complete rate application for any proposed rate, or rate change. 


AB 56 ( Hill)

Prohibits a public utility from recovering any fine or penalty in any rate approved by the Public Utilities Commission. The bill requires the utility to file reports with specified entities describing how the utility is spending ratepayer funds approved for expenditure by the commission.  


AB 69 ( Beall)

Relates to the CalFresh Program. Requires the Department of Social Services seek a federal waiver, demonstration project or other authority to establish a pilot project in 2 areas of the state to more easily enroll eligible recipients into the CalFresh program.


AB 138 (Beall)

This bill would require, if specified conditions are met, the department to report data from the Elder Economic Security Standard Index (Elder Index), as defined, for each service area included in the state plan.

CSL Proposal AP-16 (2008)/Young, CSL is co-sponsor.


AB 151 (Monning)

This bill requires an insurer to make available Medicare Supplemental benefit plans, A, B,C and F, and benefit plan K and L, or benefit plan M or N. The bill also extends eligibility for specific Medicare supplemental coverage to individuals enrolled in an Medicare Advantage (HMO) plan that increases its premium. 


AB 210 (Solorio)

This bill amends existing law that establishes the Emergency medical Services System and the Prehospital Emergency Medical Care Personnel Act. It requires the membership of an emergency medical care committee in each county to be representative of the emergency medical service system.  


AB 310 (Ma)

This bill prohibits health care service plans and health insurers that offer prescription drug coverage from creating specialty tiers for prescription drugs that require payment by an enrollee or insured of a percentage cost of the drugs.


AB 332 (Butler)

Amends existing law regarding identity theft and elder abuse and prescribes penalties for violations thereof. Increases the maximum fines for those offenses.

CSL Proposal AP-11/Shontz, CSL is sponsor.


AB 367 (Smyth)

This bill requires a county adult protective services agency or a local law enforcement agency to accept a report by a mandated reporter, or any other person, of suspected elder or dependent adult abuse even if the agency lacks jurisdiction to investigate the report, unless the call can be immediately transferred to an agency with proper jurisdiction.


AB 533 (Yamada)

Appropriates from the Federal Trust Fund, to the Department of Aging, the amount of federal funds contained in the Federal Trust Fund necessary to pay area agencies on aging for the administration of programs under their jurisdiction and to the Department of Rehabilitation, to pay independent living centers for the administration of programs under their jurisdiction.


AB 579 (Monning)

Permits the award of attorney's fees and, in some cases, other litigation expenses, to a local governmental entity in an action brought by the owner of a mobilehome park to challenge the validity or application of a local ordinance, rule, regulation, or initiative measure that regulates space rent or is intended to benefit or protect residents in a mobilehome park, if the local governmental entity is determined to be the prevailing party.

CSL Proposal AP-23/Molnar, CSL is sponsor.

AB 641 (Feuer)

This bill would improve oversight of skilled nursing facilities and protect their residents by ensuring citation appeals are properly dealt with in a timely manner and violations are met with a proper level of response


AB 699 (Wagner)

This bill would create a revocable transfer on death deed (TOD), which would transfer real property on the death of its owner without a probate proceeding. Provides the revocable deed must be signed, dated, acknowledged, and recorded to be effective.


AB 999 (Yamada)

Creates the revocable transfer on death deed which would transfer real property on the death of its owner without a probate proceeding. Provides the revocable deed must be signed, dated, acknowledged, and recorded to be effective. Voids revocable deed if, at the time of the owner's death, the property is titled in joint tenancy or as community property with right of survivorship. Provides a person who feloniously and intentional kills a decedent is not entitled generally to property and interests.


AB 1090 (Blumenfield)

Establishes the County Deferred Property Tax Program for Senior Citizens and Disabled Citizens. Authorizes a participating county to defer a claimant's property taxes retroactively, for property taxes due on or before a specified date and prospectively. Requires the amount of property taxes deferred, plus any interest accrued thereon, to be secured by a county property tax lien.

CSL Proposal AP-23/Molnar, CSL is sponsor.


AB 1142 (Chesbro)

Prohibits a residential care facility for the elderly from assessing personal care fees on notice of the death of a resident, and prohibits the facility from assessing fees for the residential living unit of a deceases resident once all personal property of the deceased is removed, and requires that the admission agreement clearly explain this prohibition.  


AB 1293 (Blumenfield)

Authorizes the prosecuting agency in conjunction with a criminal proceeding alleging theft or embezzlement of property worth a minimum amount to file a petition of forfeiture with the superior court of the county in which the defendant has been charged with an underlying criminal offense, and alleging that the defendant has acquired the property or proceeds through theft or embezzlement of an elder or dependent adult's property.  




ACR 23 (Ma)

This Assembly Concurrent Resolution designates March 2011 as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.  




SB 33 (Simitian)

Makes a technical change to existing law providing that a county adult protective services office and a long-term care ombudsman, when investigating the financial abuse of an elder or dependent adult, is not prohibited from requesting financial information from a financial institution. Amends the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act. Provides for mandated reporters of suspected financial abuse.

CSL Proposal AP-34/Krohn, CSL is sponsor.


SB 44 (Corbett)

Requires the Public Utilities Commission to open an appropriate proceeding or expand the scope of an existing proceeding to establish compatible emergency response standards that owners or operators of commission-regulated gas pipeline facilities would be required to follow.  


SB 51 (Alquist)

Relates to the federal Affordable Care Act of  that prohibits a health insurance issuer from establishing lifetime limits or unreasonable annual limits on the dollar  value of benefits for any participant or beneficiary. Requires the issuance of guidance and regulations relating to medical loss ratios.


SB 345 (Wolk)

Amends provisions of existing law that requires the Department of Aging to establish an advisory council for the Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman to provide advice and consultation on issues affecting the provisions of ombudsman services. Deletes these provisions.

CSL Proposal AP-32/Krohn, CSL is sponsor.


SB 411 (Price)

The bill requires a home care organization to inform a client of important information before arranging for the provisionof home care services, such as, the typesand hours of available home care services and the extent to which payment may be expected from specified sources.

CSL is co-sponsor.


SB 444 (Evans)

Amends the Subdivision Map Act as regards subdivisions and rental mobilehome park conversions. Clarifies that a local agency is required to consider the results of a survey in making its decision to approve, or disapprove the map if it finds that the results of the survey have not demonstrated adequate resident support.


SB 529 (Correa)

Requires the Department of Aging, in consultation with the Commission on Aging, the area agencies on aging, and the Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, to develop a long-term care strategic plan to provide guidance and temporary funding for community-based programs that serve seniors.

CSL Proposal SP-11/Levy, CSL is sponsor.


SB 558 (Simitian)

Changes the standard of proof that a defendant is liable for physical abuse or neglect of an elder or dependent adult and the defendant has also been guilty of recklessness, oppression, fraud, or malice in the commission of the abuse  Requires that the conditions regarding the imposition of punitive damages on an employer be satisfied before any punitive damages may be imposed against an employer found to be liable for physical abuse.


SB 586 (Pavley)

Amends the Banking Law and the California Credit Union Law. Regulates the issuance or use of a signature stamp is financial transactions. Provides for the offense of using a signature stamp in a financial transaction without the express written authorization of a stamp holder who is an elder or dependent adult.

CSL is co-sponsor. 


SB 840 (Evans)

Amends existing law requiring the owner of a dwelling intended for human occupancy to install a carbon monoxide device approved by the State Fire Marshall. Includes residential care facilities among the types of dwellings that are subject to those requirements.


SB 897 (Leno)

Relates to the California Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) Act. Enacts the RCFE Residents Foreclosure Protection act of 2011, requires the licensee of a facility to notify the department of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, and authorizes the department to initiate a compliance plan, noncompliance conference, or other appropriate action.

CSL is co-sponsor.


SB 924 (Walters)

The bill would allow consumers to receive the fiscal and physical benefits of directly accessing physical therapy services without increasing their risk of physical harm or expanding the scope of practice for a Physical Therapist.  




SCR 32 (Correa)

This Senate Concurrent Resolution declares May 2011 and each May thereafter as "Senior Volunteer Month" to honor the contributions of California's senior volunteers. 

CSL Proposal SP-13/Kim-Selby, CSL is sponsor.


Read more information about hearing dates and other issues related to these bills by visiting the CSL website at www.4csl.org


Joint Rules Committee Meetings

June 13-14, 2011                    Sacramento    coming up! 

September 12-13, 2011          Sacramento 

October 24-27, 2011               Sacramento    31st Annual Legislative Session 


Legislative Committee Meetings

July 12-13, 2011                      Sacramento


California Commission on Aging Meetings

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