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Requirements for Conceal and Carry Signage
Business Counseling for Entrepreneurs
Business Education Workshop Schedule
Eat and Earn at Joseph's
Elaborations Snowflake Sale
Dina's Valentine Sale at Shrader's Goods
Boudoir Session at luved photography
Ladies Day at Alternate Reality
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Happy New Year!


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Mary Gill
Executive Director
3333 W. 111th St., Suite B
Chicago, IL 60655

Requirements for Conceal and Carry Signage                          

This is from the City of Chicago Business Affairs & Consumer Protection                    

Owners of any statutorily prohibited area or private property, excluding residences, where the owner prohibits the carrying of firearms must clearly and conspicuously post the Illinois State Police approved sign, in accordance with Firearm Concealed Carry Act, at the entrance of the building, premises or real property.  Please refer to Section 65 (Prohibited Areas) of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act for mor information on statutory requirements for signage as well as where concealed weapons are prohibited.

Pursuant to Section 65(d) of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act, signs must be of a uniform design and the Illinois State Police is responsible for adopting rules for standardized signs. The Illinois State Police has proposed rules which require a white background; not text (except the reference to the Illinois Code 430 ILCS 66/1) or marking within the one-inch area surrounding the graphic design; a depiction of a handgun in black ink with a circle around and diagonal slash across the firearm in red ink; and that the circle be four inches in diameter.  The sign in its entirety will measure four inches by six inches.

Please also be advised the pursuant to 4-60-140(k) of the Chicago Municipal Code, all consumption on premises liquor licensee"s, including any officer, associate, member, representative, agent or employee, are prohibited from allowing any person to carry a concealed firearm on the licensed premises.

Click this link to download sign from the State Police website

Business Counseling for Entrepreneurs Available at City Hall
IRS at Solution Station to Help Small Businesses with Tax-Related Matters


Yolanda Ruiz of the IRS will be at the Solution Station from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the last Friday of every month.  The IRS have a bilingual (Spanish/English) staff who can address tax-related matters for small businesses.


The Small Business Solution Station offers free one-on-one business counseling for entrepreneurs.  This is where you can talk to an expert about planning, legal issues, small business loans, tax matters or just get expert advice.  Counseling is offered at City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle St. in Room 800.  The Solution Station is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and the last Friday of each month from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.  An appointment to visit the Solution Station is not necessary, but can be scheduled by calling 312-744-2086 or emailing BACPoutreach@cityofchicago.org.                        

Business Education Workshops for January
BACP offers free Business Education Workshops every Wednesday and Friday.  Workshops vary each month and are conducted by City Officials, experts and partner business organizations.  All workshops are free, open to the public and held at City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, in Room 805.

Click here for the schedule.  January Workshop Schedule

Joseph's Restarant and Bar offering a Cassell School Give Back Day



Joseph's Restaurant and Bar, 3123 W. 111th St.,  is having a Cassell School give back day this weekend. Starts today, January 16th and ends Sunday, January 19th. Joseph's will give back 15% of your check to Cassell School! Please make your reservations today and support both our local business and local school at 773-445-5637.
Elaborations Snowflake Sale
Elaborations, 3033 W. 111th St.,  is having a Snowflake Sale this Saturday, January 18th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Stop in and pick a snowflake to reveal your special sale! (some exclusions apply). For more info call at 773-239-3033.
Dina's Valentine Day Sale at Shrader's Goods
                        Dina's "Great Big Valentine Sale"

Shrader's Goods, 3145 W. 111th St.,  is offering a buy any adult sized pink hoodie and get a FREE pink tee shirt with your purchase! Deal applies to any regular pink tee shirt we have in stock! Customer must shop in-store to qualify for FREE pink tee shirt. Now through Valentine's Day. For more info, please email shraders.goods@yahoo.com or call at 773-233-9111

luved photography's Valentine's Boudoir Session
luved photography, 3524 W. 111th St (side unit), is having a Boudoir session for Valentines Day.  Sessions are available on January 25-26 and February 1-2.  Hair and Make up is available on January 26th and February 2nd by Goddess Effect Artistry. Your photos will be delivered in time for Valentine's Day! It includes 2 outfits, pin up book, and print release.  For more information, please email Erika at luvedphotography@yahoo.com  or call 708-528-0728.
Alternate Reality Hosts Ladies Day Every Thursday

Alternate Reality, 3149 W. 111th St, is having a LADIES DAY SALE...

Everything in the store...  20% OFF

From Wonder Woman to Fables to Archie and the Riverdale Gang to Courtney Crumrin, there have always been comics featuring women. Alternate Reality has always carried these and dozens of other "Femme Fatale" books. We have always had a variety of different sales and offers and now we have a sale just for our female customers, every Thursday!

 Sorry guys, this one sale is exclusively for....
(see below for terms and limitations)



For more information please visit www.myalternatereality.com

City of Chicago
Navigating the city's website is easy.  Let's say you want to pay your water bill (credit card only).
2) From the left column CLICK I want to payfor/buy
3) Scroll down the list and CLICK water bill
4) CLICK Get Started Online
5) On the right side of the screen CLICK Easy Pay
6) Just enter your account number from your bill and the amount.  You'll get a confirmation number.
Note:  Pay parking tickets by simply CLICKING Parking Ticket instead of Water Bill in step 3.

If you have any questions or would like to be in our newsletter, please call me at 773-881-0622 or email at mgcba2013@gmail.com.

Mary Gill
Mt. Greenwood Community and Business Association
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