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Spring Bird Migration is Underway

May, 2014

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May Bird of the Month


 Rose-breasted Grosbeak Rose-breasted Grosbeak

 What a joy it is to attract the Rose-breasted Grosbeak to our feeders after they have wintered in Central and South America. This little finch, which weighs about 1-3/4 ounce, has had a long trip to its nesting territory. The Nature Center has banded these birds in past years and it is always exciting to recapture one. Some had been banded three years prior to them being caught in the mist nests once again. This truly makes one contemplate the wonders of bird migration when this little bird has traveled all those miles down to the tropics and back, returning to the exact location where it was hatched.

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Dave  Dave's May Bird Chatter

May is the premiere month for songbird migration. Warblers, thrushes, and all the other Neo-tropical birds will be coming in to spend the summer, or passing through on their way to northern breeding grounds. The best part is they are all in their brightest colors, or breeding plumage. If you enjoy warblers, you know how brightly colored these birds can be. These little beauties are much easier to identify now than in the fall when they return in their basic plumage which can be confusing. Those who live in city neighborhoods are equally able to witness many of these migrating birds, even if you have minimal habitat.

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The Basics of Identifying Birds Eastern Kingbird

Most people have little trouble recognizing a variety of common birds like Cardinals, Blue Jays, Crows, or American Robins. But you happen to be out in your yard or on a walk and you see a bird that you don't recognize. Curiosity is the first step in identifying a bird. You want to know the name the name of that bird you are looking at. With more than 9,000 bird species on the North American checklist of birds you may think it's to over-whelming to identify a specific bird species. But actually it is easier than you think. Here are some simple steps that will help you make that identification....read more


 Woodpeckers Hairy Woodpecker
Attracting woodpeckers to the backyard bird feeder is a treat. Watching them forage on a tree trunks, cling up-side down, or listening to them drum as they excavate a new home, announce their territory, or pry among the bark of a tree for insects is facinating.Want to know more? Read our Fun Woodpecker Facts
The adaptations of birds is quite impressive. Cow Birds, for instance, traditionally followed the herds of bison across the Central Great Plains  foraging for foods where these great beasts grazed and disturbed the land. With the bison constantly on the move it left little time for the Cow Birds to construct nests and raise families. Thus the Cow Bird adapted to laying their eggs in the nests of other birds, leaving the host bird to incubate and raise their young, so they could continue to follow the herds. This practice of parasitism has grown as a result of increased human activity and is having a large impact on other native bird species.  

Watch for Native Sparrows

While writing this month's newsletter I am keeping an eye open for any native sparrows that may appear in my backyard. It is begi

Chipping Sparrow

nning to be that time of year when they are on the move. I will soon become excited to see the heavily striped Song Sparrow, the bold black and white stripes on the head of a White Crowned Sparrow, the yellow lores on a White Throated Sparrow. Other native sparrows I expect to see in my yard as summer draws to a close and autumn arrives are the Harris' Sparrow and American Tree Sparrow. And it won't be long before we will start seeing the Juncos arrive from the north. Winter is far from our thoughts, but it is on the minds of many birds...read more 

Peregrine Falcon Nest Cam


On top the state capital building in Lincoln Nebraska you can watch Peregrine falcons nesting for their 10th year.

The Live Stream of the Peregrines is now available on the NGPC Blog. We are mixing things up this year by adding a second camera that has been placed right next to the nest box and will provide a close-up view of the action. 


Watch this pair of nesting Bald Eagles  

Through the genius of the Raptor Resource Project a 24 hour webcam has been placed so that the world may watch the growth and lives of a family of bald eagles.

Click here to view the Decorah Eagles

Heron on NestGreat Blue Heron Nest Cam

Thanks again to Cornell Lab of Ornithology for a great nestcam of a Great Blue Heron sitting on four eggs. The first egg is scheduled to hatch sometime during the last week of April. There are actually two nestcams presenting different views of this same nest.


Nebraska Bird Library
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