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Spring Bird Migration is Underway

March 2014

March News from  Wild Bird Habitat Store
Enjoy the Spring Bird Migration in Nebraska
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American White Pelican  
March Bird of the Month

The American White Pelican is one of the largest birds of North America measuring a little over 5 feet in length with a wingspan that can exceed 9 feet, the second largest wingspan of any North American bird. They may be heavy reaching weights of 16 to 20 pounds, but in flight they are fluid and graceful and can soar as majestically as any broad winged bird....read more
Wachiska Audubon presents   Wachiska Logo
Birding: A Lifelong Activity for the Curious   
Thursday, March 13, at 7:00 p.m. / Everett Dick Administration Bldg 
Union College Campus / 3800 South 48th /Lincoln, NE 

 Presented by 

Dave Titterington, Wild Bird Habitat Store & Dan Wheeler, Professor Emeritus University of Nebraska, 

Harlan County White Pelican Watch

Photo by Chris Mayne

March 1 - April 15

Area residents know spring is just around the corner when the American White Pelicans begin returning from their winter feeding grounds along the U.S. Gulf Coast to take up temporary residence at Harlan County Reservoir.  White Pelican arrival dates begin as early as late February up through early April. 


White Pelican Homecoming Celebration and Spring Fling, March 28 - March 29

The Alma Chamber of Commerce hosts their annual Spring Fling

on the fourth Friday evening in March, and White Pelican Homecoming events are co-scheduled around that date. The main event is March 28-29 with scheduled activities through April 5. Activities typically include wagon rides, music, late night shopping, a community spaghetti feed and more, the Paradise on the Prairie Art and Photography Show, Sale and Silent Auction. 


For information on the White Pelican Watch and Homecoming events contact the Harlan County Tourism office at 1-800-762-5498 or visit White Pelican Celebration


Audubon Logo
Iain Nicholson Audubon Rowe Sanctuary

Sandhill Cranes 1
They cranes will begin arriving on the Platte River in Nebraska soon. Watch the crane cam at daybreak when as many as 40,000 cranes leave this portion of the river at at sunset as they return to roost for the night.

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Dave Dave's March Bird Chatter

March is the beginning of one of the most spectacular and exciting times when it comes to watching birds. It starts this month with Robins, blackbirds, Meadowlarks, and bluebirds. Water fowl from geese to ducks are on the move, and the Sandhill Cranes will be returning to the Platte River in Central Nebraska. Most all these birds will be sporting their breeding plumage making them brighter, and easier to identify. As the nesting season draws nearer, the winter flocks of birds will start to break up and return to their normal nesting grounds. During the winter these birds form loose flocks and travel together, sometimes with other birds, often staying together until this time of year....read more


44th Annual 


March 20-23, 2014 / Kearney, Nebraska

North America's longest running birding festival Crane Dance

Gather with wildlife enthusiasts from around the world tocelebrate the annual migration of 500,000 Sandhill Cranes and millions of waterfowl through central Nebraska during March. Register today for the Nebraska Crane Festival sponsored by Nebraska Audubon and the Kearney Visitors Bureau. The Nebraska Crane Festival has been celebrating this wildlife phenomenon for 44 years! For more information or to register for the festival visit 

The Nebraska Crane Festival.

Prairie Chicken Festival 
April 4 - 6, 2014
The 2014 Nebraska Prairie Chicken Festival will be hosted by Calamus Outfitters and the Gracie Creek Landowners near Burwell / Taylor, Nebraska. on April 4-6, 2014. For information visit Calamus Outfitter's Prairie Chicken Festival or call (308) 346-4697
      .Project Beak
Nebraska Bird Library 


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Decorah, Iowa Eagles              
Three eggs have been laid by the Bald Eagles at Decorah, Iowa. Enjoy the excitement watching these magnificent birds hatch and raise their young.
The staff at the Wild Bird Habitat Stores of Nebraska encourage everyone to take a bird walk in a natural area, park, or neighborhood and enjoy our spring bird migration. Join fellow birders and bird enthusiasts at on of Nebraska's birding festivals. 

There are 917 bird species in North America and 454 of those bird species have occurred in Nebraska with more than 200 of those bird species breeding in the state. Enjoy birding more in Nebraska.                                                                                       Dave & Linda Titterington

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