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Winter Has Set In

January 2014

Happy New Year

Sharp-shinned Hawk

January Bird of the Month


One of our winter visitors that arouse mixed emotions for those who feed birds is the Sharp-shinned Hawk, arriving in the Central Great Plains and Midwest from the North Country, usually by the end of October and departing by the first of May. This hawk has discovered that backyard bird feeders that attract winter birds can provided a sustainable food source. They often hunt birds attracted to bird feeders, but will only take what is necessary for their own survival....read more

Watch the video of the New York Port Authority's shooting of Snowy Owls at the bottom of this months newsletter
Crane Dance


Sandhill Crane Trip

Thursday, March 20 Noon - 11:00 p.m.



Experience one of our planet's most spectacular wildlife

migrations. Visit the Nebraska Nature and Visitor Center, travel

rural roads to see the cranes foraging and dancing in the

fi elds, then watch and listen to them return to the Platte River

at sunset from a Rowe Sanctuary blind. The fee includes van

transportation, dinner and blind costs. Must have the ability to

walk uneven trails in low light with a guide. Registration and

payment required by February 21 for blind reservations.


Your hosts and guides again this year will be


Dave & Linda Titterington from the Wild Bird Habitat Stores


 Make your reservation early at (402) 441-7895
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The Wild Bird Habitat Store is committed to providing quality products, service, and information to create a rewarding and educational backyard bird feeding experience that will last a lifetime.WBH believes that when people successfully attract birds to their backyards, it will generate an awareness for birds and other wildlife that goes beyond the limits of their backyard, state lines, and national borders. WBH's primary interest is the conservation of birds and bird habitats both now and for future generations. We will strive to accomplish this by offering a variety of quality backyard wildlife products at competitive prices, guaranteed service after the sale, and encourage young and old alike to better understand and enjoy the natural community we are all a part of. 
Dave Titterington
snowy owl

Dave's January Bird Chatter

The Wild Bird Habitat Stores would like to extend a sincere thank you to all those individuals and families that are providing for our birds during these very cold periods we have been experiencing. It takes a lot of energy for birds to keep warm through the frigid nights out here on the Plains where wind-chills have plummeted to more than -30 degrees. The energy birds require to keep warm is only accomplished by spending the day -light hours foraging for food. And with shorter days during the winter months every opportunity spent foraging is crucial for their survival

17th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count     


25 lb. bags 
Premium Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Great Backyard Bird Count Event PPNC 50 Logo

Saturday, February 15 / 9:00 - 11:30 a.m.

Prairie Building $5 Suggested Donation


Bundle up and join us for a 9:00 a.m. winter bird walk. Then meet with other birders at the Chet Ager Building for hot mulled cider and a snack as we count the birds visiting the bird feeders at our bird garden. That data will be submitted to the biologists at the Cornell University Bird Lab for the 16th Annual Great Bird Count. Dave Titterington from the Wild Bird Habitat Stores will be on hand to discuss how you can attract birds to your backyard. Please call 402- 441-7895 if you plan to attend the bird walk. What kinds of differences in bird diversity are apparent in cities versus suburban, rural, and natural areas? We will answer these and many more questions about the birds at this fun and exciting event.

Backyard Bird Feeding
The myths and misconceptions

Every so often an article appears in a newspaper about the so called "perils" of feeding birds in the backyard. They accuse those that feed birds of making them lazy, taking away their natural instincts to forage for food in the wild and if we quit feeding them they will perish. These are some of the misconceptions that studies have proven to dismiss as myths. Birds do not rely on any single food source but have numerous food sources they move around to throughout the day. Read more about some of the myths and misconceptions.

The Hawk in My Backyard 


Cooper's Hawk
At Wild Bird Habitat we receive quite a few reports from people seeing hawks around their bird feeders and occasionally, if they do not actually witnessing the hawk catching a bird, they will find a pile of feathers on the ground, nothing else. During the summer months it is most likely a Cooper's hawk, but between about mid-October and early May it may be a Sharp-shinned Hawk, the smallest North American hawk. The Cooper is a permanent resident raptor while the Sharp-shin is a winter migrant...read more




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Water in Winter is For The Birds!

Winter is approaching and, as temperatures plunge below freezing, birds will have difficulty locating a source of open water. Providing a source of fresh water for backyard birds during the winter months can be a very beneficial addition to your winter bird feeding program, often attracting more birds than the seed in your feeders. During winter most birds are only 36 hours away from starvation and the energy from the foods they consume becomes very valuable. That energy can be easily depleted by searching for open water....read more 

Petition filed to end shooting of snowy owls snowy owl


Preservationists filed the petition after reports say that the Port Authority that oversees John F. Kennedy Airport in New York had shot a number of snowy owls over the weekend, saying the birds are a potential risk for planes in the air. 

NBC Anne Thompson reports


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