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Give a gift of nature this Holiday Season from All Weather Feederthe Wild Bird Habitat Stores. Check out all our Holiday specials with sales on bird feeders, heated bird baths, bird bath heaters, bird houses, birding gifts, and nature related products for kids. See whats new. And for last minute shoppers save 10% on your entire purchase December  24th.  (excludes wild bird seed)


December Bird of the Month
The Common Redpoll
The Common Redpoll can stand more cold weather than any other songbird. This seems unusual for such a tiny bird that weighs a mere ounce, a quarter-ounce less than a Chickadee. But they have adapted well to the cold since the majority of their entire life is spent in it.  They nest almost to the Arctic Circle, sometimes beyond the tree line, in scrub bushes on the tundra

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114th Annual
Learn how you can help count for the birds. Sign-up to count birds in 
your backyard or other areas.

Dave's December Bird Chatter
Dave Sign up to participate in the 114th Christmas Bird Count in December. Make it a family activity. There is no cost to participate. It is not only an exciting event but provides a benefit for our birds. You can sign-up to participate, going out in the field to count the birds you see or hear, or register to count the birds coming to your backyard bird feeders. Every bird counted matters. The Christmas Bird Count is one of the most important counts along with the Great Backyard Bird Count and Project Feeder Watch. This is a great way to relax and enjoy nature during the busy Holiday season....read more


Holiday ramblings by Dave Titterington of the Wild Bird Habitat Stores
A story about the Holiday trees we befriend for a short time
and recipes to decorate your tree for the birds
Attracting colorful Cardinals to your winter landscapes

Birds Choice Hopper Bird Feeders / 
Made in the USA 
Birds Choice 
Birds Choice has saved millions of plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill by creating high quality bird feeders from post consumer plastics that are attractive, functional, and easy to clean. Every product includes a 20 year guarantee against chipping, peeling, cracking, or fading. And the removable patented steel screen helps keep seed dry. Simply the most durable bird feeders on the market. 

 Aspects Small Thistle

 Base removes with just the push of a button for easy cleaning.
Lifetime Warranty
  Ouick Clean base
Check out all our 
                          quick clean Aspects
Erva Heated Bird Bath
Birds do not rely on any one food source. They have numerous locations from natural foods to supplemental food in backyard bird feeders. But one resource can become pretty scarce during the winter months. Water! .... read more 

Heated Bird Baths & Bird Bath Heaters 



 Nebraska Bird Library

Project Beak

Bird Education Awareness For Kids is informative, educational, and fun. Developed by the Education Workgroup of the

Nebraska Bird Partnership


Only from the Wild Bird Habitat StoresArundale baffle


Wild Bird Habitat has an assortment of squirrel baffles that work. from the

SB-4 for 4 X 4 posts, to the SB-1 that fits square and round poles from 1/2" to 1 5/8", these are the world's greatest squirrel baffles. And when all other baffles fail to fit your pole, try the  Split-Baffle.


We have plenty of effective hanging squirrel baffles as well.  Check out all our baffles.



Red-breasted nuthatch

Another Winter Irruptive Bird


One we all enjoy during the winter months. Seeing them warms even the coldest winter morning. 

The Red-breasted Nuthatch



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Brome Classic


  Brome Classic Squirrel Proof
Bird Feeder


 One of our most popular squirrel proof bird feeder. 2 year warranty but built to last.


View all squirrel proof bird feeders


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The Friends of Pioneers Park Nature Center promote and support the development, programming and operation of the Nature Center. In recent years, the Friends have funded the steel entrance artwork, contributed to the acquisition of the newest portion of the Martin Prairie and the construction of the Prairie Building and its exhibits.....learn more

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