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November 2013

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November 15th
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Happy Thanksgiving!

The Wild Turkey

 November Bird of the Month


The wild turkey is our largest upland game bird. The wild variety is slimmer and has a few color differences than its closely related domestic cousin. They all came from the same original wild stock. The domestic Turkey is thought to be among the most stupid of birds. They have been reported to actually stand out in a sleet storm and die of suffocation when their nostrils plug with ice. If this is true, I feel the blame may lie somewhat in the fact that it was not raised by a worldly and wise mother hen Turkey....read more

Eagle Viewing Excursion to
Squaw Creek
National Wildlife Refuge

December 7, 2013
7 am to 3 pm
Register at 
(402) 441-7895
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The Wild Bird Habitat Store is committed to providing quality products, service, and information to create a rewarding and educational backyard bird feeding experience that will last a lifetime.WBH believes that when people successfully attract birds to their backyards, it will generate an awareness for birds and other wildlife that goes beyond the limits of their backyard, state lines, and national borders. WBH's primary interest is the conservation of birds and bird habitats both now and for future generations. We will strive to accomplish this by offering a variety of quality backyard wildlife products at competitive prices, guaranteed service after the sale, and encourage young and old alike to better understand and enjoy the natural community we are all a part of. 
Dave Titterington

Dave's November Bird Chatter

This is a wonderful time of year to get outdoors before the more frigid weather hits. Take a pair of binoculars and enjoy the birds that you can find. Watch for hawks sitting along the roadway. It's great fun just to keep track of the number of birds you can see. Just a short drive down a county road or walk on a trail can produce an amazing variety of bird species....read more chatter

Owl Prowl PPNC 50 Logo
November 15, Friday 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Prairie Building $7/person


Who whooos out there? Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Nature Center under a starry sky. We will look and listen for

owls and other animals of the night. Register by November 12.

Call the Pioneers Park Nature Center at (402) 441-7895 to register. This activity is popular and fills up fast. Call today!

The Hawk in My Backyard 

At Wild Bird Habitat we receive quite a few reports from people seeing hawks around their bird feeders and occasionally, if they do not actually witnessing the hawk catching a bird, they will find a pile of feathers on the ground, nothing else. During the summer months it is most likely a Cooper's hawk, but between about mid-October and early May it may be a Sharp-shinned Hawk, the smallest North American hawk. The Cooper is a permanent resident raptor while the Sharp-shin is a winter migrant...read more


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Water in Winter is For The Birds!

Winter is approaching and, as temperatures plunge below freezing, birds will have difficulty locating a source of open water. Providing a source of fresh water for backyard birds during the winter months can be a very beneficial addition to your winter bird feeding program, often attracting more birds than the seed in your feeders. During winter most birds are only 36 hours away from starvation and the energy from the foods they consume becomes very valuable. That energy can be easily depleted by searching for open water....read more 

      .Project Beak
Nebraska Bird Library 


  Hawk Watch  / September thru December

Hitchcock Nature Center / Honey Creek, Iowa across the Missouri River from Omaha
bald eagle

Hitchcock's HawkWatch began in 1991 by a group of passionate volunteers who devoted their time to counting each raptor they saw migrating through the Loess Hills. The program has grown since-receiving the Governor's Volunteer Award in 2004 and becoming Iowa's first important bird area in 2003. Hitchcock has become part of a network of raptor counting sites and has been recognized as one of the top twenty five hawkwatches in North America with the second largest concentration of Blad Eagles in the lower 48 states. Hawk Watch    


The staff at the Wild Bird Habitat Stores of Nebraska encourage everyone to take a bird walk in a natural area, park, or neighborhood and enjoy our fall bird migration.     Dave & Linda Titterington

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