Spring 2011

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7th Annual Traumatology Symposium
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Congratulations to newly certified members
The following members represent the first group of Certified Clinical Trauma Professionals (CCTP) of IATP:
Dr. Harriet Barnes-Parker
John L. Dotson
Dr. Lynn Duffy
Dr. Michael J. Hughes
Dr. Bukola Ogunkua
Laura K. Rhodes
Thomas Slawinski
Cheryl Woodcock


Upcoming Workshops:


Eric Gentry will be presenting a Compassion Fatigue certification workshop in Tampa, FL on September 16-17, 2011.


Michael Rank will present a 2-day certification workshop in Ellicott City, MD on April 19-20 and again in Tampa on July 8-9, 2011 on Trauma Competency


For more details, check out www.pesi.com

Become a member of IATP and add your name to the growing list of trauma professionals and experts on the cutting edge:



ACA New Orleans: March 23-27


Say hello to Mike Dubi at Booth 100 Friday and Saturday.
Hi and welcome to the first edition of Traumapro, the IATP newsletter. Traumapro will be the open forum for all IATP members and anyone interested in psychological trauma. This is consistent with the IATP mission of preparing professionals throughout the world to treat and conduct research on traumatic stress.
In a world full of natural disaters, such as the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, or the wars and uprisings in the middle east or, on a more local level, the children who are physically and sexually abused, the need for well-trained trauma professionals is ever increasing.
As such, we welcome contributions from members of brief articles, announcements and anecdotes related to your work, research and other interests.
Entries should be submitted to mdubi@comcast.net with complete contact information. Of course, we reserve editorial license.
I want to extend a warm welcome to all on behalf of the IATP board (Eric Gentry, Ph.D., Michael Rank, Ph.D., and Mike Dubi, Ed.D.).  
Mike Dubi, President

Trauma Practice: Tools for Stabilization and Recovery

Anna B. Baranowsky, J. Eric Gentry & D. Franklin Schultz

ISBN: 978-0-88937-380-8; US $49


The essential tool-kit for treating victims; now even more comprehensive. Includes structured tool-kit of techniques and protocols to assist therapists in their challenging work with trauma survivors.


For more details and ordering information, check out www.hogrefe.com



7th Annual Traumatology Symposium

Global Issues, Local Perspectives in Counseling


Argosy University, Sarasota - May 6 & 7, 2011

For questions, call 1.800.331.5995 x 1583 or email ausrspecialevents@argosy.edu

IATP & PESI: A Natural Partnership

IATP and PESI have partnered to provide you with the best and most current information and training for trauma professionals at all levels. These include the CCTP certification video courses and products by noteworthy professionals, such as Bessel van der Kolk, Judith Beck and Donald Meichenbaum.

Please visit PESI at www.pesi.com to purchase these and other products.

Coming Soon!

Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional Training

This new certification training offered by IATP will provide care professionals and paraprofessionals the knowledge and skills they need to become Certified Compassion Fatigue Professionals.  Participants completing this course will gain a robust understanding of the causes, symptoms, preventions, and cures for compassion fatigue, burnout, vicarious trauma, and other potential negative consequences of working as a care professional or volunteer. 

This course will first delve into the rich history and development of this phenomenon beginning with the first reports of negative consequences of helping others in ancient literature and continuing forward to 1995, the year that launched the current understanding and acceptance of this phenomenon.  The course will also review some of the effective treatments and methods of prevention that define the state-of-the-art and science in understanding compassion fatigue, including new research with brain imaging and mirror neurons. 

The course will utilize a thorough self-assessment to help the participant learn the spectrum of potential symptoms associated with compassion fatigue, burnout and other work-related conditions.  Participants completing this course will learn to recognize and discern the difference between compassion fatigue symptoms--those that can be resolved by changing or behavior and/or perceptions around our work--and conditions that take a more intensive or specialized intervention.  Upon completion of this course, the graduate will become an expert at recognizing symptoms and understanding their causes.

Drawing from over a decade of rich experience with the Accelerated Recovery Program for Compassion Fatigue--the first and one of the few evidence-based effective treatments for compassion fatigue symptoms--this course will provide the participant with an in-depth understanding of the interventions necessary to resolve these symptoms.  The course will explore a continuum of interventions: cognitive, behavioral, and relational, that have demonstrated the ability to resolve compassion fatigue symptoms.

Finally, the Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional training will comprehensively investigate the tools and methods for preventing compassion fatigue and developing resiliency to the frequently toxic environments that confront the caregiving professional and volunteer.  Drawing from the recent exciting work of several current researchers and clinicians, this course will provide the participant with a toolbox stuffed full of interventions, skills, and understanding to help them both resolve and prevent the negative effects of caregiving work for themselves and their peers. 

The Certified Compassion Fatigue Training will be offered in two formats: live seminar training or distance DVD training.  You will be able to achieve this distinctive certification by either participating in the live event training or by watching the DVD version and by completing the enclosed examination.  


Dates and locations to be announced. Stay tuned!