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Laser Beam Diagnostics  

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The Haas Laser Technologies Laser Beam Analyzer System enables “real-time” laser beam measurement, analysis and monitoring of low to high power CW and pulsed lasers.

In every laser application, the laser beam profile provides valuable information for the most efficient use of the laser. By monitoring the laser beams spatial profile, circularity, centroid, astigmatism, and M2 values you have early warning of any problems with the laser and entire beam delivery optical system. This relates to increased quality, process reliability and reduced scrap.

The Haas Laser Beam Analyzer System design contains no “moving components” and provides instantaneous measurements and analysis of the laser beam and all active optical elements.

Join Haas Laser Technologies for session 7 of conference 8600 on Tuesday, Feb 5th begining at 8:10am for a presentation of paper #8600-27 "Compact laser beam analyzer with polarization independant optics and wide dynamic range of neutral density adjustment."

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