The final preparations for the ARLIS conference in Seattle are underway. On Wednesday, we shipped the books that will be on display at our booth. This curated selection of exhibition catalogues and monographs reflects the broad scope of coverage in our approval-plan program. A complete list of these Seattle-bound titles may be found in this issue of our newsletter.
If you plan to be at the conference, we hope you will stop by our booth to say hello and browse these fine publications from around the world.



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New Titles 


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Musem Publications

To document the de Young's recent exhibition titled "William Worden: Portals of the Past," the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco has published a catalogue featuring images of San Francisco produced during the first two decades of the 20th century by American photographer Worden (1868-1946), a largely forgotten figure in the Bay Area's rich photographic history. Included are images of the disastrous earthquake of 1906 and of the spectacular Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915. (Worldwide 81879)
In an exhibition that has been traveling throughout Canada since last summer and that is currently on view at Saint Mary's University Art Gallery in Halifax, Vancouver-based multimedia artist Hank Bull (b. 1949) has transformed his collection and archives into a sculptural installation inspired by experimental music, Fluxus, mail art and absurdist performance practices associated with the Dada movement and French writer Alfred Jarry's "pataphysics." (Worldwide 81893)
Featuring the work of twelve photographers, including David Goldblatt, Pieter Hugo, Santu Mofokeng, Zanele Muholi and Guy Tillim, the exhibition catalogue Apartheid & After traces the evolution of contemporary photography in South Africa since the early 1990s. The show was on view at Huis Marseille in Amsterdam. (Worldwide 81292)

Tel Aviv Museum
This month's list of new titles includes several recent publications from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, one of Israel's leading cultural institutions. While its exhibitions often focus on Israeli art, the museum boasts an outstanding collection of contemporary international art that often serves as the basis for collaborative shows at important European and North American venues.
  • Hagit Lalo: A Painter Who Begins at the End (Worldwide 81904)
  • Leonid Balaklav: An Obsessive Portraitist (Worldwide 81890)
  • The Museum Presents Itself II: Israeli Art from the Museum Collection (Worldwide 81878)
  • Otte Wallish: The Face of Land and Nation (Worldwide 81898)
  • Turn On: Time-Based Art from the Julia Stoschek Collection (Worldwide 36891)
  • Vered Kaminski: Artificial Stones (Worldwide 81916)
  • Workplace (Worldwide 81910)

ARLIS Selections

These exhibition catalogues and monographs will be on display at our booth at the 44th ARLIS conference in Seattle:
  • Intimate Impressionism from the National Gallery of Art (Worldwide 35739)
  • Hungarian Art Photography in the New Millennium (Worldwide 35981)
  • Giving Up One's Mark: Helen Frankenthaler in the 1960s and 1970s (Worldwide 36298)
  • Social Factory: The 10th Shanghai Biennale (Worldwide 36323)
  • At Home in Africa: Design, Beauty and Pleasing Irregularity in Domestic Settings (Worlwide 36357)
    Worldwide 36357: 
    At Home in Africa
  • Sultans of Deccan India, 1500-1700: Opulence and Fantasy (Worldwide 36460)
  • Portraits de la Renaissance aux Pays-Bas (Worldwide 36575)
  • Tara Donovan: Drawings (Pins) (Worldwide 36679)
  • Human/Nature: The Ridiculous and Sublime--Recent Works by John Alexander (Worldwide 36695)
  • Drawn from the Antique: Artists & the Classical Ideal (Worldwide 36698)
  • Bonaparte and the British: Prints and Propaganda in the Age of Napoleon (Worldwide 36700)
  • Kongo: Power and Majesty (Worldwide 36712)
  • Shepard Fairey: Your Eyes Here (Worldwide 36716)
  • The Poor Man's Picture Gallery: Stereoscopy Versus Paintings in the Victorian Era-An Exploration of the Connection between Stereo Cards and Paintings, and Other Popular Victorian Media (Worldwide 36728)
  • Alyson Shotz: Force of Nature (Worldwide 36770)
  • Kay WalkingStick: An American Artist (Worldwide 36785)
  • Native Fashion Now: North American Indian Style (Worldwide 36810)
  • Tuzlu su: 14 Istanbul Bienali--Katalog/Saltwater: 14th Istanbul Biennial-Catalogue (Worldwide 36847)
  • Beauty's Awakening: Drawings by the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Contemporaries from the Lanigan Collection (Worldwide 36885)
    Worldwide 36885:
    Beauty's Awakening
  • Trame: Le forme del rame tra arte contemporanea, design, tecnologia e archittetura/Copper Crossings: Copper Shapes in Contemporary Art, Design, Technology and Architecture (Worldwide 36886)
  • Ceramix: Art and Ceramics-From Rodin to Schutte (Worldwide 36912)
  • Qui a peur des femmes photographes? 1839-1945 (Worldwide 36913)
  • Xu Bing: A Retrospective (Worldwide 36938)
  • Avatar und Atavismus: Outside der Avantgarde (Worldwide 36955)
  • Puja and Piety: Hindu, Jain and Buddhist Art from the Indian Subcontinent (Worldwide 36969)
  • The Past, the Present, the Possible: Sharjah Biennial 12 (Worldwide 36972)
  • Homme blanc, homme noir: Impressions d'Afrique (Worldwide 36977)
  • Govert Flinck: Reflecting History-Mit einer kunstlerischen Intervention von Ori Gersht/With an Artistic Intervention by Ori Gersht (Worldwide 36979)
  • Rodriguez Calero: Urban Martyrs + Latter-Day Santos (Worldwide 36981)
  • L'art et la machine: Du XVIIIe au XXIe siecle (Worldwide 36982)
  • When the Greeks Ruled Egypt: From Alexander the Great to Cleopatra (Worldwide 80984)
  • Revolt, 1680-2180: Virgil Ortiz (Worldwide 81163)
  • Leighton's Flaming June (Worldwide 81248)
    Worldwide 81248:
    Flaming June
  • Maya Lin: Rivers and Mountains (Worldwide 81351)
  • The Architect Is Present (Worldwide 81413)
  • Fakes, Lies and Forgeries: Rare Books and Manuscripts from the Arthur and Janet Freeman Bibliotheca Fictiva Collection (Worldwide 81457)
  • Mark Dion, Judy Pfaff, Fred Wilson: The Order of Things (Worldwide 81479)
  • Eija-Liisa Ahtila: Ecologies of Drama-Collected Writings, Interviews and Scripts (Worldwide 81609)
  • Early Seating Upholstery: Reading the Evidence (Worldwide 81695)
  • On the Domestic Front: Scenes of Everyday Queer Life (Worldwide 81696)
  • Firelei Baez: Bloodlines (Worldwide 81775)
  • Varda Caivano: The Density of the Actions (Worldwide 81836)
  • Art Crafting towards the Future (Worldwide 81840)
  • Workplace (Worldwide 81910)
  • Studio: The Studio Is the World Is the Studio-Works by Norbert Tadeusz (Worldwide 81933)
  • 7P: 7 Orte, 7 prekare Felder/7 Places, 7 Precarious Fields--Fotofestival Mannheim-Ludwigshafen-Heidelberg (Worldwide 81956)
  • Recalling the Future: Post-Revolutionary Iranian Art (Worldwide 81984)
  • Transformative Visions: Works by Haitian Artists from the Permanent Collection (Worldwide 82010)
  • Creamy Psychology: Yvonne Todd (Worldwide 82033)
  • Off Loom: Fiber Art/Arte fuori dal telaio (Worldwide 82043)
  • The Plastic Collection (Worldwide 82069)
  • Georgia Russell: Kunst met een scalpel/Art with a Scalpel/L'art au scalpel (Worldwide 82079)
  • Georgia's Girlhood Embroidery: "Crowned with Glory and Immortality" (Worldwide 82109)
  • Jonathan Lasker (Worldwide 82131)
  • Hip Hop: Du Bronx aux rues arabes (Worldwide 82178)
    Worldwide 82178: 
    Hip Hop
  • A Natural History of English Gardening, 1650-1800 (Worldwide 165395)
  • Pamela Jorden: Paintings, 2004-2014 (Worldwide 166335)
  • 25 Women: Essays on Their Art (Worldwide 167004)
  • Helio Oiticica: Folding the Frame (Worldwide 167015)
  • Where Hunting Dogs Rest: Martin Usborne (Worldwide 167398)
  • The Vintage Showroom: An Archive of Menswear (Worldwide 167767)
  • Indian Cotton Textiles: Seven Centuries of Chintz from the Karun Thkar Collection (Worldwide 167859)
  • Soulstirrers: Black Art and the Neo-Ancestral Impulse (Worldwide 168622)
  • Urban Art Legends (Worldwide 168693)
  • Ivory Vikings: The Mystery of the Most Famous Chessmen in the World and the Woman Who Made Them (Worldwide 168974)
  • Portraits: John Berger on Artists (Worldwide 168981)
  • The High Line: Foreseen/Unforeseen--James Corner Field Operations, Diller Scofidio + Renfro (Worldwide 169167)
    Worldwide 169167: 
    The High Line
  • Fashion India (Worldwide 169637)
  • Korean Art: The Power of Now (Worldwide 169638)
  • Kandinsky: The Elements of Art (Worldwide 169649)
  • Rethinking Renaissance Drawings: Essays in Honour of David McTavish (Worldwide 169886)
  • 100 Years of Color: Beautiful Images & Inspirational Palettes from a Century of Innovative Art, Illustration & Design (Worldwide 170157)
  • Weatherland: Writers & Artists under English Skies (Worldwide 170908)
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