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Worldwide Web

Browsing in Style


The Advanced Search page on the Worldwide Books website offers many useful features to search our online database of more than 130,000 art books and exhibition catalogues. Enter any combination of keywords, wildcard characters, operators (AND, NOT, <, >) and selections from the many drop-down menus to compile a specific list of titles that may be of interest to you.


One of the drop-down menus is labeled "Style." Selections from this list will call up records for survey volumes specifically treating major movements of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Publications devoted to individual artists are generally not included in these listings, unless they exclusively focus on an artist's role or work within a specific movement. For example, a catalogue raisonne on Monet would not be indexed under "Impressionism," whereas the recent exhibition catalogue Monet and the Birth of Impressionism (Worldwide 36474) is. Similarly, publications that survey multiple movements or styles are not indexed in this field, for example 50 Art Movements You Should Know: From Impressionism to Performance Art (Worldwide 158203).


It often makes little difference whether one searches the database using keywords or by making selections from the Style menu. For example, in searching for titles on the Fluxus movement, a title keyword query currently yields 45 results under "Fluxus," while selecting "Fluxus" from the menu yields 43 results. As this example illustrates, the Style drop-down menu can be restrictive, and it will not necessarily list all the pertinent titles on any given style or movement. Entering relevant keywords in the "Title/translation keywords" field is often a good supplementary search method, and may result in a wider selection of titles; the field can also be used to find styles or movements not listed on the drop-down menu.


Fluxus: Worldwide 81033 and 81041                                         Pop: Worldwide 36447 and 36453

Nevertheless, the Style drop-down menu is a good starting point to explore a style, movement or school. For example, doing a title search for "Pop" will yield 237 results. While most of those will be about Pop art, a significant number of publications with such terms as "pop culture" in their titles will muddy the waters. Selecting "Pop" from the Style menu will yield 67 results, all titles specifically focused on the Pop art movement. For closely related movements that may be known by different names in different countries (e.g., Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, Liberty Style), searching the Style Field to retrieve a list of related titles is more efficient and more comprehensive than conducting a series of keyword searches. 


Museum Publications

Piero Lerda (b. 1927), whose art draws heavily on his experiences growing up in Italy during World War II, became director of the United States Information Service (USIS) library in Turin in 1957. The exhibition "Chaos & Metamorphosis: the Art of Piero Lerda," currently on view at the Georgia Museum of Art, is his first show in the U.S., and is accompanied by the first substantial catalogue on his work in English. (Worldwide 81038)


The Rubin Museum of Art in New York recently showcased watercolors and other works by renowned Italian artist Francesco Clemente (b. 1952). Presenting works on paper from the 1980s along with recent watercolors and sculptures, the exhibition "Francesco Clemente: Inspired by India" explores Indian influences on the artist's work. (Worldwide 81075)



Charles Coypel (1694-1752), painter to Louis XV, designed a series of tapestries illustrating 28 scenes from Cervantes's celebrated novel Don Quixote, works that were produced at the Gobelins Manufactory in Paris. The Frick Collection recently hosted an exhibition that featured three of the Gobelins panels, two Flemish tapestries inspired by Coypel and five of Coypel's original preparatory cartoons for the series. (Worldwide 81029)


Current Exhibitions


This spring, the Musee du Louvre held a major exhibition on celebrated French painter Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665). Featuring more than 60 paintings and more than 30 drawings, the show focused on the artist's religious works, providing a substantial overview of this relatively little-known aspect of his oeuvre. (Worldwide 36503)


American artist Thomas Hart Benton (1889-1975), whose painting style has been described as cinematic, developed a keen interest in the Hollywood film industry through commissions from LIFE magazine, which in 1937 sent him to Hollywood to portray the industry at the height of its Golden Age, and from the 20th Century Fox studio, which in 1940 hired him to produce a series of lithographs to promote the film adaptation of The Grapes of Wrath. An exhibition that recently opened at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem surveys Benton's Hollywood-related art through more than 100 canvases, murals, drawings, prints and illustrated books. The show will travel to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansa City (where the artist lived and worked for much of his career), the Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Fort Worth, and the Milwaukee Art Museum. (Worldwide 36499)


Now on view at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre in Toronto is an exhibition that focuses on self-portraits by Canadian women artists, featuring paintings, textiles, drawings, prints, photographs and films dating from the late 1700s to the early 1960s. (Worldwide 36497)


Rare scientific photographs from the 19th and early 20th centuries are featured in a current exhibition at Media Space, London. Many of these images have never before been exhibited, and are presented alongside works by prominent contemporary art photographers in an exploration of the impact of early scientific photography on recent art. (Worldwide 80976)


The Musee des Beaux-Arts, Rouen, is hosting an exhibition titled "Paintings from Siena: Ars Narrandi in Europe's Gothic Age." Masterpieces from the collection of the Pinacoteca Nazionale of Siena, created from the 13th to the 15th century by such artists as Duccio, the Lorenzettis and Sassetta, exemplify the Gothic style of the school of Siena and its innovative narrative art. (Worldwide 36485)


Renowned California artist Noah Purifoy (1917-2004) created neo-Dadist sculpture--mostly assembled from found objects--in order to effect social change. In a well-illustrated monograph that accompanies an exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, essays examine the African American artist's remarkable life and career. (Worldwide 36486)


The catalogue of the exhibition "China: Through the Looking Glass," currently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and under the artistic direction of Hong Kong-based filmmaker Wong Kar Wai, is a stunning publication. Exploring the impact of Chinese aesthetics on contemporary Western fashion, the volume features haute couture and avant-garde, ready-to-wear fashions by such prominent international designers as Armani, Dior, Lauren and McQueen juxtaposed with traditional Chinese costumes, paintings, porcelain and other works. (Worldwide 36498)


The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, brings together sculpture by American artist Carol Bove (b. 1971) and rarely seen furniture, sculpture and architectural prototypes by Italian architect and exhibition designer Carlo Scarpa (1906-1978). The exhibition explores their distinctive vocabularies, treatment of materials and approaches to situating artworks in architectural environments. (Worldwide 80764)



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