For nearly 20 years, Worldwide Books has proudly sponsored two annual research awards for the ARLIS/NA membership. This year's winners were announced last Sunday at the Convocation in Fort Worth.


Worldwide would like to congratulate Vanessa Kam, art librarian at the University of British Columbia, for her articles "The Tenacious Book, Parts I and II," which appeared in Art Documentation 33, 1. Vanessa was awarded $1,500.00.

An honorable mention went to Sally Sims Stokes for her essay "The Studio World Surprised and Disturbed Ruth," which appeared in Kidding Around: The Child in Film and Media (Bloomsbury Publishing, London, 2014; Worldwide 160639). Sally was awarded $500.


We would like to thank the ARLIS/NA Research Awards Committee for carefully reviewing the nominations and for selecting the winners 





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New Titles 


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Recent Exhibitions


On view at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem this spring are works of contemporary wood art from the Montalto Bohlen Collection. Many artists have moved beyond traditional methods of producing bowls and vessels to explore the potential of wood as an expressive medium, and have elevated the craft of woodworking into a fine art. Featuring pieces by nearly 100 international artists, the show's catalogue provides a wide-ranging survey of cutting-edge wood art of the past 35 years. (Worldwide 36283)


The North Carolina Museum of Art has organized an exhibition of more than 60 small-format paintings by Dutch and Flemish artists of the Golden Age, among them Hals, Steen, Vermeer, Rubens, Rembrandt and Van Dyck. Including portraits, self-portraits, genre scenes and studies for prints, the show is currently on view at the Birmingham Museum of Art. (Worldwide 36168)

Note: Because of the limited availability of this title, we regret that we are able to accept orders from our library clients only. 


Its skyline dramatically punctuated by skyscrapers, Frankfurt has been dubbed Germany's high-rise capital. In its ongoing exhibition "Himmelstürmend: Hochhausstadt Frankfurt," the Deutsches Architekturmuseum, which has hosted the International Highrise Award since 2006, explores the evolution of the city's architectural landscape since 1945, with particular emphasis on the high-rise boom that started in the 1970s. (Worldwide 36251)


MASS MoCA in North Adams is currently featuring new work by American artist Teresita Fernández (b. 1968) in an exhibition titled "As Above So Below." The pieces range from large-scale installations created in response to the museum's expansive first-floor galleries to small India-ink drawings on gold-chromed panels from her recent series "Golden." (Worldwide 80685) 




Worldwide at ARLIS



If you attended the recent ARLIS/NA conference in Fort Worth, you may have stopped by our booth and browsed some of the recently published catalogues and books on display. Traditionally, Worldwide brings a sampling of titles that is representative of the selections we offer in our approval-plan program, and of the wide range of museums, commercial publishers and art-related subject areas covered in our listings. We feature many exhibition catalogues and other museum publications that are not readily available from most other sources, and noteworthy titles that we feel deserve special consideration. For a complete list of the books that were on display at the conference, click here. 



Snoeck Publishers 


Uitgeverij Snoeck is a Belgian trade publisher specializing in exhibition catalogues and other museum publications on art, architecture, photography and design. The firm has partnered with scores of museums, galleries and other cultural institutions in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, among other countries, producing an extensive multilingual backlist of titles in French, Dutch, German and English. While some of their individual titles are available through distributors, Snoeck has no formal arrangements for the distribution of their publications in North America. (Note: Santa Monica-based R.A.M. Publications distributes publications from Snoeck Verlagsgesellschaft, but this German publisher is a separate corporate entity no longer associated with Uitgeverij Snoeck.)


Listed below are some of the recent Snoeck titles that Worldwide has selected for inclusion in our approval-plan program. 


  • L'envol du dragon: Art royal du Vietnam Documents
    exhibition that features 2,000 years of Vietnamese
    sculpture, ceramics and metalwork (Worldwide
  • Le voyage de Matisse à Tahiti Presents book illustrations and paper cut-outs by Henri Matisse inspired by his travels to Tahiti (Worldwide 80663);
  • Tisser Matisse Highlights a lesser-known aspect of Matisse's work: textile creations that include tapestries, hangings and priestly robes (Worldwide 36410);
  • Chagall: De la palette au métier/From the Palette to the Loom Showcases the massive tapestry created by Marc Chagall for the Israeli parliament building (Worldwide 36396);
  • Chagall: Impressions Surveys the impressive body of printed work produced by Chagall during the later stages of his career. (Worldwide 36388);
  • Le Maroc contemporain Offers an extensive overview of contemporary Moroccan art, presented at the Institut de monde arabe (Worldwide 36358);
  • Érasme Quellin: Dans le sillage de Rubens Presents the work of Flemish painter and engraver Erasmus Quellin (1607-1678), a pupil and close collaborator of Rubens (Worldwide 36418);
  • Sésotris III: Pharaon de légende Documents artifacts from the Middle Kingdom, the Golden Age of Ancient Egypt (Worldwide 36329);
  • Marie-Gabrielle Capet, 1761-1818: Une virtuose de la miniature Features miniature portraits by French Neoclassical painter Capet (1761-1818) (Worldwide 80654);
  • Henri Delvarre, 1898-1974 Documents the collection of paintings by French painter Delvarre held at La Piscine - Musée d'art et d'industrie André Diligent, Roubaix (Worldwide 80643);
  • Paul Delvaux: Le rêveur éveillé Accompanied a retrospective of the work of celebrated Belgian Surrealist
    Delvaux (1897-1994) held in 2014 at Marseille's Musée Cantini
    (Worldwide 36366).



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