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After the Flood: The Clemson/Worldwide Collaboration


Worldwide's vast backlist of exhibition catalogues and other museum publications dating back to the 1960s stands as a unique resource for libraries collecting in the areas of art, architecture, photography and design, not least because our active inventory of nearly 30,000 such titles offers myriad options for assembling significant retrospective collections. Over the years we have worked with a number of institutions whose libraries have sought "curated" collections of exhibition catalogues of varying size, among them the Hong Kong campus of the Savannah College of Art and Design, for whom we assembled an opening-day collection of some 5,000 volumes in 2010, and the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, which purchased several hundred catalogues on American art following its opening in 2011.


An unusual and ultimately very gratifying opportunity came our way earlier this year, several months after a catastrophic water-main accident at the Emery A. Gunnin Architecture Library at Clemson University resulted in the loss of nearly 1,000 volumes on art and art history. An insurance settlement had provided sufficient funding to replace the lost books, but the collection-restoration strategy devised by Kathy Edwards, the library's Research & Development Librarian, involved more than just replacing many of the titles that had been destroyed. Her plan was to use a significant portion of the insurance settlement to build the library's holdings of important English-text exhibition catalogues on Western art, and toward that end she contacted Worldwide Books.


"I turned to Worldwide for this project because I knew, from our previous approval plan experience, that David Fogel and his team had the inventory and expertise to customize lists to meet my library's needs," Ms. Edwards wrote in a recent email. "Their tiered plans allowed me to fine tune selections according to the needs of Clemson's art programs, and to expand our holdings to embrace a more global perspective."


The process of assembling a retrospective collection of museum publications from the available titles in Worldwide's inventory is facilitated by the multi-tiered ranking system that has shaped our approval-plan program for decades. With a budget figure and a broad set of selection guidelines in hand, we determined that we would be able to supply the library with up to 900 upper-tier catalogues altogether, and we began by putting together a list of some 450 Plan 9-level titles published since the early 1990s, a period that saw the exhibition catalogue achieve full maturity as a publication type. (Plan 9 is a relatively rarefied subset of our Basic Selection, composed chiefly of English-text catalogues that document major shows at important international museums.)


The list of Plan 9 titles was supplemented by a list of more than 330 Plan 8-level catalogues published since 2007, drawn from the next tier down in our ranking "pyramid." Finally, in response to a specific request from the library, we created a third list composed of 110 catalogues of numerous biennial and triennial exhibitions mounted worldwide since the mid-1980s, and provided a special ranking of those far-flung recurring shows. 


Any overlap among the three lists was filtered out, and before presenting the selections to the library we checked all the titles against the Clemson Libraries online catalog and deleted any duplicates that we uncovered in the search. The final, vetted selection of 892 titles was sent to Ms. Edwards just eight days after her initial contact, with the three lists presented in both spreadsheet format and as text documents. Over the next few weeks, the library reviewed the selections, ultimately choosing to acquire the vast majority of the titles in the wide-ranging collection we had put together. Within days of our receiving the go ahead, the books arrived at their destination in Clemson.


The collaboration between Gunnin Library and Worldwide was a true win-win experience. What began as a disastrous loss for the library was turned into a net gain when its holdings were significantly augmented and strengthened through an influx of important exhibition catalogues published over the past quarter century. For Worldwide, the sale came as a welcome opportunity to once again demonstrate the range and depth of our unparalleled backlist, and our ability to craft a retrospective collection that fulfilled the specific acquisitions needs of our client.


"Worldwide turned what might have been a daunting project into a very productive, efficient and even enjoyable experience," Ms. Edwards wrote. "My faculty very much appreciated having title lists and descriptions to review, and I have clear documentation of the great improvement in collections that we achieved by working with Worldwide. Because we collaborated with dedicated professionals, the Gunnin Architecture Library's replacement project grew instead into a resoundingly successful collection expansion." 




Forthcoming Publications



Ed Ruscha


The Gagosian Gallery announces the first in a series of three books documenting works on paper by celebrated American artist Ed Ruscha (b. 1937). This first volume (Worldwide 80189), featuring more than 1,000 works in a wide range of formats, media and styles, covers his output from 1956 to 1976, and includes many previously unpublished pieces.  


Worldwide is now accepting standing orders from libraries that wish to acquire all three volumes, and will send the remaining two volumes as soon they are released. 

Art of the 1990s


In February, 2015, the Montclair Art Museum will present an exhibition titled "Come as You Are: Art of the 1990s," a major historical survey of art of the 1990s that will showcase some 65 works by 45 U.S.-based artists, among them Doug Aitken, Glenn Ligon, Julie Mehretu, Shirin Neshat, Catherine Opie, Gabriel Orozco, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Kara Walker. The show will explore such themes as globalization and the digital revolution, while examining geopolitical and social issues of the period. The exhibition will travel to the Telfair Museums in Savannah; the University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor; and the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas, Austin. The catalogue is due to be released in January, 2015. (Worldwide 36092)


Museum Publications



The Museum of Fine Arts Houston recently published the fourth volume in a series based on papers delivered at the David B. Warren Symposium, which is presented biannually at the Museum by Bayou Bend Collections and Gardens. Each symposium and its accompanying publication examines a particular aspect of the material culture of Texas and other Southern states in the 19th century; this most recent volume focuses on the work of itinerant and immigrant artisans. (Worldwide 80126)


Worldwide 80032

Drawing inspiration from artworks and literary sources, Canadian metalsmith Elma Johnston McKay (b. 1951) has crafted an extensive series of replications and interpretations of historical keys in copper, silver, brass and gold. The collection of keys was recently presented for the first time in its entirety at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. (Worldwide 80032)



The conceptual photography of French artist Patrick Tosani (b. 1954) was recently on display at the Pavillon populaire in Montpellier, France. The exhibition features images he created in the past 35 years, including photographs from his Alignement, Femme blanche, M&P and Les Chaussures de lait series. (Worldwide 80021)



In a recent exhibition, the Pérez Art Museum Miami showed new work by Haitian-born, Miami-based artist Edouard Duval-Carrié (b. 1954). The catalogue documents the eleven mixed-media paintings and two sculptures that were on display at the Museum, while also discussing Duval-Carrié's entire oeuvre in the broader context of Haitian art. (Worldwide 36104)

  Publisher's description:
Worldwide 36104
"Known for his innovative adaptions of traditional Haitian iconography, which he engages in order to address contemporary social and political conditions, Duval-Carrié is presenting a series of large-scale paintings and sculptures. Contrasting his signature use of strong colors, this project presents works executed entirely in black and silver glitter. Involving extensive research, Imagined Landscapes presents lush tropical scenes that reference specific nineteenth-century paintings executed in the Caribbean and Florida. These paintings, by artists such as Martin Johnson Heade and Frederic Edwin Church, were commissioned as part of Colonial interests in promoting economic development of these areas of the world. The artists used pictorial effects, imagination and fictions to present the Caribbean as the "New Eden," a fertile land of possibility. Duval-Carrié's works translate these historical images into his own contemporary aesthetic language, in order to address the manner in which the tropics of the Caribbean and Florida continue to be sold as tropical paradises, in ways that often obscure economic and social disparities that continue to be perpetuated in these contexts."


The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco presented "Modernism from the National Gallery of Art: The Robert and Jane Meyerhoff Collection," an exhibition featuring a selection of 46 paintings and sculptures by many of the leading figures in postwar American art, among them Johns, Kelly, Lichtenstein, Marden, Newman, Rauschenberg, Rothko and Stella. (Worldwide 36022)



The Denver Art Museum has organized a touring exhibition

Worldwide 80031 

featuring works from the Berger Collection, one of the most

significant private collection of British art in the United States. Fifty paintings spanning six centuries (including works by such figures as Constable, Gainsborough, Lear and Stubbs) are currently on view at the opening venue, the Portland Museum of Art. The show travels to the Dixon Gallery & Gardens, the Brigham Young University Museum of Art, and the Denver Art Museum. (Worldwide 36033)



Some fifty watercolors and oils by California landscape painter Rex Brandt were recently shown at the Laguna Art Museum. Brandt considered watercolor to be the most expressive medium and the perfect vehicle to explore the effects of sunlight in his complex, semi-abstract works. (Worldwide 80031)


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