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In the interest of bringing new titles to the attention of our clients in a more timely manner, we will be discontinuing the printed New Titles list and focusing our attention on announcing new titles through this monthly e-newsletter, while also continuing to bring special titles to the attention of clients through Desiderata, our electronic "special-alert" service. Both electronic listings are available to librarians as free subscriptions

For the past several years, each issue of the Newsletter has provided a link to the previous month's new titles, while the printed New Titles list has fallen significantly behind, chiefly because of the time involved in more rigorously editing and proofreading the entries for publication and in drafting comments for many of the titles whose content might not be clear from the title and subject headings alone. We have always prided ourselves on the thoroughness and accuracy of our bibliographic records, and we will continue to ensure that our records are as carefully edited as before.


The Newsletter contains links to new titles that were received in the course of the previous month and that were supplied automatically to various libraries subscribing to our approval-plan programs, the assignments based on the unique collection-development profile that each client has carefully defined for us. For the convenience of libraries collecting in specific subject areas, the Newsletter also routinely provides links to subsets of the monthly list, with filtered lists based on geographic region, medium, period and topic. Since each new title is tied to a single month of receipt, each monthly list is unique and there is never any overlap between lists. For that reason, our lists become valuable resources for systematic collection development. All previous issues of the Newsletter are available for review through our website.


Librarians may also wish to review new receipts using the Recent Arrivals drop-down menu on the Advanced Search screen of our website. The online monthly listings accessed through the Advanced Search screen of our website are available in a timely manner and are updated daily. They can be filtered based on subject matter, country of publication, language of text and other parameters, using the various search options provided on that page of our website. They can also be filtered to separate museum publications from trade and university-press monographs (standard art books), as we previously did in the printed list. 





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Code 54, What Are You?


Our Approval Plan clients are familiar with the multi-level ranking system that Worldwide Books uses in our museum publication program. Under this system, exhibition catalogues and other museum publications are assigned to our Basic Selection, Supplemental Selection or Additional Selection categories based on our judgment of their relative significance, and a further ranking hierarchy is provided through the four English-text subsets of the Basic Selection: Plans 7, 8, 9 and 10.


Although Worldwide has complemented our museum-publication offerings with a comprehensive selection of art-related trade and university-press monographs for 22 years now, until recently we had no formal ranking system for these highly diverse books on art, architecture, photography and design. In late 2012, we introduced a special code designation for our monographic title records to identify those titles that we deem to be particularly noteworthy.


By entering 54 in the Approval plan number field of our website's Advanced Search page, website users can readily identify these exceptional books. There are currently some 460 such "code 54" titles entered in our database, representing about 5% of our monographic offerings over the past three imprint years, and new titles are added to the list weekly. While titles on the fine arts comprise most of this "best of" selection, nearly a third of them are on architecture, photography and the applied arts.  


Here are some examples of how you might take advantage of the 54 code in your searches on our Advanced Search page: Suppose you want to search for key titles from the publisher 5 Continents Editions in Milan. You would enter "54" in the Approval Plan Number field and then enter "5 Continents" in the Exhibitor, Organizer, Publisher or Series Title field. This search will yield 16 titles, each one of them a particularly notable publication, in our estimation. Another search might include the 54 code in combination with sculpture on the Medium pull-down menu and post-1945 on the Period menu. Such a search yields 33 titles of interest; highlight painting in the Medium menu, and the search will yield 54 titles for the post-1945 period. A code 54 search may also be used in combination with the Recent Arrivals menu, which lists titles received during any given month in the past year.


Use approval plan code 54 in combination with any of the other fields to narrow down your search.


We continue to refine our standard for what makes a title "code-54 worthy," and this evolving ranking system will likely never be quite as rigorous or as objective as the ranking system we have long employed for exhibition catalogues. Nonetheless, it is a tool that will enable librarians to more readily identify some of the more significant trade and university press monographs from the thousands of titles that are produced each year.


Titles that we code 54 are usually titles that are not only scholarly and well illustrated, but are also titles that would potentially appeal to all types of libraries that we serve -- academic libraries supporting PhD and/or undergraduate programs in art history, academic libraries supporting studio art programs, museum libraries and large public libraries.


We hope you will find this relatively new feature of our Advanced Search page to be useful. As always, our Approval Plan Manager and our customer service staff are available to provide expert assistance in your searches 


Expanded Views of Modern and Contemporary Art in the Context of Globalization


Three recent exhibition catalogues examine aspects of modern and contemporary art in a global context.


Plural Modernities, which documents a major show opening in October at the Centre Georges Pompidou, offers an innovative overview of international art produced from 1905 to 1970. Featuring more than 1,000 works by some 400 artists from nearly 50 countries, the wide-ranging "manifesto exhibition" presents a compelling challenge to traditional Euro-centric interpretations of such movements as Cubism, Futurism and Abstract Expressionism through the sheer diversity of its geographical sources. (Worldwide 36012)


The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation in Miami organized and mounted "Permission to Be Global: Latin American Art from the Ella Fontanals Cisneros Collection," an exhibition that recently closed at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Featuring paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, videos and other works by Leon Ferrari, Ana Mendieta, Liliana Porter, Ernesto Neto, Eugenio Dittborn, Oscar Muoz, Regina Jos Galinda and some 50 other artists,  the show highlighted the significant ways in which avant-garde artists from Central and South America and the Caribbean have influenced international discourse in an increasingly globalized art scene. (Worldwide 36016

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, the Neuberger Museum of Art in Purchase, New York, has published When Modern Was Contemporary: The Roy R. Neuberger Collection, an exhibition catalogue showcasing works from the celebrated collection of 20th-century American art assembled by financier Roy R. Neuberger, which established the museum's permanent holdings. Neuberger, who died in 2010 at the age of 107, built his extensive collection largely between the 1940s and 1960s. He sought to support living artists by buying their works, and many of his acquisitions were purchased within months of their execution. The current show at the Neuberger features paintings and other works by such major modernist figures as Bearden, Calder, Frankenthaler, Hopper, O'Keeffe, Pollock and Rothko, as well as pieces by many lesser-known artists whose work is only now becoming the subject of serious scholarship. (Worldwide 36032)


Recent American Museum Publications


The Walters Museum in Baltimore recently held an exhibition titled "Designed for Flowers: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics," which featured more than 160 pieces--mostly flower vases--from the collection of Betsy and Robert Feinberg. (Worldwide 79916)


Worldwide 79927

The Irvine Museum has published the definitive study of American Impressionist painter John Frost (1890-1937), best known for evocative and poetic landscapes produced in California and the Arizona desert. (Worldwide 79927)


Surveying works produced over the past 15 years, the Bellevue Arts Museum recently exhibited meticulously crafted wood sculptures by Seattle-based artist Dan Webb (b. 1965), the pieces characterized by finely executed carvings of figures and objects and by a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. (Worldwide 79945)


More than 20 American folk-art quilts, arranged thematically and drawn from the museum's collection, are currently on view at the Denver Art Museum. About half of the works are new acquisitions, on display for the first time. (Worldwide 79902)


The Burrichter/Kierlin Collection is a premier private collection of 19th- and 20th-century American and European marine paintings. The collection is held at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, where it is on view through December of 2015 in an exhibition featuring works by such major figures as Corot, Turner, Church, Homer, Cassatt, Seurat, Mondrian and Kandinsky. (Worldwide 79924)  

Worldwide 35974


The years between World Wars I and II witnessed the rise of the international Art Deco style, which inspired an influential art movement in Hawai'i. The Honolulu Museum of Art is currently showing paintings, sculptures, and works on paper by local artists and illustrators who created  romanticized depictions of Hawai'ian culture that continue to evoke the islands' appeal as an exotic vacation destination (Worldwide 35974)



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