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Current Exhibitions 


The life and work of German artist Wolfgang Ewald Hallmann (1941-1997), also known as Blalla, is the subject of an exhibition currently on view at the LVR-LandesMuseum in Bonn that will travel to the Sammlung Prinzhorn in Heidelberg in 2014. While the focus of the Sammlung Prinzhorn is almost exclusively on outsider artists, Blalla does not fit neatly into that category. Trained as a professional printmaker, he suffered a schizophrenic psychosis that he ultimately overcame. In 1995, he completed his autobiographical
Curriculum vitae, comprising an extensive series of 149 linocuts depicting the major events in his life, along with corresponding texts. Along with these prints, the show also features drawings and paintings by Blalla. (Worldwide 78640)


Running from October 5 through March 16, 2014, the 2013 Carnegie International showcases works by 35 international artists, among them Yael Bartana, Nicole Eisenman, Dinh Q. L, Zanele Muholi, Pedro Reyes, Taryn Simon, Joel Sternfeld and Joseph Yoakum. The catalogue includes reprints of older texts--such as the introduction to the 1961 Pittsburgh International Exhibition of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture by then-Carnegie museum director Gordan Bailey Washburn, and a late 19th-century reflection on the nature of art and action by French poet Stphane Mallarm--alongside new critical essays by the curators of the 2013 Carnegie International. (Worldwide 35485)


New York's Museum of Modern Art is exploring the evolution of the work of celebrated Belgian Surrealist Ren Magritte from 1926 to 1938, an intensely innovative period in his career, presenting paintings, collages and sculptural objects along with a selection of photographs, periodicals and early commercial work. The Menil Collection in Houston and the Art Institute of Chicago will host the exhibition in 2014. (Worldwide 35481)


After being on view at the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona and the Jeu de Paume in Paris, an exhibition titled "Phantom Home," featuring the work of Palestinian photographer Ahlam Shibli (b. 1970), has arrived at the Museu de Arte Contempornea de Serralves in Porto. The catalogue of the show includes nearly 70 recent images from Shibli's Death series, which focuses on the remembrance of Palestinian fighters who died during armed resistance against the Israeli occupation. (Worldwide 35475)


Currently on view at the Sara Hildn Art Museum in Tampere, Finland, is a mid-career survey of the work of prominent African American artist Ellen Gallagher (b. 1965). Starting out as a painter, she soon expanded her practice to include collage, sculpture, animation, film and installation art, creating a body of work that shifts between abstraction and figuration, while examining the central role of race in contemporary culture. (Worldwide 35426)  


Featured Institutions  



The Institut Valenci d'Art Modern in Valencia is one of Spain's leading venues dedicated to modern and contemporary art, permanently displaying works from its own extensive collections, while also regularly organizing temporary exhibitions.


Recent IVAM publications examine such diverse topics as the architecture of A-cero, a Spanish firm headed by Joaqun Torres and Rafael Llamazares (Worldwide 35393); contemporary Australian Aboriginal art (Worldwide 35382); avant-garde photography from Cuba (Worldwide 78276); and the work of such international figures as Frank Stella, Robert Morris, Julio Gonzlez, Evarist Navarro, Gianluigi Colin, Mar Sols and Jos Saborit.


For more exhibition and collection catalogues from the Institut Valencia d'Art Modern, click here.



Public Catalogue Foundation


For the past decade, the Public Catalogue Foundation has sought to inventory and digitize all oil paintings in public ownership in the United Kingdom, an initiative aimed at making the collections fully accessible to the general public. Researchers and photographers across the country have systematically documented paintings held in institutions that range from major museums to town halls, universities and even fire stations.


The resulting entries are grouped by county or collection and published in hardcover editions in a series that currently consists of 71 volumes. All of the backlist volumes remain in print, and several forthcoming titles have already been announced. Recently released titles included in this month's New Titles (see above) feature the painting collections of the National Museum Wales and the National Library Wales (Worldwide 78176 and 78169, respectively); forthcoming titles include several volumes dedicated to the National Trust, which holds the largest public collection of oil paintings in the U.K.



Fondation d'entreprise Herms


From 2010 through 2013, fashion and design house Fondation d'entreprise Hermes organized an artist-in-residence program that gave emerging artists living and working in France access to the company's workshops and factories. Each year, four young artists

--each under the mentorship of one of four established artists (Richard Deacon, Guiseppe Penone, Susanna Fritscher and Emmanuel Saulnier)--immersed themselves in the artisan crafts of leather-making, glass-blowing, textile-making, shoe-making or metal working at one of the Herms facilities. During their residencies, the artists were given carte blanche to create an original work using their newly acquired skills.


Each year of the program was highlighted in Cahiers de residence, a series of 4-volume sets that document the residency and the creation of the original work. Most of these slim volumes also include a DVD with a brief documentary.  


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