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As specialists in the selection and distribution of exhibition catalogues and other publications on art, architecture, photography and design, we at Worldwide are especially well-qualified to administer art-related approval plans that are highly flexible and targeted to a library's specific acquisitions needs and budget. In effect, we can function as an arm of your acquisitions department, assisting your staff with the labor-intensive task of selecting appropriate new titles for your collection.


Worldwide offers a broad range of standard plans designed to accommodate varying budget levels or interests, any of which may be modified to any desired degree. Museum-based selection profiles are available for coverage of publications from the hundreds of domestic and foreign institutions that we monitor, either as stand-alone plans or as add-ons to a standard plan. And we offer fully customized subject-based coverage designed to fulfill highly focused acquisitions needs. We work closely with our library clients to establish the parameters of a plan, with a view to minimizing the return of unwanted or duplicated titles.


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Recent Exhibitions 



Currently on view at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento is an exhibition on American artist Jess (Burgess Collins, 1923-2004) and his partner, American poet Robert Duncan (1919-1988). In addition to paintings and collages by Jess and abstract drawings by Duncan, the show includes works by artists and poets of their circle, among them R. B. Kitaj, Michael McLure and Dean Stockwell. The Grey Art Gallery, New York, the Katzen Arts Center, Washington, D.C., and the Pasadena Museum of California Art will host the exhibition in 2014. (Worldwide 35308)


The University of Lethbridge Art Gallery has commissioned Canadian artist Rita McKeough (b. 1951) to create a site-specific installation as part of the Gallery's Food series, an ongoing project that includes exhibitions, performances, talks and a course addressing current food-related issues. The installation will be on view in September at the Dalhousie Art Gallery in Halifax. (Worldwide 78081)


Fine examples of Buddhist art from the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, China, were recently shown at the China Institute Gallery, New York, in an exhibition that was organized in association with Dunhuang Academy. On display were manuscripts, painted clay statues and earthenware, along with replicas of wall paintings, carved pillars and sculptures that could not be removed from the historical site. (Worldwide 78095)


An exhibition on the visual art of renowned American author William S. Burroughs (1914-1997) at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg closed earlier this month. The show featured drawings, collages and paintings by Burroughs, many of which were created in collaboration with such artists as George Condo and Brion Gysin. (Worldwide 78102)


In "The Errand of the Eye," an exhibition on view at the de Young Museum in San Francisco until mid-October, more than 70 landscapes, nature studies and portraits illuminate the depth and breadth of the oeuvre of Rose Mandel (1910-2002), a Polish-born American photographer who studied under Ansel Adams and Minor White in the late 1940s . (Worldwide 78119)


A dialogue between the extensive ethnographic collections of the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt and four leading international fashion labels gave rise to an unusual exhibition in which artifacts and archival photographs are juxtaposed with new garments and accessories created by the fashion houses A Kind of Guise, Buki Akib, CassettePlaya and P.A.M./Perks and Mini. (Worldwide 78160)


In early 2013, the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan, showcased recent works exploring the theme of "home" by noted Korean-born, New York-based artist Do Ho Suh (b. 1962). Included were drawings and mixed-media works as well as lifesize models of homes and other sculptural installations. (Worldwide 35335)


This summer, the National Gallery in London explores musical motifs in Golden Age Dutch painting. Titled "Vermeer and Music," the exhibition features three canvases by Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) portraying female musicians, along with related works by such artists as Gerard ter Borch, Jan Steen, Pieter de Hooch and Gabriel Metsu. (Worldwide 78112)


The McCord Museum of Canadian History presents a permanent exhibition titled "Wearing Our Identity: The First Peoples Collection," which opened in May, 2013. Featuring some 100 indigenous garments dating from the late 19th century to the present, the display explores the rich costume-related traditions of various First Peoples tribes. (Worldwide 35364)  



Private Collections  


Major private art collections may rival the holdings of public institutions in their quality and scope, and often share the spotlight with museum collections in exhibitions showcasing works that have been loaned or donated by their owners. This month's list of newly received museum publications includes several titles that focus on a diverse range of important private collections.


  • privateThe Wilfred Davis Fletcher collection of late 20th-century American art includes paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, ceramics and glass by such artists as Dale Chihuly, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Richard Diebenkorn, Ellsworth Kelly, Richard Serra and Wayne Thiebaud. (Worldwide 78143)
  • In his critical writings, German scholar and photographer Helmut Gernsheim (1913-1995) was a champion of photography as an autonomous artistic medium. He and his wife also amassed what is thought to be the world's largest private photography collection, which includes the very first photograph ever taken: Joseph Nicphore Nipce's View from the Window in Le Gras of 1826. (Worldwide 35157)
  • Inspired by his travels in Italy in the 1780s, celebrated German writer and politician Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) became an avid collector of Renaissance Italian majolica depicting biblical, mythological and historical themes. (Worldwide 78203)
  • An exhibition devoted to two great Italian collectors -- art critic Federico Zeri and the Santarelli family -- surveys nearly 100 sculptures dating from Antiquity to the Baroque period, including many statues from the Roman Imperial era. (Worldwide 35306)
  • In 1963, German film director Peter Schamoni (1934-2011) met celebrated German artist Max Ernst (1891-1976), about whom he would l make a 1991 documentary. Many of the paintings, drawings, prints and collages by Ernst that Schamoni acquired over the years were recently on display at the Max-Ernst-Museum in Brhl. (Worldwide 35303)    


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