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The 2013 ARLIS/NA annual conference opens later this week in Pasadena, and of course Worldwide Books will be there.


Each year, Worldwide attends the conference as an exhibitor and as the proud sponsor of two publication awards. Although we are in regular contact with many ARLIS members throughout the year as we administer approval plans, fill firm orders and field all manner of inquiries about new books and exhibition catalogues, the ARLIS/NA conference is always a welcome opportunity to meet face to face with our clients and to introduce ourselves to librarians new to the field who may not be familiar with the range of services that we offer in support of collection development.


Our booth at ARLIS will showcase a broad selection of new and recent exhibition catalogues and standard art books, representing a small sampling of the thousands of new titles that we have stocked in the past year or that we will soon be sending to our approval-plan clients. A sneak peek at some of these titles is offered in this issue of the Newsletter.


We hope that you enjoy the conference, and that you will have time to stop by and say hello!


Kelly Fiske

Eileen Baker

David Fogel 



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Recent Exhibitions in California

Overdrive Following the flurry of exhibitions and other events that made up the Getty Foundation's Pacific Standard Time project, one might think that southern California museums would take a well-deserved breather. Yet with Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecturein L.A, the Getty launches another ambitious initiative on the heels of PST, one that celebrates the architectural heritage of the city through a series of exhibitions and programs in the greater Los Angeles area. Several related publications have already been released, including Overdrive (Worldwide 35177) and Ed Ruscha and Some Los Angeles Apartments (Worldwide 77792), and more will follow.


Other recent Getty shows include "Looking East" (see Worldwide 77812) at the Getty Center, which examines a large-scale Korea-themed drawing by Peter Paul Rubens, and an exhibition showcasing the work of Hiroshi Hamaya and Kansuke Yamamoto, two postwar Japanese photographers with very different styles (see Worldwide 35149). While Hamaya adopted a documentary approach to regional subjects and social issues, Yamamoto's innovative oeuvre found inspiration in Surrealism.


At the Oakland Museum of Art, "Summoning Ghosts: The Art of Hung Liu" is currently on view. The show and its catalogue (Worldwide 35072) feature some 80 paintings by the prominent Chinese artist (b. 1948), who settled in California in 1984, earned an MFA from the University of California, San Diego, and later became a professor of art at Mills College in Oakland. This exhibition follows a smaller show titled "Playing with Fire," an overview of the California Studio Glass Movement, founded by renowned ceramicist and glass artist Harvey K. Littleton and others in the wake of the seminal glassblowing workshops held at the Toledo Museum of Art in 1962 (see Worldwide 77639).


A recent exhibition at the San Diego Museum of Art and the San Diego Historical Center surveyed the career of Charles Reiffel (1862-1942), a prominent figure of the California plein-air school and a leading practitioner of Post-Impressionism in the United States. The show's catalogue features nearly 100 paintings and watercolors by the artist (Worldwide 35105).


steampunk Homuculus, Infernal Devices and The Anubis Gates, novels of the Steampunk sub-genre of science fiction by three authors who began their writing careers while students at California State University Fullerton in the 1970s, serve as the inspiration for an exhibition at the university (see Worldwide 77772). The catalogue features illustrations by students, alumni and faculty from the CSUF Department of Visual Arts, whose works depict characters and scenes from the novels, "retro-futuristic" fantasies set in the late 19th century.




Each year, Worldwide brings more than 100 exhibition catalogues and other art books to the ARLIS conference to highlight the range and depth of our coverage. Our selections typically showcase new and recent releases, including many publications not widely available from other sources, as well as volumes that can only be fully appreciated with book in hand. Below are just some of the titles that conference attendees can have the pleasure of examining at our booth in Pasadena:



  • Drawn to Paint: The Art of Jerome Witkin (Worldwide 34569)
  • Brueghel, Cranach, Tizian, Van Eyck: Meisterwerke aus der Sammlung Brukenthal (Worldwide 34983)
  • Arts of Nigeria in French Private Collections (Worldwide 35065)
  • Art Interrupted: Advancing American Art and the Politics of Cultural Diplomacy (Worldwide 35137)
  • Canaletto, Guardi: Les deux maitres de Venise (Worldwide 35175)
  • The Bearden Project (Worldwide 35191)
  • Shirin Neshat (Worldwide 35194)
  • Re:Emerge: Towards a New Cultural Cartography -- Sharjah Biennial 11 (Worldwide 35216)
  • Radiance: The Neo-Impressionists (Worldwide 35220)
  • Kafou: Haiti, Art and Vodou (Worldwide 35224)
  • Enlightened Ways: The Many Streams of Buddhist Art in Thailand (Worldwide 35231)
  • Lee Wen: Lucid Dreams in the Reverie of the Real (Worldwide 77397)
  • Cotman in Normandy (Worldwide 77436)
  • Falmouth Frameworks (Worldwide 77476)
  • Francis Bacon e la condizione esistenziale nell'arte contemporanea (Worldwide 77565)
  • Degas, Miss La La and the Cirque Fernando (Worldwide 77642)
  • Sculpture Is Everything (Worldwide 77680)
  • Art et nature en Moyen Age (Worldwide 77701)
  • Collection Films: La collection du Centre Pompidou, Musee national d'art moderne (Worldwide 77702)
  • Friedrich Adler: Ways and Byways (Worldwide 77843)
  • Changing Difference: Queer Politics and Shifting Identities (Worldwide 77999)
  • Le Corbusier Redrawn: The Houses (Worldwide 150413)
  • Tjanpi Desert Weavers (Worldwide 151561)
  • Vintage Menswear: A Collection from the Vintage Showroom (Worldwide 151835)
  • The Books That Shaped Art History: From Gombrich and Greenberg to Alpers and Krauss (Worldwide 153368


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