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Worldwide is pleased to announce two new services that we hope will serve our library clients well: a new email subscription service that will alert libraries to new titles warranting special consideration, and delivery of MARC records, which can now be supplied as part of regularly scheduled approval-plan shipments or self-generated by users through our website.


Special Alerts


We periodically learn of new and especially noteworthy publications that are likely to be of interest to certain libraries but are not suitable for inclusion in our approval plan program because of their highly specialized subject matter, unusual formats or high prices. Titles worthy of a special alert might also include publications available in very limited quantities that are likely to sell out very quickly -- or titles that warrant special attention or prompt action for any number of other reasons.


If you would like to receive occasional e-mail notices from Worldwide alerting you to such publications, please join the Special Alerts mailing list here. We anticipate that the frequency of these alerts will be, at most, just a few messages per month, as we plan to limit the announcements to titles that truly warrant special consideration.


Examples of publications that have been the subject of such alerts in the past are the 5-volume Gerhard Richter catalogue raisonné published by Hatje Cantz Verlag (Worldwide 147400-147404); the 2006 English-text edition of the Benezit Dictionary of Artists (Worldwide 119911); a special, limited-edition publication documenting the entire Yves Saint-Laurent fashion line from 1962 to 2002 (Worldwide 139858); and the National Gallery of Art's recent exhibition catalogue Colorful Realm (Worldwide 34482), which we were fortunate to be able to offer even though it was declared out of print well before the close of the exhibition.


MARC Records


Worldwide now offers free MARC records in two different ways. Libraries that subscribe to a Worldwide approval plan can arrange to receive batches of MARC records that correspond to titles about to be supplied in approval-plan shipments. And libraries wishing to place firm orders on a title-by-title basis can now create batches of MARC records through our website to be downloaded and imported into their integrated library systems, streamlining and facilitating the generation of firm orders.


For more detailed information about these options, please see the article below -- and we ask that you please share this information with colleagues at your library who may wish to make use of this service. 



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MARC Records


Worldwide Books is pleased to offer free vendor records in MARC format to our approval-plan subscribers and to other libraries making use of our website. While these MARC records do not include full cataloguing, they can serve as useful temporary records alerting staff and patrons alike to new titles that are soon to be received on approval from Worldwide, and they can also be used to facilitate the generation of firm orders.



MARC Records Corresponding to Approval-Plan Shipments


Approval-plan subscribers can arrange to receive free batches of MARC records for titles being sent on approval from Worldwide Books. These MARC records are based on our vendor records and can be customized to include invoice details and other types of customer-unique data that can be mapped to specific MARC fields as requested.


Each batch of MARC records is delivered by e-mail at the time an approval-plan account is invoiced, alerting clients in advance to new titles that are soon to be received on approval from Worldwide and providing temporary records that can serve until being replaced later by full catalog records created by the library's own staff or obtained from such sources as OCLC or  MARCnow.    

To start receiving MARC records corresponding to your approval-plan shipments, please contact David Fogel.



User-Generated MARC Records through Worldwide's Website


Worldwide recently added a MARC record export feature to its website, allowing users to generate batches of records for groups of titles that have been identified through any of various search options that are offered on the site. These batches can be downloaded and subsequently imported into the user's integrated library system for further processing by the library's acquisitions staff.


To create a batch of MARC records, use our Advanced Search page or the homepage's quick search field to identify titles of interest, and then add them to the shopping cart. Once all selections have been made, proceed to the checkout page, where the selections can be reviewed and where individual purchase order numbers can be assigned to each title if desired (in which case the PO numbers will be included in field 935a when the MARC records are downloaded).


To complete the process, simply click the "Download MARC Records" button and follow the prompts. Please note this may take several seconds to complete.


After generating a batch of MARC records, you can either continue with the checkout process to submit the order electronically to Worldwide Books, or abandon the checkout process at that stage and simply use the downloaded MARC records to populate order records in your integrated library system, submitting your orders to Worldwide at a later time by mail, e-mail or ftp.


If after downloading the MARC records you choose not to complete the checkout process, please note that your order will not be submitted electronically to Worldwide, and the contents of your cart will not be saved.


MARC records can also be created through the Multiple Item/ISBN Search page. Simply enter or paste a series of ISBNs or Worldwide item numbers into the appropriate column and click the "Download as MARC" button. When prompted, save the file to your computer.





  • Obtaining MARC records from Worldwide Books as part of an approval plan or by generating the records through our website does not require a user account or the installation of any proprietary software. 
  • The records can easily be imported into any integrated library system, such as Millennium or Voyager.
  • MARC records enhanced with invoice details are currently only available to approval-plan subscribers.
  • Access to MARC records through Worldwide's website is unrestricted: any user may download the records, even without placing a web order.
  • The MARC records available through Worldwide do not include full cataloging, and the basic bibliographic information contained in them may be incomplete or subject to change, especially for records describing forthcoming or newly released publications.


For more information, please contact Jochen Beheydt.



Current Exhibitions



The San Francisco Museum of modern Art is currently showing a retrospective of work by renowned American photographer Garry Winogrand (1928-1984). Winogrand may be best known for his images of Manhattan in the 1960s, but he produced works throughout the United States from the early 60s to the early 80s. The exhibition brings together his most iconic works with newly printed photographs from his archive. The show will travel to Washington, D.C., New York, Paris and Madrid through 2015. (Worldwide 35107)


At the National Portrait Gallery in London, the focus is on photographic portraits by American artist Man Ray (1890-1976). Spanning the career of one of the most innovative and influential artists of his generation, the exhibition includes more than 150 vintage prints produced by Man Ray from 1916 to 1968. The show travels on to Edinburgh and Moscow later this year. (Worldwide 35115)


Worldwide 35176
More than 150 images produced in the 1930s and 40s by pioneering American documentary photographer and war correspondent Margaret Bourke-White (1904-1971) are featured in an exhibition at the Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin. Working for Fortune magazine, Bourke-White documented steel mills, factories, dams and other industrial subjects on both sides of the Atlantic. As World War II drew closer, she was sent to Europe by Life magazine to cover the emerging conflict, and she would soon become one of the magazine's best-known and most ambitious photographers, as well as an accredited war photographer for the Pentagon. In pursuit of her "unquenchable desire to be present when history is being made," she documented key events throughout the war, culminating in her iconic images of "the living dead of Buchenwald," produced after the concentration camp was liberated by Allied forces in 1945. The show travels to Norway, The Hague and Syracuse through 2014. (Worldwide 35176) 



The centennial of the 1913 Armory Show is currently being celebrated at the Montclair Art Museum with an exhibition that takes a closer look at the American contribution to that legendary exhibition (see Worldwide 77527). Opening at the 69th Infantry Regiment Armory building in New York before traveling to Chicago and Boston, the International Exhibition of Modern Art showcased more than 1200 works by European and American artists, and was largely responsible for introducing modernist art movements to a wide audience in this country.  

While public attention focused primarily on the work of such avant-garde European artists as Duchamp, Brancusi and Matisse, most of the works on display were actually executed by American artists. The current exhibition at the Montclair Art Museum focuses on these works, contesting the long-held belief that the American contribution to this landmark show was conventional, conservative and provincial, and highlighting the broad spectrum of progressive styles represented by such artists as Edward Hopper, John Marin, Robert Henri, George Bellows, Oscar Bluemner, E. Ambrose Webster, Katherine S. Dreier, Walt Kuhn and Walter Pach.



Inspiration for the Armory Show came in part from the 1912 Cologne Sonderbund exhibition. Arthur B. Davies, one of the artist-organizers of the Armory show, urged his co-organizer Walt Kuhn to attend that exhibition, writing "I wish we could have as good a show as the Cologne Sonderbund..." Among the 650 works at the Internationale Kunstausstellung des Sonderbundes Westdeutscher Kunstfreunde und Künstler were no fewer than 120 paintings by Van Gogh, and the exhibition also featured pieces by such figures as Cézanne, Gauguin, Munch, Nolde, Picasso, Schiele and Signac.


Inspiring as it was to Davies and Kuhn, the show was dismissed by most contemporary German art critics, who denounced the exhibited works as "insignificant," "inferior" and "tasteless." Nonetheless, it was a revolutionary exhibition, one that was reconstructed last year by the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum in Cologne as part of an exhibition titled "1912: Mission Moderne," documented by a massive exhibition catalogue (Worldwide 35113).


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