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As we conclude our 50th-anniversary year, we reflect upon our past achievements and look forward to continuing to provide the exceptional collection-development services on which our reputation has long been based.


Although digital materials have become increasingly important to libraries, the number of important exhibition catalogues in print format that we see each year also continues to grow, and we take great pride in being able to supply our library clients with such a diverse selection of scholarly and beautifully produced art books, knowing that these materials are often critical resources for students, faculty, curators and other scholars. As publishers trim print runs for economic reasons, these titles are often in short supply and available for a limited time only, and it is very satisfying when we are able to supply our approval-plan clients with important titles that may not be easily obtainable elsewhere.


The expertise of our knowledgeable and accessible staff, our dedication to providing libraries with titles that have been carefully evaluated and screened, our commitment to the dogged pursuit of hard-to-obtain titles, and the flexibility and responsiveness that comes with being a small company all contribute to making Worldwide Books a versatile partner in collection development, a role we aim to further solidify and perpetuate as we continue on into our more mundane 51st anniversary and beyond.


This fall we had the pleasure of hosting members of the Western New York chapter of ARLIS at a reception and tour of our facility, and next spring we look forward to seeing many of you at the ARLIS/NA conference in Pasadena. As usual, we will be on hand with a large display of new exhibition catalogues and other art books, including particularly unusual or noteworthy catalogues and special titles that we feel must be seen to be fully appreciated.


We would like to thank everyone for the many congratulations and celebratory well-wishes we have received throughout the year in honor of our 50th anniversary, and we thank all of our clients for their continued support and feedback. It is tremendously rewarding to work with such a dedicated, professional and gracious group of librarians, and we feel privileged to be of service to you.


With best wishes for the new year,


Kelly M. Fiske




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New Titles 


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Highlights of 2012

Libraries subscribing to our Plan 10 selection this past year received some 35 exhibition catalogues that documented many of the most important "blockbuster" shows of 2012, among them a major Edvard Munch retrospective that opened at the Centre Pompidou in Paris before traveling to Frankfurt's Schirn Kunsthalle and London's Tate Modern (see Worldwide 34334), a Marc Chagall show at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid (see Worldwide 34702) and an impressive Edward Hopper exhibition that also opened at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza and traveled to the Grand Palais in Paris (see Worldwide 34810).


While a Plan 10 subscription provides libraries with what we consider to be the most essential art exhibition catalogues, three larger English-text plans -- Plans 7, 8 and 9 -- also draw on our Basic Selection and are designed to accommodate a wide range of budget levels. For more information on our many standard approval plans, all of which may be modified to fit a library's particular collection-development needs, click here.


At Worldwide we pride ourselves on our ability to stock important exhibition catalogues that are published solely by museums and are not commercially distributed, many of which are not readily available from other vendors. Among the outstanding straight museum publications that we have offered through our approval-plan program during the past year are the following:

  • DECO JAPAN: SHAPING ART & CULTURE, 1920-1945 (Worldwide 34432): Features metalwork, ceramics, lacquer, glass, furniture, jewelry, sculptures and other works that exemplify the outstanding craftsmanship and sophisticated design associated with the Japanese Art Deco style.
  • SEEING THE WORLD WITHIN: CHARLES SELIGER IN THE 1940S (Worldwide 34474): Presents early paintings and drawings by American artist Seliger (1926-2009), the youngest of the first-generation Abstract Expressionists associated with the New York School.
  • LEE BUL: FROM ME, BELONGS TO YOU ONLY (Worldwide 34585): South Korean artist Lee Bul (b. 1964) is one of the most prominent contemporary artists to have emerged from Asia in the 1990s. Her sculptures and installations demonstrate a mastery of materials and techniques, and often draw the viewer into the art work itself.
  • BEAUTY AND BELIEF: CROSSING BRIDGES WITH THE ARTS OF ISLAMIC CULTURE (Worldwide 34857): Presents a broad overview of Islamic art and culture through a presentation of more than 250 diverse objects dating from the seventh century to the present.
  • GENERATIONS: BETTY FEVES (Worldwide 76637):Showcases more than 150 works spanning the career of American ceramic artist Feves (1918-1985), including figures and sculptural slab constructions as well as many vessels and other utilitarian pieces.



The Birds of Audubon


audubon Considered one of the finest ornithological works ever completed, John James Audubon's iconic The Birds of America consists of 435 color plates of engravings based on watercolors produced by the celebrated French-born American naturalist and painter (1785-1851) during his extensive explorations of the continental United States in the 1820s and 30s. The New-York Historical Society owns all of Audubon's original watercolors and will display them in a three-part exhibition series titled "Audubon's Aviary," the first of which is scheduled to open in March, 2013.


Showcasing the entire set of Audubon's watercolors and highlighting a selection of his most lavish originals is a book published by the Society in association with Skira Rizzoli Publications (Worldwide 76965). For a new edition of The Birds of America published by Sterling Publishing, see Worldwide 146361. This resized edition (the original Double Elephant Folio edition stood three feet tall) was created by disbinding an original set of prints held by the Natural History Museum, London, and photographing them using the latest digital technology.



Musée du Louvre


Museum collections are an inexhaustible source for temporary and traveling exhibitions, and serve as the basis for important scholarly writing by leading experts. The renowned collections of the Louvre have spawned a number of serial publications, which compile comprehensive inventories of particular collections or focus on individual works or artists.


The Collection Solo series currently consists of nearly 60 small-format volumes dedicated to a specific object from one of the Louvre's many departments. Each featured painting, sculpture or objet d'art is examined in great detail through close-up photography and scholarly essays that provide cultural context and historical background. While most of the volumes are published in French, one recent title is available in English (see Worldwide 76357).


Another series is the Cabinet des dessins. Each of these handsomely designed volumes documents the master drawings of an artist represented in the Louvre's collections. The series has treated such master draftsmen as da Vinci, Beccafumi, Vasari, Corot and Ingres. While most of the volumes have been published in French, some are available in English under the series name Drawing Gallery.


One of the many challenges of curating large collections at major international museums is to keep accurate inventories of the institution's holdings and to make them available to the public. One such initiative has been undertaken by the Louvre's Département des Arts Graphiques in an attempt to document all of the drawings in their vast collections. The ongoing Inventaire général project has entered its third decade, and thus far the focus has been mainly on French and Italian drawings.



New Publication


To mark the 100th anniversary of Sterling Clark's first purchase of a European painting, the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute has just released a massive and very impressive two-volume publication that fully documents the 374 19th-century European paintings in its collection (see Worldwide 77194). Each volume features excellent color reproductions of canvases by such major figures as Bouguereau, Constable, Corot, Degas, Gérôme, Millet, Pissarro, Renoir and Turner, along with scholarly essays, a detailed bibliography and technical notes.   



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