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On Friday, 5 October, Worldwide Books was pleased to welcome members of the ARLIS/Western New York chapter for a visit after their annual meeting, which took place at Cornell University. During their visit, our guests were free to roam our offices and warehouse and talked to our staff members about everything from hiking and gardening to traveling, language lessons and -- of course -- books.


We at Worldwide always welcome the opportunity to receive feedback from librarians and acquisitions people about our approval-plan program and firm-order services, and about our performance in general. And we are always looking for ways to expand our services. For example, we now offer brief records in MARC-format to our approval plan subscribers to help them receive and process their regular shipments.  


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Ellsworth Kelly


Worldwide Books is now accepting orders for two recently released titles on Ellsworth Kelly produced in association with Marquand Books and published by the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation in Portland. The two publications were released to coincide with the traveling exhibition "Ellsworth Kelly Prints," a show organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where it opened in January 2012 before appearing at the Portland Art Museum and the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.


Although neither title will be distributed commercially through a trade publisher or university press, Worldwide Books has made arrangements to purchase copies directly from the Foundation, and we are pleased to be able to make these publications available to our library clients.


Orders may be placed online through the Worldwide Books Web site, or orders can be placed by telephone, fax or email. Approval plan clients who would like to have one or both of these titles included in an upcoming approval-plan shipment should contact David Fogel by email or by telephone at 800-473-8146 ext. 20.


EK2 THE PRINTS OF ELLSWORTH KELLY: A CATALOGUE RAISONNÉ. Richard H. Axsom. Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation, Portland, 2012. Two volumes. 32 x 29 cm. Vol. 1: 450 pp. with 221 ills. (220 col.). Vol. 2: 418 pp. with 192 ills. (191 col.). LC 2012-1581 ISBN 978-0-9849864-2-2 In English.

Worldwide 152183                    $150.00 Hardcover, boxed


Written by the author of the catalogue raisonné of Kelly's prints published in 1987 by the Detroit Institute of Arts in association with Hudson Hills Press, this two-volume publication features more than 400 color illustrations, documenting many works produced since the release of the earlier volume more than 25 years ago.


"For more than sixty years, Ellsworth Kelly has been making prints, prints that are integral to his art as a whole. The abstract lithographs, screenprints, and etchings celebrate, as do Kelly's paintings and sculptures, the sensuous primacy of vibrant color merged with emphatic shape. Now Kelly's complete oeuvre in prints is gathered into a two- volume catalogue raisonné, each of the more than three hundred works reproduced in color with full documentation. In addition, two essays -- one on the work before 1987 and one on the work since then -- elucidate the artist's sources, working methods, stylistic evolution, and all-important collaborations with printers and printmaking workshops. A chronology further places the prints in context."



LETTERS TO ELLSWORTH. Ed. by Richard H. Axsom. Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation,  Portland, 2012. 152 pp. with 145 ills. (131 col.).
32 x 30 cm. ISBN 978-0-9849864-0-8 In English.
Worldwide 152184                  $45.00 Hardcover

"A companion volume to the catalogue raisonné, Letters to Ellsworth gathers the reflections of men and women who have been close to Kelly and his art over the years. Curators, art historians, publishers, printers, dealers, and collectors -- all known to and, in many instances, friends of the artist -- contribute personal essays on Kelly's work."



The Circus Is in Town 


The circus has always been a place of magic and excitement, of mystery and the exotic, of marvels and the extraordinary. It is no surprise that the spectacle in the ring has captivated many generations of audiences and inspired creative minds. As a theme or a subject, the circus in all its incarnations and aspects has made appearances in works by many artists documented in several recent catalogues and books:


The Amazing American Circus Poster: The Strobridge Lithographing Company (Worldwide 74690): During the late 19th and early 20th century, the poster was the primary medium for announcing the impending arrival of a traveling circus, and a lot of thought and effort went into the creation of each work. Certain printers, like the Strobridge Lithographing Company, specialized in circus posters and turned out some magnificent examples that still appeal to circus and poster fans alike.


Circus and the City: New York, 1793-2010 (Worldwide 76922): This catalogue accompanies an exhibition held at the Bard Graduate Center, New York, that traces the history of the circus in New York City. On display are spectacular examples of letterpress and colorful lithographic posters along with some more unusual circus-related artifacts, as well as works by Weegee, Walt Kuhn, Milton Avery and other New York artists who were inspired by the circus.


The American Circus (Worldwide 76863): This interdisciplinary companion volume to the exhibition catalogue Circus and the City (see above) presents a collection of essays by experts from various disciplines exploring such themes as circus music and animals, and featuring studies of tents and costumes.


The Circus as a Parallel Universe (Worldwide 34842): The circus is a place where normal conventions do not seem to apply: clowns behave in ways that would be unacceptable outside of the ring, acrobats seemingly perform feats of strength and agility that no other human could hope to do and wild animals willingly obey every instruction of their handler. Not surprisingly, many artists have adopted the circus as a theme and metaphor to examine and critique the world around them, and a cavalcade of them -- including Alexander Calder, Jeppe Hein, Jonathan Monk, Peter Blake, Charlie Chaplin, Federico Fellini, William Wegman and Roni Horn -- are featured in this exhibition held at the Kunsthalle in Vienna.




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