Windows 10


As you may have heard, Microsoft is preparing to release a major update to their Windows operating system.  Updates like this have happened many times in the past, but the way the upgrade is being rolled out is changing for Windows 10.  Previously, it was necessary to purchase a new version of Windows from Microsoft, by buying installation discs or replacing your computer.  Now, they are providing a free upgrade to Windows 10 for computers running Windows 7 and Windows 8.  This will be managed through their regular Windows Update procedure.  Many people will have already seen a white Windows icon at the bottom of their computer screens with a message about this upcoming update and asking them to register for the software. 


We are recommending that our customers refrain from installing this upgrade at this time.  Changes in operating systems have historically been problematic for non-Microsoft software vendors.  There is a risk restaurant operations could be negatively impacted if complications are encountered with the new operating system.  We and all your software vendors will be testing our software products in the new Windows 10 environment and will advise our clients whether or when to upgrade.


Additionally, you may be seeing this update on your personal computers and other office computers.  Historically, early adopters of new versions of Windows have had problems using certain programs and even with Windows.  Many of these issues are usually fixed within a few months via Windows updates so waiting it out is generally a good idea.     


If you have questions about your software and Windows 10, please contact us at Support@rcs-usa.com.  

Thank you,

Matt Levy
Support Manager