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December 2013
Happy Holidays from RCS
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Over the past year we've seen an increase in demand for: 
  • Online Ordering
  • Kitchen Video
  • Online Reporting
  • Tablet & Mobile Solutions
  • Reservation Systems
  • Integrated Video Surveillance
 Let us help you find the right products for your restaurant.
IRS Ruling on Automatic Gratuities
It's been a year since the IRS delayed this new ruling but here it comes.  What does this mean to you?
We have spoken with a number of customers, restaurant associations and believe the best way to deal with this would be to stop enforcing a gratuity on any checks.  As long as a gratuity is completely optional, this ruling will not affect you.  POSitouch versions 5.29 and up all have ways to show Suggested Gratuities on checks.  Newer versions have more features for this.
If you want or must enforce a gratuity we do have a solution as well.  POSitouch has added a field into the Trac Report and in the Tax Report to give you the Auto Gratuity totals by server and by store. To get this file, contact support.
If you are enforcing gratuities, we suggest checking with your state on whether this ruling affects the sales tax.  Since the IRS is stating that an enforced gratuity is a service charge, you may need to also collect sales tax.  
Microsoft Ending Support for Windows XP in 2014
For some of you, you may still be running Windows XP on some of your terminals and computers.  For PCI-DSS reasons, it is required that you use only operating systems that are supported by the manufacturer.  We have a number of solutions for you, please contact your salesperson for more information.
Is it Time to Move to Video in the Kitchen?
One of the most popular product lines we are seeing people buying these days is Kitchen Video (KVDU). Not only saving on ribbons and paper, video in the kitchen can save you money and make your kitchen more efficient.  
Since there are no moving parts other than the bump bar, the equipment lasts much longer.  
We offer KVDU through POSitouch or QSR Automations, the leader in kitchen video.  Both offer food timing, expo and summary views, line by line views and expo printing.  Stations can be set to see just what they need to make, flash the screen to tell them food should be done and alert other stations and even the servers through paging that the food is ready.
Faster service and more accurate cook times will reduce mistakes and help you turn your tables over faster.  Not to mention increasing the quality of your food as it is cooked to order. 
Contact your salesperson for more information.
What's Coming in 2014
POSitouch version 6.4.  6.4 will have some newer enhanced reports, a very powerful search engine and a newer look in the Backoffice


POSiPortal.  Now available on a limited basis, POSiPortal brings your Daily Sales and Labor Reports to your iPhone and Android Devices.  For a low monthly subscription cost, you can view all your stores data live.  With POSitouch version 6.4 you will also be able to get alerts that can be set to help you keep labor hours down.

Tablets and handhelds are all the rage these days and we have them.

Matt Levy & Rob Cotton
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