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Mercury Payment

POSitouch Features

See 6.3 New Look and new Features
Kitchen Video can save you money over impact printers.
We offer two solutions:
POSitouch KVDU or QSR Automation

Save Time!
Upload your payroll out of POSitouch to your payroll provider.
We interface to 15 of the most popular payroll providers.

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Export your data out of your POSitouch system to QuickBooks

Winter 2013
2013 is off to a great start.  The restaurant business is growing once again. Coming later this year will be a new look for the Backoffice with a new modern menu programming screen called Quick Menu. 
Check out the new J2 225 Terminals at upcoming food shows.
Please welcome our Midwest Regional Sales Manager, Chuck Twesten and our Senior Sales Executive, Matt Haselhoff to our Chicago office.
Chuck Twesten brings over 38 years of restaurant POS sales and business management experience, helping independent and chain restaurants to improve their bottom line profit.
Matt Haselhoff brings 6 years of POS Sales experience, specializing in the restaurant industry.
They are here to help you! Feel free to reach out to them for any of your system needs.
Mercury Loyalty
Introducing Mercury Loyalty for POSitouch.  Mercury Loyalty is a great, low cost Loyalty program using cell phone numbers instead of cards.  Cards can also be added. Customer's phone numbers are entered quickly on the credit card authorization screen. Rewards are issued to them via text messages.  Customers then can register their numbers to their email account.  Rewards are redeemed right through the POSitouch system through a promo key.  Contact your salesperson for more information.    
Click here for quick video showing you how simple it is to use. 
Mercury Loyalty on YouTube  
Restaurants Are a Tough Sell for Tech Start-ups

Anyone who eats at restaurants regularly expects to encounter certain frustrations: the endless waiting list, the server who seems unmotivated by the prospect of a good tip, and the aggravating wait for your credit card to be returned before you can rush off to a movie.

Entrepreneurs experience those same things and, over the past few years, they've been starting enough companies to fill a Cheesecake Factory menu, each trying to eradicate some of the irritations.

Part of the appeal is that the industry is massive: Americans will spend about $660 billion dining out this yearRead More... 
Watch an interview with the CEO of Objective Logistics  
Overtime for Tipped Employees
Recently the Massachusetts Restaurant Association sent out a letter to its members describing how to pay overtime to tipped employees.  The Department of Labor's ruling states that you must pay tipped employees overtime based on the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.  This rule may affect you if you're in any state where state tip credit amount is higher than the federal amount, currently $5.12.
Read about the FLSA Ruling here
If you are using the time and attendance reports for wages, we do have some newer settings we can add to the system that will adjust this.  Please contact Support@rcs-usa.com for more information.  
Camera Systems
   Introducing Talon DVR Camera Systems.  Ever wonder what the bartender was touching on the screen when the cash drawer popped open?  Sometimes even a good pole display can still trick you.  Maybe the display is being blocked by the bartender or someone turned it sideways.  With an integrated DVR system, you can see what that person was touching on the screen with the video.  If your planning to add a camera system to your restaurant, why not one that also integrates to your POSitouch system?  An integrated DVR can often pay for itself within a year by catching a crook.  Maybe it's a cook punching his friend in an hour early, a server who is entering a senior discount after the customer has already paid their check or a bartender hitting no sale for a cash and carry transaction.  Contact your salesperson for more information.
Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with.  Whether it be a training class, finding a new vendor for your gift card printing or finding a restaurant consultant we would love to help.

Thank you,

Matt Levy
Support Manager

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