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Objective Logistics
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Google Docs
Phantom Gift Cards
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The IRS recently made a ruling saying auto gratuities are to be treated as wages not tips.  Contact your local Restaurant Association for more information. 

Groupon's stock took a nose dive this year, now they're selling discounted products.
Fall - 2012

Where have we been?  We're tweeting, blogging and just plain busy.  2012 has been a better year than the past few.  There were more restaurants openings than closing and business is up ever so slightly.  This year coming year, we think that to make more money focus on cutting controllable expenses and customer loyalty may help you.
More full service restaurants are looking at Video Displays in the kitchen to save money and even help time food.  If you're thinking you need another printer in the kitchen, a VDU might be a better option. 
We have found some new Loyalty companies to help you gain more repeat business.
Handhelds continue to become more popular and more and more restaurants are taking advantage of online ordering.  POSitouch integrates to several popular online ordering companies.

Introducing Objective Logistics

 A great new start up company that provides online labor scheduling based on real time sales and your sales history.  The program analyzes the data from your site and creates schedules for your staff rewarding the best sellers with the best shifts.  Servers can swap shifts and request days off online through a PC, smart phone or tablet. 

The schedule is imported directing into POSitouch as changes are made.

Turn your servers into more productive sales staff. 
Ask your salesperson for more information.
The Past Year We've Been
Rolling Out POSitouch version 6.3

Here's a top 10 of some of the many new features in the front of house.
It also a complete new modern look and feel.

New Check Review Screen
New Edit Split Check Screen
Edit Tips on Payment
Unsettled Checks
Reopen closed checks multiple times
New Tip sharing features
New reports
Coming next year we are adding an easier and new modern Backoffice version called Quick Menu.

View Your DSR on Google Docs
Want to view your store sales when you're away?

In-ControlPOS has a great product that will post your Daily Sales Report on Google Docs and can be viewed right on your IPhone or Android.  The app is free to use. 
Phantom Gift Cards

For those of you already accepting Phantom cards through a separate machine, you can now integrate your POSitouch system to process the cards. 
Thank you,

Matt Levy
Support Manager