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I am still in vibrational awe of all that I was able to experience on our Celtic Angel Tour in Ireland in March. I would like to share some of my personal favourites and some shifts of energy for me.  First I would like to state that my vibrational energy is changed. It would be impossible, I believe, to keep my energy the same after visiting some of the Sacred Sights & historical ruins in Ireland. I am in gratitude to have witnessed how other people on the tour experienced different sights we visited. Regardless of experience in working with energy, everyone at some point shared their own AWE. I send love out to all tour participants for sharing with me their own journey and allowing me to have my personal journey also, because wow did I have my socks blown off at times.


On our way to Blarney Castle, our Paddy Wagon driver click here for more....


Children of Love, we ask your focus to be compassion. Compassion for others around you, with NO judgement children, only love intention. All children are of Love. How do you share love with others? Do you give of yourself, how do you contribute to the wellness of others around you. Little steps children, share a smile, a hug, share food, volunteer time needed to help others, give of yourself in little measure. Be present with the understanding of compassion for self, and many. Your view outside of self is to see others as equal. Perhaps it is space you hold dear, share space with others, to allow the love to be shared regardless of gender, beliefs, and environment. Give with love children, and balance follows your path chosen. Be who you are, a loving and giving child of God. Compassion shines, now allow and share your love in simplistic ways. GIVE


In blessings, Brigid


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