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For the month of October we have cut our prices on many of our titles. Buy now! These prices will only last through October 31, 2013.

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Issue 91 (Winter 2013)

Founders Journal Read the Winter 2013 Issue online

Editorial Introduction:
The Christian and the Law (Ken Puls)

On the Right Use of the Law (John Newton)

The Saint and the Law (Horatius Bonar)

Following My Re-Maker's Example (Robert Gonzales, Jr.)

The Sabbath Rest of Creation (Richard Barcellos)

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Ready to Celebrate a Milestone
At the Founders Study Center

Founders Study Center For over 10 years the Founders Study Center has provided biblically sound, in-depth courses of study to those serving God faithfully in the local church and on the mission field. We have now served almost 1000 pastors, missionaries, leaders and students from around the world (the USA and 45 additional countries) who are laboring in the gospel ministry. We want to celebrate this upcoming milestone--our 1000th student--with a book giveaway. We will be giving away our "By His Grace" bundle to the person who is our 1000th student to enroll (two books: By His Grace and For His Glory by Tom Nettles and Ministry By His Grace and For His Glory, essays in honor of Tom Nettles, edited by Tom Ascol and Nathan Finn).

There is still time to register this fall for our free course audit of Baptist Covenant Theology with Dr. Jim Renihan and Dr. Fred Malone. You can sign up for the course here. If you are new to the Study Center, you might be the 1000th student and win the free books. Current and previously enrolled students with the Study Center are not eligible for the free book giveaway, but can still sign up and participate in the free course audit.

Learn more about What's New at the Founders Study Center.
Does "All" Ever Mean "All" in Scripture?
by Tom Hicks

BIble Eric Hankins preached a sermon on September 26, 2013 at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in which he said, "All means all and that's all all means." Jump to 17:23 in the linked video to hear this claim. But is Hankins' statement true? Does the Greek word "pas" (each, every, any, all, the whole, etc.) ever mean "all" categorically and apart from any limitation? There are over 1,200 occurrences of the word "pas;" so, it's not practical to list them all here, but an examination of a concordance will show that the term "all" is almost always limited to some category. The meaning of "all" in Scripture is always determined by the context, and rarely, if ever, means "all without any kind of limitation."

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Love Him or Hate Him: Calvin is a Towering Figure on the Landscape of American Christianity
by Jeff Robinson

John Calvin At a little over 500 years old, John Calvin has not aged well in the popular modern mind. Stefan Zweig, an Austrian writer, in the late-1930s said Calvin was interchangeable with Adolph Hitler. Henri Daniel-Rops, a Roman Catholic historian, who apparently read Calvin's assessment of the Roman Church, wrote of the great reformer: "Calvin was one of those terribly pure men who ruthlessly enforced his principles ... a theological dictator of a town where there were too many policemen, too many pliable judges, too many prisons, and too many scaffolds (for hanging)." Less scholarly voices have provided a more foreboding assessment. Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart blamed the Genevan giant for increasing the citizenry of hell: "Calvin was responsible for causing untold millions to be lost--or seriously hindered--in their spiritual walk and relationship with God." At the very least, Calvin might well benefit from a savvy public relations guru. When most people think of Calvin, most simply think of his soteriology, when, in reality, Calvin's ethics and theology touched virtually every arena of life in sixteenth century Geneva and, later, in America.

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The Voices of Founders.org

Founders Blog Why Expository Preaching?
by Phil Newton

"I delivered to you as of first importance" (Part 1)
"To those who are called..." (Part 2)
by Tom Nettles

Singing Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs
What would Paul have heard?
by Ken Puls

Paul and the Sabbath
by Jon English Lee

How Should We Preach Christ in Every Sermon?
An Example from Wisdom Literature
by Fred Malone
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Upcoming Events

1845 Conference
     October 31 - November 2, 2013
     At Heritage Baptist Church
     In Shreveport, LA

Theme: A Historic Southern Baptist View of Salvation
Featured Speakers: Tom Nettles, Fred Malone, Tom Hicks, Earl Blackburn

And for 2014:

Deep South Founders Conference
     January 16-18, 2014
     On the Reformed Theological Seminary campus
     Jackson. MS

Theme: Christ the Mediator
Featured Speakers: Geoffrey Thomas and Erroll Hulse

Look for Founders Ministries at the 2014 G3 Conference
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     Theme: The Church: From a Biblical Perspective
     January 23-25, 2014
     At Pray's Mill Baptist Church in Douglasville, GA (near Atlanta)

Speakers include:Voddie Baucham, Conrad Mbewe, Steven Lawson, Tim Challis and David Miller
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