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Singing in the Church





Singing in the Church (Tom Ascol)
Songs of Salvation: Exodus 15:1-21 (Tom Ascol)
Ten Principles for Church Singing (Kevin DeYoung)

What Then Shall We Sing? (Ken Puls)

The Sounds of Conquering Grace (Ken Puls)   


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Ministry Means War
Ten Pastoral Lessons Seminary Could Have Never Taught Me
by Jeff Robinson

Ministry Means War During the unholy hours of morning on June 6, 1944, U.S. Army paratroopers jumped from their airplanes into the occupied countryside of northern France, miles inland from the beaches at Normandy. My father was one of those soldiers. As a member of the rough and ready 101st Airborne, my dad had the best combat training available in the free world. He had studied in vivid detail the topographical features of the French countryside. Basic training and AIT had coached him on the deadly perils of anti-aircraft fire, the shock and unique challenges of jumping out of an airplane into the yawning darkness, the proper way to land, roll to avoid injury, gather oneself and set about engaging the enemy, along with hundreds of other battlefield eventualities. Dad had undergone enough drills on weapons and tactics that he could repeat the steps in his sleep for decades to come.

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Preaching Christ in Every Sermon
An Illustration from Leviticus 18:5
by Fred Malone

Moses on Sinai In this post, I would like to illustrate how we should preach Christ in every sermon from Leviticus 18:5, which says, "So you shall keep My statutes and My judgments, by which a man may live if he does them; I am the LORD."

As we approach this text, we must remember our ministerial perspective and hermeneutical completeness (see previous posts). We are ministers of the New Covenant (2 Corinthians 3:6), teaching the faith once-for-all delivered to the saints (Acts 20:27; 2 Timothy 4:2). Further, we must follow the grammatical-historical-theological interpretation of each text. So, how should we preach Christ in Leviticus 18:5?

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Southern Baptist Founders Conference Southwest
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