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Did You Miss Us in Houston This Year?
2013 Founders Fellowship Breakfast

Voddie Baucham If you missed hearing Voddie Baucham speak at the 2013 Founders Fellowship Breakfast at the SBC this year, or if you want to share the message, you can download the MP3 free on our website.

Voddie Baucham
"The Reformation We Need"

Recorded Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at the Founders Fellowship Breakfast in Houston, Texas.
The Founders Journal Online
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Founders Journal
Read Issue 89 (Summer 2012) online
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Anniversaries Matter





Anniversaries Matter (Tom Nettles)
"Traditional" Baptists Under the Microscope of History" (Tom Nettles)
Baptists and 1662: The Persecution of John Norcott and Hercules Collins (Steve Weaver)  


Past issues of the Founders Journal are available in PDF format for free in our online archives

New eBook from Founders Press
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Mont Blanc An updated edition of the first book published by Founders Press:

From the Protestant Reformation to
the Southern Baptist Convention:
What Hath Geneva to Do with Nashville?

by Tom Ascol

Includes: The Charleston Confession of Faith
and A Summary of Church Discipline

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Cost: $2.00

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From the Protestant Reformation uses a historical argument in order to make that theological point. What our forefathers believed and taught about the nature of God's saving grace is worthy of our careful study. They were men committed to the authority and clarity of God's Word just as strongly as we are today. They did exegesis and exposition just as we do. We should be willing to listen to them.

Perhaps they were wrong. If we become convinced of that then let's be bold to state it plainly. If we are unwilling to make that conclusion, then let's allow for the legitimacy of their doctrinal views and not fight against the growing recovery of them in our day. Baptists have a rich theological heritage. Lessons from that heritage can serve us well as we chart a God-glorifying course for the future.

- from the Introduction

"This booklet provides an excellent summary of the doctrinal continuity between the sixteenth century Reformation and the confessional position of Southern Baptists at the time of the Convention's founding. In this day of heightened interest in Baptist doctrinal identity, there is not a more accessible and accurate presentation of the doctrinal issues involved than this brief, clear, accurate treatment."

-Tom Nettles, Professor of Historical Theology,
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Recent Reflections on the Southern Baptist Convention and Calvinism

SBC In the last eNewsletter we included Tom Ascol's thoughts on the recent report from the Calvinism Advisory Committee given at the SBC this summer in Houston. Here are some other posts you may have missed:

An Unhealthy Craving for Controversy
(Tom Nettles)

My Take on the "Baptist Battle of Calvinism"
(Tim Brister)

Is Unity in the Southern Baptist Convention Possible?
(Tom Hicks)

Doing the Work of an Evangelist
by Ken Puls

"I looked then, and saw a Man named Evangelist coming to him, and asked, 'Wherefore dost thou cry?'"

After many days of suffering, distress and prayer Christian is seen walking in the fields, reading his Book (his Bible). He is alone and cries out asking the most important question a man can ask: "What shall I do to be saved?" Romans 10:14 describes Christian's dilemma in this way: "How shall they hear without a preacher?"

As Christian ponders what to do next, we are introduced to a new character in the allegory, a man named Evangelist. God, in His kindness, does not leave Christian to himself, but sends His minister to explain and point the way, as He did when He sent Phillip to teach the Ethiopian in Acts 8:26.

Evangelist is an important means of God's grace in helping Christian in his journey. He is the King's servant, laboring for the sake of the kingdom. When he sees Christian, he is out in the fields, where a laborer expecting a harvest should be. He has compassion for the lost and is alert to Christian's distress and need.

Read More on the Founders Blog

From "A Guide to John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress"
More from the Founders Blog

Founders Blog
Why We Should Preach Christ in Every Sermon
by Fred Malone

My last post asked: "Should we preach Christ in every sermon?" I answered: "Yes." The thoughtful comments have spurred me to now post: "Why we should preach Christ in every sermon?"

There are two thoughts I would offer in answer to this: (1) Biblical Hermeneutics, and (2) Biblical Example.  Read More

Following Jesus' Training Model
by Phil Newton

Jesus "was his own school and curriculum" when it came to his training model, observed Robert Coleman. Despite lacking knowledge of a specific curriculum that Jesus used in training his disciples, contemporary pastoral mentors can certainly utilize the broad areas in which Jesus implemented training for their own mentoring ministries. In previous posts we looked at the local church as the training ground for ministry and how Jesus majored on building relationships with those he trained. In this post we will look at three areas of priority in Jesus' training model that serves as a model for pastoral mentors: relationships, proclamation, and focus.  Read More
Upcoming Events

Save the Date:

Southern Baptist Founders Conference Southwest
     September 26-28, 2013
     At Heritage Baptist Church
     In Mansfield, Texas

Theme: Being a Disciple of Jesus Christ
Featured Speakers: Tom Ascol and Fred Malone

And for 2014:

Deep South Founders Conference
     January 16-18, 2014
     On the Reformed Theological Seminary campus
     Jackson. MS

Theme: Christ the Mediator
Featured Speakers: Geoffrey Thomas and Erroll Hulse
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