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Spring 2013

Colleges That Change Lives
by Loren Pope and Hilary Masell Oswald
A review by Eckerd parent Elizabeth Deis (P '14)



Colleges That Change Lives takes a look at the many colleges nationwide, including Eckerd College, that invest all of their energy, brainpower and resources into fully educating young men and women. Any reader concerned about education can enjoy reading the book, but parents in particular can gain special benefits from reading it. For parents of children in the last years of high school, and already in the process of selecting colleges to apply to or narrowing their list of favorites, the book provides solid information about 40 colleges--including the kind of insights that can be provided only by those most familiar with higher education. Parents with children somewhat younger and just beginning to consider college can benefit even more, however, because the issue at the heart of the book--the basic purpose of a college education--is one that every family should consider at the beginning of this process. The family needs to consider, in Pope's words, "What do you get for your four (or five or six) years in college? A little piece of paper that says you did what the college told you to do? A bigger paycheck? An entry into grad school? A photo op with the college president?" At Eckerd, students gain much more than those things. When a student graduates, he or she leaves the College as a changed person. If parents and prospective college students would read and discuss the points Pope raises in the sixteen-page introduction to this book, they would be able to begin the college search with shared expectations of the ultimate outcomes of a college education; the payoffs for such a preliminary discussion will be extraordinary for all, and the college search itself will be much less stressful than it might otherwise be.  


Consider assisting our recruitment efforts by using Colleges That Change Lives as a tool to tell others about Eckerd College! You may direct parents, students, guidance counselors, colleagues, neighbors and others to to read Eckerd's chapter.



Career Services Testimonial


Two Eckerd sophomores, Connor Gallagher '15 and Amanda Chick '15, completed a 10-week internship at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens last summer. Below is feedback about the students' experiences from Tony Vecchio (P '15), Parent Council member and executive director of the Jacksonville Zoo. Many parents have internship and entry-level opportunities available at their workplaces. If you're one of these parents, please share this with the Office of Career Services by submitting an online referral form.


"Connor and Amanda spent the summer working with various zoo staff to learn how to care for aquatic animals. They spent two weeks working in our stingray exhibit, two weeks with penguins, two weeks with the South American giant otters, two weeks with aquatic reptiles and amphibians, and two weeks with our life-support technician. In addition, we had them spend a day with the manatee recovery team of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and two days with the dean of the Marine Science program at Jacksonville University (one day touring the new Marine Science Center at JU and one day helping weigh, measure and tag fish at the annual kingfish tournament). I think they learned a lot, gained some valuable experience and had lots of fun. We, in turn, really enjoyed having them here and are looking forward to having more Eckerd students this year."


Family Weekend 2013   



Join us February 22-24 for Jazz Fest at Eckerd. The weekend promises to be the "bee's knees" and will officially begin at 3 p.m. on Friday, winding down by 2 p.m. on Sunday.   


It's 65 "clams" per adult to register ($30 for children 15 and younger), and each registration includes several meals, all activities and a jazzy T-shirt. Register Now!   


For more information, and to download a tentative schedule, please visit



Winter Term Blogs 


Each January students travel to approximately 20 off-campus destinations for Winter Term courses designed and led by Eckerd faculty. Others use Winter Term to pursue independent study in a specific area of interest or attend classes on campus. To read more about their journeys, check out the student Winter Term blogs at



Spring Break Service-Learning Offerings   
The Puerto Rico group worked with Plenitud Iniciativas Eco-Educativas on a permaculture farm in Las Marķas.

The information below was sent to all students prior to Thanksgiving. The Office of Service-Learning has 18 exciting Spring Break (March 16-
24) service projects in the works. Dates may vary, and costs for all trips include airfare, meals, transportation and lodging.

Belize: Engage in community development in this English-speaking Central American country. 

Cost: Approximately $705

Costa Rica (Preserve): Help out the environment by assisting at a preserve in the mountains of this beautiful country.
Cost: Approximately $600

Costa Rica (Wildlife): Work with rescued animals in a wildlife sanctuary near San Jose.

Cost: Approximately $600

Dominican Republic: Join Professor Yani Angulo-Cano and the student co-leader to help a local community in economic development. 

Cost: Approximately $550

Ecuador: Work alongside locals in an indigenous community in the rain forest. 

Cost: Approximately $750

El Salvador: Volunteer to help former soldiers working toward peace and reconciliation in Suchitoto. 

Cost: Approximately $500

Florida Keys: Perform coral restoration in one of the most beautiful parts of Florida.

Cost: Approximately $125

Guatemala: Come work for ARCAS, an animal sanctuary that rehabilitates jungle species.

Cost: Approximately $675

Iceland: Head up to 66 degrees north to volunteer at the Skaftafell National Forest. Volunteers will perform trail maintenance in the scenic Icelandic cold.   
Cost: Approximately $875

Jacksonville: Help rescue abandoned and abused animals in one of Florida's largest animal shelters. 

Cost: Approximately $80

Mexico: Volunteer with an organization providing health and medical care to local residents in the Yucatan. 

Cost: Approximately $550

Nicaragua: Volunteer at a preserve, wildlife sanctuary or zoo in a small community beyond Managua.   
Cost: Approximately $575

Orlando: Spend the week helping to give children with life-threatening illnesses an amusement-park experience at Give Kids The World

Cost: Approximately $105

Panama: Work with children at an orphanage near Panama City. 

Cost: Approximately $695

Puerto Rico: This group will assist an amazing environmental sustainability organization in the jungle. Come practice your Spanish!
Cost: Approximately $425

St. Petersburg: Volunteer in town during Spring Break and spend nights in your own bed!

Cost: Approximately $25

U.S. Virgin Islands: Engage in environmental service in the breathtaking Caribbean. 

Cost: Approximately $575

Virginia: Volunteer at the Natural Tunnel State Park in this beautiful state! 

Cost: Approximately $150

Costs may fluctuate slightly. 

Questions? Call the Service-Learning Office at 727-864-7512.

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What Your Student Could Be Experiencing Now and What You Can Do

The start of the Spring Semester can be both exhilarating and challenging, and your student's reaction to his or her academic performance last semester might influence perceptions of the new one. Some students feel confident and organized, while others struggle with stress and procrastination. February is a perfect time to establish good study habits and time management, seek tutoring if needed, and develop communication with new professors.

  • Be supportive of your student regardless of last semester's grades. Remind him of your academic and class-attendance expectations. Many students find that falling behind early in the term is a major cause of stress and failures later in the term. Help her with time management tips, so academics and social activities are balanced, along with time for herself. Refer him to the College's resources for help in future academic struggles. 
Your student may already be making plans for Spring Break, summer internships and work experience. Seniors will be thinking about postgraduation plans.
  • Encourage your student to consider participating in a Spring Break Service-Learning trip.
  • Encourage her to visit the Career Services Office to research internship and job opportunities. You and your student can stay connected with what's happening in Career Services by visiting

Most students are involved in a wide array of academic, social, sports and other extracurricular activities during the Spring Semester.

  • Come and enjoy all the festivities of Family Weekend. It's a great time to reconnect with your student, learn more about his or her life at Eckerd, meet other parents, and speak with Eckerd faculty and staff.

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