We sell items for many different beliefs and faiths because we are open to all beliefs but we do carry a larger amount of Christian related items because we also own The Shield of St. Michael store which is under going a make over because we have 100's new items to add (More SOSM items are currently listed on The GhostHunter Store's website than on the SOSM store itself).   We also have a large area in our Mount Holly store where we carry these items as well.    Many of these items can be blessed and exorcised as our gift to you whether you order online or buy them in person.    These are just a few of our favorite and inexpensive items that make great gifts.    St Michael and St Benedict are used by many ghost hunters, paranormal researchers and those of us who deal with the more negative side of this field like Dave, Marti and Michelle do in South Jersey Ghost Research and in Sanctuary Deliverance Ministries. 
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St. Michael Devotional Medal with Chain

St. Michael Devotional &  Guardian Angel Medal with Chain

Lead-Free Zinc Alloy - medal 1 in H,   chain 20 in L

This item can be blessed.



Engraved Saint Benedict Medal on Chain
Hand-Engraved Sterling Stainless Steel -- 1" Dia, 18" L Stainless Steel Chain. Has a powerful exorcism prayer on the medal and can be blessed and exorcised.



St Michael Patron Saint Medal on Chain

Gift Boxed 


.75" Dia

18" Stainless Steel Chain

This item can be blessed. 


St Benedict Enamel large Cross 
This cross has the St Benedict Jubilee Medal embedded into in. Both sides of the medal are visible. All of these pendants include a gift box with a card explaining the pendant's symbols and the significance of them.   Has a powerful exorcism prayer on the medal and can be blessed and exorcised.



Michael the Archangel Scapular
with blessed and exorcised St. Benedict medal 
Michael the Archangel assists and protects us from negative and evil spirits. The St Benedict medal is inscribed with a powerful exorcism prayer on it. This scapular offers strong protections against demonic and negative spirits.



Black Oval Our Father Engraved Pendant

Hand Engraved Sterling Stainless Steel 

1 in W x 1.5 in H, 18 in L Chain 


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