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ELF Zone EMF Meter
This is a favorite of ours. It's so easy to use. This is an excellent meter to buy if it's your first one. Very easy to read... just look for a reading between 2 and 7 mG. Runs on 9v batteries, not included.


Regular Price: $ 10
Sale Price: $ 7

USB VIDEO Capture With Video Input
This is the adapter can be used to hook up our cameras to our laptop computer so you can use it as a monitor and/or recorder for your DVR and camera systems


Regular Price: $ 27
Sale Price: $ 21

Yukon NVMT Spartan
Night Scope
Compact night vision monocular are designed for nighttime observation and orientation. Device's most prominent feature is the extra powerful built-in IR Illuminator increasing viewing range up to 2-2.5 times. The IR Illuminator enables observation in low light conditions and even complete darkness.


Regular Price: $ 199
Sale Price: $ 179

4 Channel DVR
4 Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder with built in 7" LCD monitor.   Just Add a hard drive and its ready to go.   We also have this model with a pre-installed hard drive too.


Regular Price: $ 275
Sale Price: $ 219

48 LED IR Illuminator

IP65 Waterproof 

IR distance: 20m (66 ft)

Angle( degrees ): 30

Tripod mountable

Numbers of LED: 48 pcs, dia. 5mm LED

Wavelength: 850nm

Power Supply: DC12V 400mA

Power: 6W


Regular Price: $ 29
Sale Price: $ 23

USB Flash Drive Recorder
4GB USB Disk Recorder
Easy to operate: One Key Operation
Audio Recording: WAV
Long Time Recording: about 70 hours for 4GB
Built-in Li-ion Battery: 110mAh, 3.7v(last recording about 15 hours)
Support system: Windows2000/XP/vista/7
Use as A Real USB Disk


Regular Price: $ 30
Sale Price: $ 24

Hand Crafted / Copper Clad Dowsing "L" Rods
These 1/8" diameter / bright copper clad divining rods are fitted with clear plastic sleeves, to allow for free and unimpeded movement of the rods when in actual use. You will appreciate the ease at which they swing, allowing for a more "sensitive" feel!


Regular Price: $ 12.95
Sale Price: $ 10

T Virus Antidote energy drink
The sought after antidote made by the Umbrella Corporation is now available as an energy drink. This is an unopened 8.4 ounce (250 ml) can illustrated with the Umbrella Corporation and Resident Evil logos.


Regular Price: $ 2
Sale Price: $ 1.50

Stay Puft Marshmallows
The premium bite-size marshmallows, which are the whitest, fluffiest vanilla marshmallows available, are vacuum-packed inside a new collectible 2-sided 5oz box that features both the happy and angry Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on either side.


Regular Price: $ 7.99
Sale Price: $ 5

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