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Time Management - Leadership Edition  

Leaders know better than most that time, once wasted, can never be regained. But with numerous demands on your already limited time, making time for time management may feel like...well, a waste of time. So, how do you break the vicious cycle?


Try using the tried and tested 4D Model of time management:

  • Do it. Do what is most important.
  • Defer it. Defer anything that does not need to be completed right now. There are two types of tasks you can defer. Those that you can schedule on your calendar (diarize) for completion at a defined time in the future and those that you would like to do sometime in the future but you don't know when. For this second category, you may use a Someday/Maybe List for long-term deferral. 
  • Delegate it. Delegate what you don't need to do yourself. If someone else can do the task at least 80% as well as you can, then it's suitable for delegation.
  • Delete it. Delete all activities that take you away from your critical path or function (i.e., think about how your performance is managed: what are you held accountable for, what are you measured on, etc.?). 
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