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Is Your Organization Suffering From Too Many Meetings That Produce Too Few Results?  


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How to Have an Effective Meeting


There's nothing worse than being trapped in a long, unproductive meeting - especially when that meeting is your own!  On the other hand, an effective meeting can be energizing and exciting.  So how can you avoid the former and achieve the latter?  It's simpler than you think.


The next time you lead a meeting, try using these 3 strategies:

  • Be prepared.  Sending a meeting agenda and any documents that should be reviewed in advance will ensure your meeting gets off to an efficient, effective start.
  • Use the "Parking Lot Method."  If you realize that your meeting has gone off on a tangent, quickly decide if this new topic is worth investigating later.  If it is, agree to "park it" on the side for now - and return to it before the meeting ends.
  • End on time.  Ending on time demonstrates that you respect and value the time that others invest in the meeting.  Ending on time will also eliminate the fatigue and frustration that takes place when meetings seem to go on forever.
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