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In today's business climate, the power of emotional intelligence is discussed more and more.  Emotional intelligence can be thought of as the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, motivating ourselves, and managing emotions - both in ourselves and in our relationships.  Experts now believe that emotional intelligence plays a key role in many important facets of the business world such as quality customer/client relationships, sales performance and even how much money we earn.  However, it can sometimes be difficult to recognize real-life business scenarios in which using and/or developing emotional intelligence may be helpful.


Here are 3 concrete business situations where using emotional intelligence will serve you well:

  • During a major change. Inspiring and guiding employees during large-scale projects that bring about significant changes to processes, products or systems will ensure that they stay engaged and excited about the change.
  • Going above and beyond for a client.  Anticipating, recognizing and exceeding customers' needs is paramount to providing world-class customer service and moving the customer's opinion beyond satisfied to delighted.
  • While on a deadline.  Knowing your strengths and limits and being persistent in the pursuit of your goals despite obstacles and setbacks will help you stay focused and motivated in pressure situations. 
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